Why Faulty Coolroom Door Seals Must Be Replaced Immediately?

28 January 2021

Restaurants, stores, and other businesses that sell food products often maximise coolroom in storing these products. The main purpose of coolroom is to store food products in an environment that has a lower temperature than the ambient temperature, keeping them fresh before selling them or using them as ingredients. Food products that are normally stored in coolrooms are vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Given the purpose of coolrooms, they are anticipated to work optimally all the time. However, if their components start to show signs of deterioration or damages, then they must be resolved right away. One of the coolroom components that require immediate attention is the door seal. Without efficient door seals, they can easily affect the whole performance and functionality of coolrooms.

Faulty coolroom door seals must be replaced immediately due to the following reasons:

Keep Moisture Out

One of the primary functions of door seals is to keep the moisture out of the coolrooms. Coolrooms’ performance can easily decline once the level of moisture inside has increased significantly. A high level of moisture can then spoil and ruin the food products quickly, translating to huge loss in terms of daily operation costs and overall inventory. With effective and functional door seals, the moisture is kept out of the coolroom, keeping the humidity inside at an optimum level and preserving the quality of products.

Prevent Pollution

Coolrooms can be polluted if the door seals remain unchanged despite having issues and damages. Door seals normally work by keeping the cold air in and warm air out. If these parts become hard from drying out, then they will eventually crack and break. The broken door seals will then trigger some contamination inside the coolrooms, affecting their overall storage performance. Dried out coolroom door seals cannot be fixed anymore, which is why it is normally recommended to change them altogether.

Maintain Foor Safety

The main reason why coolrooms are utilised in storing and preserving food products is that they have the needed temperatures that will prevent microorganisms from growing. The activity of enzymes and chemical reactions are also mitigated once the food products are stored first in coolrooms. The absence of effective door seals, therefore, would not help in lowering the temperatures of the coolrooms. And as the food products become spoiled, they can easily pose danger to the people who will be eating or buying them.

Conserve Energy

Another reason why faulty coolroom door seals must be replaced immediately is that they tend to consume too much energy. A coolroom that has faulty door seals tends to use more energy just to keep the temperatures low. As the coolroom starts to lose against the heat from outside, its components, especially its compressor, would ultimately wear out. Replacing the faulty door seals can help bring back the performance of the coolroom as well as keep its energy consumption to a stable level.

Faulty coolroom door seals must be replaced right away to avoid any malfunctions, performance issues, food spoilage, and unnecessary expenses. If you want to know how to keep your door seals functional, just give us a call at C&M Coolroom Services.

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