Commercial businesses that revolve around the food or catering industry utilise walk-in freezer for their storage needs. Walk-in freezers are commonly found in restaurants, grocery stores, and other similar businesses since they can convert an unused space into an efficient storage area. This type of freezer also helps in storing consumable food products and stock under low and freezing temperatures.

The benefits walk-in freezers bring certainly help businesses to become successful and profitable. Aside from expanding storage space, they can significantly improve the accessibility of products compared to other types of refrigeration and storage. The temperature control out of these freezers is also more consistent and reliable than the others.

Given the importance of a walk-in freezer, it would be difficult for business owners to run their daily operations if their freezer suddenly gets damaged or stop working. Fortunately, the repairs for a walk-in freezer can be easily initiated when you encounter the following indicative signs.

Unusual Temperature

If you or your staff noticed that the temperature of the walk-in freezer is not that cold already, then you must check the condition of its components and structure. Also, as an added measure, you must assign some of your staff in monitoring the freezer temperature so that you can easily assess if it needs repair or not.

Issues on the Motor

The motor found in your walk-in freezer makes sure that the temperature is controlled accurately. While the motor can easily maintain this specific task, it is not meant to run and operate all the time. So, if you constantly hear your walk-in freezer’s motor running continuously, then you must now contact some professionals to fix this problem. Or else, you may end up with a non-functional walk-in freezer.

Occurrence of Air Leaks

Any sign of air leaking from your walk-in freezer clearly tells you that it needs to be repaired right away. One reason why air is leaking is that your freezer temperature has been rising tremendously. Another reason why air leaks may have existed is that your freezer is being overworked. Air leaks out of your walk-in freezer can ultimately cause damages to your system, especially if repairs are not made at once.

Leakage of Water

Water leaks from your walk-in freezer are also one of the most common indicators that your system needs repair. One main cause of water leaks is that the defrost drain of your freezer is clogged with food particles or other debris. A frozen or clogged water supply line can also cause water leakage. You must have these components checked by professionals to see if they need to be repaired or replaced.

Accumulation of Frost

Ice and frost build-up in freezers are common. However, if there is an excessive amount of ice and frost in your walk-in freezer, then some of its parts may have already been damaged. Some viable causes behind excessive accumulation of frost and ice may include a faulty door seal, loose door hinges, a clogged freezer drain, and many more. Let professionals check your freezer right away for them to repairs these parts immediately.

If you encounter these signs in your walk-in freezer, then you must have it checked right away to avoid any more dire consequences along the way. For more information about walk-in freezer repairs and maintenance, you can give us a call at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms are among the most important equipment in businesses that serve food to customers or guests or offer catering services. They essentially cool, refrigerate, and store food products to avoid spoilage, bacteria contamination, and other relevant problems and issues due to exposure to elements. Coolrooms are intended to store food products that will be used in the future.

Your coolroom, alongside other refrigeration equipment, can help your food or catering business in preparing and serving delicious meals and tasty drinks. And since this specific equipment is essential for your business, you must purchase one that will surely bring benefits to you. If you are thinking of buying a coolroom, then you should consider the following handy tips.

Know the Types of Coolrooms

There are a lot of coolroom types that are available in the market today. Even searching them on the internet will bring you to a wide variety of coolrooms. Some types of coolroom that are being offered by the stores include cool rooms and freezer rooms with a motor, standalone coolroom and freezer room, and commercial coolrooms with different shelving and storage capacity. Knowing the differences and functionalities of each coolroom type can help you buy one that is suitable for you.

Research about Important Features

As mentioned, there are numerous types of coolroom that are being manufactured right now. Their key differences lie in their specific dimensions, features, functionality, and other properties. Some of them may have an adjustable thermostat, while others might include an auto-defrost functionality. The lack of key shelves and fixtures on some coolroom may be present on others. Alternatively, you may want a coolroom that has removable trays and glass shelves for easier maintenance.

Determine Your Available Space

With enough budget, you can easily purchase a coolroom that can cater to your needs for the business. However, there are instances where business owners do not consider the availability of the space for their equipment. To avoid this situation from happening, you must check first the available space for your equipment installation. You must crosscheck and subsequently match the dimensions of the equipment to the dimensions of your available space.

Assess Your Needed Storage

Even if you have all the available space for your new coolroom, it does not necessarily mean that you must fill them up with this equipment. What you must also assess aside from your available space is your needed storage space for your products. You must determine the specific types of raw food products, drinks, and other materials that you need to store. Additionally, the quantity of these products must also be considered before buying a coolroom for your business.

Find Out About Energy Rating

The energy rating of appliances and any other equipment lets you know their energy efficiency and the amount of power that they will use and need to run at optimal capacity. Ideally, a coolroom with a high energy rating means that it will only need less energy and lower power to run optimally. So, using a high energy rated coolroom assures you that you can save a huge amount of money and reduce consumption of unnecessary energy Following these tips helps you purchase a coolroom that is suitable to your needs. Moreover, choosing the best coolroom for your business can also help you save money, consume less energy, and maximise space and time. If you need help in choosing a coolroom for your business, then contact us now at C&M Coolroom Services.

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