Why is it Ideal for Businesses to Have Customised Freezers and Coolrooms?

18 July 2016

A hotel owner builds with a passion that ensures every room is fit for a king. It’s the same with the restauranteur, the host who serves fine foods and edible delicacies, except this owner lavishes attention on the dining area. Kitchens are treated with equal care, but their form is dictated by other factors. Additionally, the layouts of food preparation and storage areas are monopolised by function, the location of pipes and other utility zones. Preparation spaces must scale to suit this carefully managed commercial environment, so customised freezers and coolrooms defer to these work-specific layouts. Of course, there’s more to this custom-made design than basic dimensional constraints.

When Function Meshes with Productivity

A business-class storage area that revolves around a low-temperature environment will always benefit from a specially personalized design due to the conflicting nature of this frozen beast. First of all, we’re looking at a sealed area, one that relies on subzero climates. The walk-in doors must wholly trap this climate within the insulated chamber. Conversely, this is also a productive work zone, so the sealed structure must incorporate a workflow that targets a specific business. Glass doors and rear-mounted loading shelves are a custom-made configuration that suits a beverage operation, for example, so work can proceed in the background while the interior climate remains intact.

Promotes Hygiene-Oriented Principles

As customised freezers and coolrooms come together, the insulated panels lock together and assume the dimensional form proposed by the client, one that’s governed by the profile of the kitchen or warehouse. Stainless steel and abrasion-resistant industrial plastics are employed. The chemically neutral materials act as the backbone of a set of utilitarian shelving units. Easy to clean with soapy water and harsher detergents, these commercial fixtures champion a tough structural build that won’t wear, not even when blood and food acids cover the work surface.

Customised Freezers and Coolrooms with Modular Assets

The modular building blocks of a climate-controlled coolroom optimize the construction process, but that same pre-fabricated workflow also incorporates unique storage elements, including product-specific shelves, hooks, and wire mesh surfaces. The latter asset maximizes airflow while simultaneously providing a state-of-the-art containment facility.

Seasonal overflow and future expansion needs govern the dimensional part of this tailoring procedure, as does the nature of the products being deposited. Finally, energy-efficiency matches productivity and hygiene in our three-way customisation tie, with client-selected insulating panels and an optional insulated floor delivering a comprehensively enclosed coolroom.

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