Many businesses in the food service industry take advantage of commercial freezers as they can be effective in storing and preserving a wide array of frozen products. Some products that they can store are vegetables, fruits, meats, and prepared meals.

Commercial freezers often work by utilising a refrigeration system. It can remove heat from the freezer compartment and expel it outside the unit, allowing the freezer to maintain a consistent temperature while keeping the stored items always frozen.

While most commercial freezers today already feature automatic defrost cycles, temperature alarms, and others, they may still encounter issues that can compromise their performance.

Ice Formation in Commercial Freezers

One of the issues that a commercial freezer may encounter as it functions is ice build-up or formation. Ice build-up in a commercial freezer is a common problem that can lead to reduced efficiency and increased energy costs. When ice builds up in a freezer, it reduces the amount of space available for food storage and can lead to freezer burn, damaging the quality of the food.

Additionally, the compressor found inside the commercial freezer must work harder to maintain the temperature, leading to increased energy usage and higher energy bills.

Prevent Ice Build-up in Your Freezer

If you are currently managing a commercial freezer, here are some tips that you can do to prevent it from building up ice.

Ice build-up in a commercial freezer can be a frustrating and costly problem. By following these tips, you can prevent ice build-up and ensure your commercial freezer will be running efficiently.

Walk-in coolrooms and freezers have been providing tons of benefits to businesses storing sensitive items, food products, and many more.

First, they boast large storage spaces to ensure that all products can be stored optimally. And since they have large spaces, they can be integrated with racks and shelving to keep the whole inventory organised. These spaces also make products more accessible to the staff. Additionally, walk-in coolrooms and freezers can maintain the quality of the items they are storing by maximising efficient and effective cooling systems. The customizability of these storage solutions can then make them energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Understanding Pressure Difference

Even with the optimised design of walk-in coolrooms and freezers, employees may still encounter situations where they are greeted with extreme resistance upon opening them. If you are currently managing a business that maximises these cold storage solutions, you may have to know and understand how pressure difference affects them.

Whenever employees open the door of your coolroom or freezer, they may sometimes feel extreme resistance. This situation often occurs whenever a pressure differential has built up and developed between the inside and the outside of the chamber. The atmospheric pressure in these environments, after all, can be different.

As the internal fan of the coolroom or freezer draws warm air out, it can eventually cause the locking effect. To minimise this effect, you should maximise pressure relief vents.

Maximising Pressure Relief Vents

Since your walk-in coolroom and freezer do not have airlocks on the outside, the only thing they can rely on to battle intrusive air is through pressure relief vents. The pressure relief vents can deal with the warm air that may enter your storage spaces whenever they are opened. They work by pushing the excess warm air outside your units and rebalancing their internal pressure.

Failure to handle the warm air may only result in drastic changes to internal temperatures. Usually, it can cause your walk-in cold storage spaces to become warmer, causing the ice to melt and refreeze repeatedly. The pressure difference can then affect the functionality of the insulated panels and doors found in your coolroom and freezer.

To ensure that the pressure relief vents will work optimally throughout your business operations, you must check and maintain them accordingly. Carrying out preventative maintenance can be a great way to preserve the service life of the vents. They should also be lubricated regularly. Cleaning them can likewise ensure that they will not be bombarded with debris.

Ensured Proper Storage of Items

The presence of pressure relief vents can ensure that the items inside your walk-in coolroom and freezer will be stored optimally. They also minimise potential spending that may be caused by faulty cooling components, deteriorated insulated panels, and damaged doors.

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