Your Electricity Saving Guide for Commercial Coolrooms

10 May 2021

Commercial coolrooms are often used by restaurants and other similar establishments due to their accompanying benefits. For one, they can easily stock and store huge amount of food products, beverages, and others without any difficulties. As long as they are maintained all the time, they can effectively keep them fresh and prevent them from getting spoiled. Coolrooms can also be beneficial for these establishments since they can preserve resources, especially time, money, and energy.

And speaking of energy, commercial coolrooms can only provide these benefits if they operate optimally. These coolrooms often maximise electricity as their main power source. While electricity can be expensive, significant savings can still be achieved if certain tips are followed. If you are currently utilising commercial coolrooms for your business, then here are some electricity savings tips that you can do.

Review Loading Processes

In one day, the number of products that are being loaded to and unloaded from commercial coolrooms can be plentiful. Therefore, coolrooms are expected to be continuously opened for a long time. The constant opening and closing of these coolrooms may be necessary to perform loading and unloading actions, but there are still some ways on how to optimise the said processes. For one, you may want to load and unload products in batches. You may also want to perform the loading processes in the early morning or in the evening since these times often have lower temperatures.

Monitor the Total Capacity

Commercial coolrooms truly have a huge volume capacity to effectively store many products. However, overloading your coolrooms will only impact them negatively. Overloading your coolrooms can result in more energy use since they have no choice but to exert more effort just to cool everything. Additionally, storing products that do not need to be cooled would only result in a waste of energy. Monitoring the type of products that go inside your coolrooms, as well as their overall volume, can help you save electricity.

Keep the Doors Closed

Another tip that can help save a huge amount of electricity is to keep the coolroom doors closed at all times. Getting some products out of the coolrooms is known to be part of the daily operations in commercial establishments. And as employees obtain their needed products, they must remember to close the doors upon entering and leaving the coolrooms. Without closing the doors, the temperature of the coolrooms may fluctuate, which would only force their systems to consume more energy. Putting up signs in and around your coolrooms can help in reminding everyone about closing the doors regularly.

Conduct Regular Upkeep

Aside from doing all the mentioned tips, you can ensure optimised usage of your coolrooms if you will be conducting regular cleaning and upkeep. Coolrooms may accumulate debris and other elements over time. With regular cleaning, their components can be free from these elements, allowing them to perform optimally. Maintenance must also be conducted to sustain their electricity usage. Maintenance works can be done by professionals so that they can also check the condition of your coolroom parts.

For more electricity-saving tips for your coolrooms, feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

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