Why is it Important to Maintain PVC Strip Doors?

28 March 2018

For a safe and segregated work environment, it’s important to have a series of PVC strip doors that perform exactly as intended. In specially controlled coolrooms and freezers, that degree of performance proficiency assumes a critically important role, for the cold zones in here cannot be impacted by an exterior heat source. In light of this very real process-endangering threat, flexible plastic screen maintenance is a high-priority service.

Damaged PVC Strip Doors Corrupt Coolrooms 

Picture a high-traffic area, a shielded threshold that uses one of these economic barriers. Manually operated pallet stackers push past the suspended plastic strips all day long. Then, with a blare of a warning klaxon, a forklift truck presses through the barrier. The PVC is abrasion resistant and determined to hold the line, but let’s face it, even the toughest plastics can’t last forever, not when they’re under attack like this. A strip breaks or drops loose from its overhead mount. Suddenly, the coolroom environment is compromised. A breeze pulls in a cloud of airborne dirt. The food-safe zone is exposed. Next, the cold temperature level is warming. The thermal envelope has been disturbed by the PVC strip curtain’s breach.

Assessing the Damage 

Even the refrigeration unit is feeling a knock-on effect. The frosty environment is harder to sustain, so the cooling appliance is working harder. That means poorly maintained PVC strip doors cost businesses money. The utility bill is increasing because the cold zone lacks important insulation. In point of fact, the plastic barrier could be between an inside storage area and an outside loading pier, so this temperature differential might worsen as the day warms. Finally, the PVC does stop temperature leakages and keep cold zones intact. It also stops cross-contamination and floating particulates from hurting hygiene-sensitive work areas. But these fittings also act as workflow facilitators. In short, there are no lengthy pauses to roll up a heavy door, so there are no operational hindrances affecting the business runnings. However, should the PVC material accumulate enough scratches, it will no longer function as a safe secondary doorway. Visibility problems cause accidents, especially when there are forklift trucks roaming the area.

Maintain PVC strip doors and keep this visibility factor intact. Maintain the plastic curtains so that they overlap fully and preserve the cold environment inside cold work zones. Importantly, when this key secondary threshold is properly cared for, large-scale coolrooms and freezers sustain their low-temperature environments. When that chill is maintained, noise levels are controlled, utility bills drop, and the frosty status quo keeps right on going.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
E-mail: markconnelly@cmcoolrooms.com.au
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