Refrigeration systems are important in restaurants. Since restaurants are required to serve fresh food all the time, they must maintain the freshness and quality of their raw food products and ingredients. Without great refrigeration systems, a restaurant’s food may be plagued with issues that come from their customers and can consequently ruin the reputation of their services.

If you are one of the owners of a restaurant, you must consider assessing the condition of your refrigeration system. After all, refrigeration systems are more prone to acquiring issues and problems since they are used on a day-to-day basis. You’ll never know, some of your commercial refrigeration and other equipment may have already acquired the following problems. 

Temperature Failure

One key factor that you must consider in checking your restaurant refrigeration system is its operating temperature. The operating temperature of your refrigeration system is extremely important as it is the main element that keeps your food products fresh. Once your system loses the ability to maintain the designated temperature, then it might pose a problem in your daily operations. Some issues that may have caused operating temperature failure include leaking problems, malfunctioned compressor, faulty door seals, a manual error, or failing thermostat.

Loud Running Noise

Another factor that you must check and look into your refrigeration systems is their running noise. Whenever your system starts to produce a loud running sound, it would usually mean that there is something wrong with their components. Components like motors, compressors, fans, and other mechanical parts must have encountered serious issues that may affect your system in the future. Ignoring this problem may result in total refrigeration system failure and shutdown. So, before this happens, you must contact your professional mechanic right away to prevent any further damage.

Odd Ice or Frost Growth

Maintaining the temperature of your refrigeration system is essential for daily restaurant operations. However, there are instances where the temperature can affect the system on a whole another level. If you are encountering excessive growth of ice and frost on your system, then it might be the right time to have it checked. It would be still normal if your system accumulates a typical amount of ice and frost. Too much ice and frost, on the other hand, clearly indicate poor air circulation inside your system due to a leaky component.

Failing Transported Machine 

When you buy new equipment, you will immediately notice that its packaging has clear instructions on how to carry and transport them. These instructions are not only helpful during your new purchases, but also when you transport them again in the future. Refrigeration systems that are used for a long time must be transported carefully as some of its components might be detached, disoriented, or even damaged. A refrigeration system that is transported the wrong way can make its lubricant spill out of the compressor and get into the cooling pipes. Additionally, switching on the system right away after being kept lying on its side during the transit can easily damage the compressor.  If ever you encounter these problems with your restaurant refrigeration systems, then it would be best to have them checked with professionals. For services and complete solutions to your refrigeration systems, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in restaurants, shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, and other preparation premises.

Coolrooms are vital to businesses that store perishable items and other products in a cold environment. The purpose of keeping these products inside these rooms is to maintain their freshness and quality. Moreover, these rooms prevent food products from deteriorating and spoiling over time. Normally, coolrooms are used in restaurants and stores.

The functionality of coolrooms makes them very useful in businesses. In fact, leading business owners use these rooms for them to effectively maintain their daily business operations. As effective as they are, these rooms are still prone to defects and breakdowns. This is why maintaining and repairing your coolrooms is extremely important because of the following reasons.

Avoid Condensing Walls

Condensing walls are created when there are a lot of water droplets on the inner wall surfaces. These water droplets signify that your coolroom requires immediate repair and maintenance. One of the things that professionals would do to avoid condensing walls is to add more insulation. This insulation will warm up the wall surfaces to prevent the formation of water droplets. They would also ensure a better airflow in the interior of the room so that the condensation process is restricted.

Eradicate Dripping Ceiling

Just like in regular rooms, the ceiling of coolrooms is also prone to dripping. A dripping ceiling in a coolroom is primarily caused by the lack of installed vapour barriers. This problem can also be associated with improper insulation and poor attic ventilation. To solve this issue, professionals would just place a vapour barrier on the ceiling so that the drippings will be stopped as soon as possible.

Prevent Growth of Mould

A poorly maintained condensation process in a coolroom attracts mould from forming and growing. With mould formation, your whole coolroom might pose several health issues to its environment and its products. Fortunately, mould formation can easily be eradicated with proper maintenance and repair. 

Professionals would simply maintain the healthy moisture content of the coolroom by removing all items that contain moisture from the room’s chamber. They would also clean the whole room and its surroundings. Professionals would also recommend the removal of items or slides that are stored for a long time since they can cause the growth of microbes. 

Deter Unstable Temperature

Products that are stored inside the coolroom can only maintain their freshness at a certain temperature. If the temperature of your coolroom keeps on fluctuating, then your products might easily spoil and get damaged. The temperature fluctuation in your coolroom is usually caused by some of its malfunctioned parts. In this case, professionals would check and assess which of your coolroom’s components must be fixed or replaced.

Maintenance and repair of coolrooms are essential so that your products and items will remain in great condition. If you want to have your coolroom checked and fixed, then you can contact us now at C&M Coolroom Services. We can provide high-quality manufacturing and maintenance services for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and many more.

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