Businesses that maximise cold storage facilities should be insulated properly to prevent warm temperatures from ruining the stored products. Some businesses that require efficient cold storage facilities are retail stores, food processing plants, and restaurants.

Cold storage facilities can only be effective if they are integrated with the right accessories and components. One of the things that can enhance their performance is plastic strip curtains.

Plastic strip curtains are normally placed right at the entrance of cold storage solutions. They can also be installed on loading dock doors and other places where the temperature is vital. Conventional doors may be utilised as an alternative option for these things, but the following reasons reinforce plastic strip curtains as the most recommended option for these areas.

1. Low Energy Costs

If you are currently managing a cold storage facility, opting for plastic strip curtains is more preferred than the conventional doors as they can provide lower energy costs. Your facility would typically utilise a cooling system to effectively decrease the temperature of the surroundings and preserve the quality of your products. Once you opt for a conventional door, some people may forget to close it upon leaving or entering the facility, forcing your cooling system to use more energy. Plastic strip curtains, on the other hand, do not force the system to utilise more energy as they can already retain indoor temperatures.

2. Boosted Productivity

Another reason why you must choose plastic strip curtains over conventional doors is they can boost the productivity of your employees. Working in a hot and humid workplace can be extremely uncomfortable. And with prolonged exposure to this type of work environment, they may end up performing poorly, granting your business significant income loss. Since plastic strip curtains can retain the cold temperatures of your facility, you can expect your employees to be more productive. These curtains can even allow natural light to enter, granting employees well-lit workplaces throughout their operations.

3. Effortless Upkeep

Plastic strip curtains are known not only for generating low energy costs and boosting productivity but also for making your maintenance requirements easier. Plastic strip curtains do not require regular maintenance to work and operate well. They do not even need regular servicing to last for a long time. With their effortless upkeep, it can help you and other business owners to cut down upkeep costs and requirements. This advantage cannot be provided by conventional doors since they can allow outdoor elements and microorganisms from accumulating on their surfaces.

4. Simple Installation

One more reason why you must go for plastic strip curtains instead of conventional doors is they can be installed conveniently. Plastic strip curtains are easier to install than conventional doors since they do not require additional contractors. They can even be arranged according to your preferences, which is a benefit that conventional doors may not achieve right away. Whenever you want to place them in other areas of your facility, you can conveniently take them out and install them whenever and wherever you want. The convenience of installing them can ultimately save you time and effort.

To gain access to plastic strip curtains, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Businesses in the food service industry typically maximise various cold storage solutions in storing a wide array of food products. They likewise utilise them so that the quality of their items will be preserved.  

What makes cold storage solutions effective in storing and maintaining food products is they can provide low temperatures inside their units throughout their operations. Their efficiency can even be amplified if they are assessed and cleaned regularly. Fitting them with the right accessories could then assist these systems in preserving food products before they are sold or utilised.

One notable example of cold storage solutions that most food businesses maximise is the coolroom. A coolroom is a room intended to keep the temperatures low, enabling it to store large quantities of food products. If you currently manage one, here are some dos and don’ts of operating your coolroom. 

Do Not Overstock

The dimensions of your coolroom can be huge, enticing some workers to store different types of food products and beverages in just one go. But despite its large size, you must still prevent them from overstocking the coolroom. Overstocking your coolroom will only lead to poor airflow, which makes its temperature uneven. As time passes, some parts of your coolroom may only expose the items to warmer air, which leads to their quick spoilage. Limiting the number of items stored inside your coolroom will prevent them from getting damaged. It can also save you from unnecessary expenditure.

Do Keep the Door Closed

A coolroom can be effective in keeping the food items cold if its doors will be always closed. Your business is expected to be filled with employees who have varying responsibilities. But despite their work differences, all of them must be briefed about the proper usage of the coolroom. Asking them to close the door after loading or unloading some products can help maintain the airflow of the coolroom. It can also prevent warm air, dust, and other elements from entering your cold storage solution. 

Do Not Put Warm Food

Warm or hot food products should never be put inside your coolroom if you want to preserve your inventory. The main reason it should not be done is that these products will only increase the internal temperature of the coolroom. As its temperature rises, other food products and beverages may lose their preserved quality. Ultimately, they will get spoiled, costing you a lot of money as you have to put them out and replenish them with new ones. Your coolroom components may even be affected since they must work harder to combat the temperatures of warm or hot items.

Do Maintain an Adequate Space

One more thing that you must do with your coolroom is to provide an adequate space between the motor and the wall. Coolrooms are normally installed right next to a wall. To ensure that your coolroom can work optimally, its motor should have enough clearance. Adequate space between the motor and the wall allows the former to have proper ventilation. It can also prevent other coolroom components from getting hot due to the lack of clearances.

If you want to know more about coolroom operations, you must contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Food businesses often rely on coolrooms as they help store and preserve foods and beverages. Other businesses also utilise coolrooms due to their consistent cooling systems.

Coolroom manufacturers have already designed them to carry out the needed cooling functions of businesses. Hence, business owners can expect coolrooms to be durable and functional throughout their operations. They have, however, an option to improve the quality of their coolrooms. By adding and installing some more components, they can expect their coolrooms to be more efficient and effective.

One of the components that business owners like you can integrate with your existing coolrooms is aluminium tubes. Here are some advantages of installing aluminium tubes in your coolroom.

Improved Heat Transfer

One advantage of installing aluminium tubes in your coolroom is that they can improve the heat transfer efficiency of your cold storage solution. Normally, the difference between the storage temperature of the refrigerant and the evaporation temperature inside the tubes can be small. With aluminium tubes, the evaporation temperature and the energy efficiency ratio of the compressor can increase, all while the energy consumption is expected to be reduced. These benefits are possible due to aluminium tubes’ good thermal conductivity and flexible configuration.

Convenient Installation

Another advantage of installing aluminium tubes in your coolroom is that they are convenient to install. Aluminium tubes do not only have good thermal conductivity and flexible configuration, but they are also lightweight. Compared to steel row per unit, the weight of the aluminium one is one-sixth lighter. Their weight then helps installers to transport and assemble them conveniently. They likewise do not require a lot of support mechanisms, which may be present with other tubing materials. Once aluminium tubes are installed, employees can then clean them conveniently, prolonging their service life for a long time.

Cost-Effective Operations

One more advantage of maximising aluminium tubes in your coolroom is that they carry out cost-effective operations. Compared to steel tubes, the heat transfer coefficient of aluminium tubes is larger. Their larger heat transfer coefficient only means that the aluminium tubes can give off a smaller evaporation area in a coolroom area without wasting energy. This efficiency can still be present with steel tubes, but they are expected to consume more energy as they operate. The only thing that you may have to deal with aluminium tubes is they can be expensive to purchase.

These three advantages of aluminium tubes can already make your coolroom efficient and cost-effective. But apart from these advantages, you can expect these tubes to last longer as they can be immune to corrosion. They are also sustainable since they can be recycled.

To buy aluminium tubes, you may call us at C&M Coolroom Services. We are located in Melbourne, Victoria and have more than 25 years of experience in coolroom and freezer room construction. We cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing, and preparation premises.

More and more establishments today are turning to a wide array of cold storage solutions to ensure that their products and offerings will retain their defining qualities. Two cold storage solutions that they maximise are coolrooms and freezers.

Coolrooms are large, insulated boxes that maximise a refrigeration system and a door. Their cooling capabilities depend heavily on airflow, heat from the products, and the way the products have been stored and loaded inside. Freezers also take advantage of a refrigeration system and a door. The main difference between the two is that the latter exposes the products at subzero degrees.

The characteristics of both coolrooms and freezers can effectively benefit a lot of businesses in various industries. Some great uses of these cold storage solutions are as follows.

Store Perishable Stock

One primary use of coolrooms and freezers is to store perishable stock. These cold storage solutions can be very effective in retaining the freshness, nutrients, and other qualities of meat, vegetables, and dairy as their temperatures can go as low as subzero degrees. Without storing them on these systems, these products will only get spoiled quickly. Restaurants and cafes prepare, cook, and serve meals out of perishable stock. Hence, they can surely benefit from the cooling capacities of coolrooms and freezers.

Maintain Excess Stock

Another great use of coolrooms and freezers is to maintain excess stock. Establishments in the retail industry like grocery stores, fish markets, and bottle shops offer a wide array of products every day. Since not all their products may be sold in just one day, they have to ensure that their excess stock, especially those that are perishable, will be stored effectively. Fortunately, coolrooms and freezers can store a huge number of products and maintain their conditions optimally.

Extend Flowers’ Lifespan

Perishable products do not only cover foods and drinks, but they also cover flowers since they may get spoiled and decay if not stored properly. So, businesses in the floristry industry have to ensure that their offerings are stored in a liveable environment. The temperatures offered by coolrooms are already enough to sustain and even prolong the lifespan of various types of flowers. Therefore, those that are part of the industry must invest in high-quality coolrooms.

Store Sensitive Materials

One more great use of coolrooms and freezers is to store sensitive materials. Schools, universities, medical centres, and research facilities often maximise laboratories in experimenting and developing new products and materials. Since some of their activities require safe storage of these products, they can take advantage of coolrooms and freezers to make their operations successful. Guidelines, however, must be set to avoid causing damages and other unnecessary consequences.

To find out more about coolrooms and freezers, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms and freezers are cold storage solutions that commercial establishments like restaurants and supermarkets often maximise. What makes these cold storage solutions special is they can retain the freshness and quality of perishable products.

On their own, both coolrooms and freezers already have the needed cooling systems to ensure that their interiors remain cold throughout their operations. They likewise have doors and other components that aid in deterring heat from infiltrating their interior. However, businesses still have the option to install additional panels to further improve the cooling functions of coolrooms and freezers.

What makes panels great for coolrooms and freezers is they can prevent heat from entering their interiors. Two materials that are often used in building coolroom and freezer panels are styrene and urethane. To know which one is great for your business, here is a quick comparison between the two.

Styrene Panels

One of the materials used for creating panels for coolrooms and freezers is styrene.

Styrene panels have been maximised by many business owners since they boast excellent insulation. And through their wide ranges of compressive strengths, these panels can effectively match the insulating requirements of coolrooms and freezers, granting them the ability to stay intact despite being exposed to various low temperatures. Styrene panels are also known for their reputable resistance to water permeation and moisture absorbency, allowing these panels to attain better energy ratings than others. These qualities also allow them to prevent mould from growing and spreading.

Other notable features of styrene panels include better recyclability and longer service life. And despite using styrene panels for a long time, their initial R-value is expected to be retained for a long time.

Urethane Panels

Urethane panels are panels that can also be maximised in coolrooms and freezers.

One of the advantages of urethane panels over styrene panels is they possess low thermal conductivity. This quality allows the panels to be structurally robust and stable, preventing them from shrinking or deforming even though they are used for a long time. The low thermal conductivity of urethane panels also grants them the ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures of coolrooms and freezers. 

Another great feature of urethane panels is they are cost-efficient. One reason why these panels are cost-efficient is they utilise cheap materials. They are also cost-efficient as they only require low transportation and installation costs. Some more features of urethane panels include low water penetrability level and enhanced protection against corrosion and rusting.

There are more types of panels for coolrooms and freezers that business owners can consider. However, the previously discussed types of panels are known to be the best materials for maintaining the operations and longevity of coolrooms and freezers. 

To know more about these coolroom and freezer panels, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms have been advantageous for food and retail businesses due to their main functions.

One of the main functions of coolrooms is to preserve the quality of food products. By maintaining cold temperatures all the time, the stored products are easily protected from elements that can affect their quality negatively. The growth of microorganisms that cause their spoilage is also prevented thanks to coolrooms’ cold temperature. Another main function of coolrooms is to store many products properly. Through the integration of shelves and racks, products can be organised properly.

Coolrooms generally have default dimensions. But some manufacturers can offer and install a specialised coolroom assembly, which some business owners may prefer. Here are some reasons why a specialised coolroom assembly and installation is worth your investment.

  1. Boosted Efficiency

One of the reasons why you must opt for a specialised coolroom assembly and installation is it can boost the efficiency of your business. Your business may struggle to keep up with the demands of your operations if you will continue maximising standalone refrigeration units and freezers. And with these cold storage options, your employees can have difficulties in organising your products. They likewise consume a lot of energy as they work separately from each other. Opting for a specialised coolroom, alternatively, improves energy efficiency since it only uses a single space in storing and cooling everything.

Another reason why a specialised coolroom assembly is worth your investment is it can ensure the safety of your business. Various refrigeration units and freezers may be maximised in storing different food products. However, if they are plugged in simultaneously, they will only draw a lot of power throughout your operations. As this continues, it may end up causing electrical problems, which may potentially generate property fire. Opting for a coolroom, on the other hand, is much safer than maximising multiple cold storage solutions as it is designed to store products without consuming too much energy.

A specialised coolroom assembly does not only boost efficiency and guarantee safety, but it can also preserve the quality of your food products more effectively. Tons of enhancements can be added to your coolroom to ensure that the food products are stored effectively. Shelves and racks, for instance, can be integrated so they can be grouped accordingly. The installation of panels and strips, moreover, can effectively sustain cold temperatures and high-quality air all the time, ensuring that the food products will maintain their aroma, colour, flavour, and texture.

One more reason why a specialised coolroom assembly and installation can be good for your business is it offers an expanded space for the products. A specialised coolroom, especially when you will be opting for the right coolroom provider, can offer you a storage space that can accommodate almost all your offerings and products. And with the installation of a specialised coolroom, you do not have to invest in refrigeration units, freezers, and others that only take a lot of space in your kitchen or other areas of your commercial building or establishment. If you need a specialised coolroom for your business, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

One common thing among factories, commercial kitchens, food processing plants, and retail stores is they require spaces with effective air and temperature control. Hence, owners of these establishments and properties often invest in plastic strip curtains.

Plastic strip curtains can help these properties achieve optimum air and temperature control thanks to their overall material composition. Once installed, they can easily prevent the indoor air and temperature from being altered right away. They likewise deter pests, dust, and others from entering, ensuring that the purposes of these properties remain intact. The acoustic isolation, hygiene, and safety properties of plastic strip curtains are some more reasons why they can be useful for these properties.

Now, if you are thinking of buying plastic strip curtains for your business, here are some ways to make them more effective and more efficient.

Adopt Overlapping Strips

One way to make your plastic strip curtains more effective is to adopt overlapping strips. Normally, plastic strip curtains do not overlap. And while they can already provide all the benefits that were mentioned earlier, they can still do more and provide additional advantages to your property. Once your plastic strip curtains have overlapping strips, you can expect your rooms or spaces to be more regulated, especially in terms of their air quality and temperature.

Incorporate Thick Strips

Aside from overlapping strips, your plastic strip curtains can be more effective if they possess thick strips. The specifications of plastic strip curtains may vary depending on the preferences of customers. They can likewise vary based on the availability of the materials. If you are lucky enough to find a reputable plastic strip curtain manufacturer, then you may want to opt for plastic strip curtains with thick strips. Thicker strips for the curtains can be effective in maintaining the surrounding conditions of your property.

Conduct Regular Upkeep

Plastic strip curtains can generally provide a lot of benefits. But if you will not clean or maintain them regularly, then their efficiency may be affected negatively. Plastic strip curtains truly add value to your property. Therefore, you must make sure that you assess their conditions regularly. You must likewise clean them so that they will not allow dirty elements from building up. Ultimately, you must replace strips that have already been damaged so they can continue to be effective and efficient.

Pair Curtains with a Door

One more way to make your plastic strip curtains more effective and more efficient is to pair them with a door. Plastic strip curtains are highly capable of regulating the temperatures of your rooms and spaces. They can also prevent elements from entering and ruining your day-to-day operations. But once you pair these curtains with a door, all these functions can be amplified further. If your spaces are not yet needed, you may want to close the door first to enhance air and temperature control.

If you want to invest in quality plastic strip curtains, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Many commercial and industrial businesses rely on coolrooms due to a couple of reasons. For one, coolrooms have been proven to be effective in storing delicate products in low temperatures. Second, they are being maximised as they can handle a large volume of products in just one go.

But to make the coolrooms truly effective, they must be equipped with elements that could help them carry out their primary cooling and storage functions. One of the elements that they must utilise is performance panels. With performance panels, the insulation of coolrooms is expected to improve significantly, allowing them to sustain their low temperatures. Another element that they should possess is doors or curtains. Special doors or curtains must be installed so they can deter bacteria, germs, dirt, and other similar things from entering and contaminating the products.

Two more elements that coolrooms should possess are shelves and racks. Shelves and racks made from stainless steel are recommended for coolrooms due to the following reasons:


Stainless steel shelves and racks can be maximised for coolrooms as they are durable and robust. Even with significant impacts from the storage and other business-related activities inside the coolrooms, they can easily retain their overall appearance and finish. They will not even generate dents and scratches quickly despite maximising them all the time. Other elements that these shelves and racks can resist are rust and rot. Unlike other materials, stainless steel can conveniently withstand corrosion, allowing it to be very useful once utilised in making coolroom shelves and racks.


Another reason why stainless steel shelves and racks are recommended for coolrooms is they are reliable. Stainless steel shelves and racks have respectable load-bearing strength that other shelves and racks do not possess. With this specific quality, they can effectively allow businesses to store a large volume of products in one go. They can even handle heavy products.


Stainless steel shelves and racks are great for coolrooms as they can maintain cleanliness for a long time. They often boast smooth, non-porous surfaces that other materials cannot achieve. The type of surfaces that the stainless steel products possess can effectively deter germs, bacteria, and other elements from infiltrating them. So, businesses can expect their products to be preserved effectively. They can even allow powerful cleaning chemicals to be used to preserve their quality.


One more reason why stainless steel shelves and racks are great for coolrooms is that they are sustainable. Stainless steel shelves and racks, as previously stated, have a superb surface finish and durable composition. These qualities then allow them to be maintained easily. They do not even require regular inspection and assessment to ensure that they are free from potential damages. The only thing that the businesses should do is check for wear and clean them occasionally.

To acquire reliable stainless steel shelves and racks, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Business owners must plan everything to make sure that their operations can be productive and successful. From the materials used for their businesses down to the behaviour of their employees, everything should go according to their plans.

One aspect of their operations that must be considered thoroughly is the materials used for their workplace. Businesses that mostly involve food and other sensitive products should always maximise fixtures that will not only handle them effectively but can also allow employees to work excellently. One of the fixtures that must be made from reliable materials is the door.

Doors for these businesses may be made from a wide array of materials. However, to ensure that your business can thrive, you must consider utilising clear PVC swing doors. Here are some reasons why clear PVC swing doors can be good for your business operations.

Clean and Hygienic

One of the reasons why you should consider clear PVC swing doors for your business is that they are clean and hygienic. A lot of door material options today can be cleaned easily. However, most of them may have surfaces that can still attract bacteria and germs, which can affect not only the products but also the health of the employees. Opting for clear PVC swing doors, alternatively, does not manifest this issue. Hence, the chances of spreading diseases in your workplace are cut significantly. Even the contamination of the products is avoided with these doors.

Enhanced Comfort

Another reason why clear PVC swing doors can be good for your business is that they can enhance the comfort of employees. Clear PVC swing doors are highly recommended in high-traffic businesses since they allow employees to move from one place to another without any issues. And with this type of movement, employees are expected to yield better and faster output than ever before. They do not even have to exert too much effort just to open and close the doors whenever taking in or out the needed products. This benefit can be difficult with other types of doors.

Ease of Installation

One more reason why clear PVC swing doors can be great for your business operations is that they can be installed easily. Clear PVC swing doors may be an upgrade from your old doors. However, they do not require a lot of time and money just to have them installed and even maintained. With just simple hardware elements, professionals can effectively install clear PVC swing doors right above the door frame without generating any issues along the way. The ease of installation of these doors allows your business to run without the need to close for one whole day.

If you need to gain access to clear PVC swing doors for your business, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Victoria, we cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

Many businesses are opting for coolrooms as they can offer a lot of great advantages to their operations.

First, coolrooms can be advantageous for businesses as they can store a huge number of perishable and sensitive products. Additionally, they can prevent them from getting damaged or spoiled as they store them at low temperatures. Coolrooms can likewise provide a great space for employees to deliver, store, and organise products in just a short time.

All the advantages of coolrooms can be further enhanced by installing insulated panels. If you are currently maximising a coolroom on your business, then here are some notable benefits that you can get from installing insulated coolroom panels.

Enhanced Insulation

One of the most notable benefits of maximising insulated panels is they can enhance the insulation properties of your coolroom. The existence of insulated panels can make sure that your coolroom’s cooling operations will not be affected by external heat. And since they will not be affected by heat anymore, you can expect your coolroom to cool your products at consistently low temperatures.

Regulated Temperatures

Speaking of low temperatures, another benefit of maximising insulated panels for your coolroom is they can grant you the freedom to regulate its temperatures very quickly. Sometimes, your coolroom may require lower temperatures just to ensure the proper storage of very delicate products. Through insulated panels, you can alter the temperature of your coolroom without waiting for a long time.

Minimised Energy Use

A coolroom would often maximise enough energy to decrease the temperature of its space. However, if the space constantly receives too much heat, the amount of energy required for its operations would be high. By installing insulated panels in your coolroom, you can effectively minimise the amount of energy that you need to consume and spend just to cool your products.

Guaranteed Safety

The addition of insulated panels does not only make your coolroom functional, but it can also make your storage solution safe. Insulated panels are often made from materials that are durable enough to resist damaging elements in the surroundings. Therefore, adding these things can protect your coolroom and your products from fire and other types of damages. These panels can even last for a long time.

Reduced Maintenance

Coolrooms are often generated out of durable materials. However, if they are often exposed to heat and other outdoor elements, they would surely require servicing and repairs that can be costly in the long run. Installing insulated panels for your coolroom, fortunately, can significantly reduce its maintenance needs as coolroom parts will not be easily damaged by heat and other elements anymore.

To obtain quality insulated panels for your coolroom, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

We are located in Melbourne, Victoria and has more than 25 years of experience in coolroom and freezer room construction. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Victoria, we cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

Retail stores and supermarkets must maximise various storage solutions so they can keep their goods fresh. And one storage solution that they typically utilise is the coolroom.

A coolroom is a storage solution that is specifically designed for storing a wide array of products at low temperatures. This storage solution is meant to handle and store products that require refrigeration. Some of these products include fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. Other food products such as beverages, ice cream, and dairy products can likewise be stored inside a coolroom.

While a coolroom primarily works by storing the products, it can also be used to display them just by installing custom glass doors. If you will be adding custom glass doors to your coolroom, then here are some benefits that you can gain from them.

  1. Easy Customer Access

One benefit of adding custom glass doors in your coolroom is that they can offer easy access to customers. Glass doors that are integrated into your coolroom can be opened and closed by customers who want to purchase the stored products. And since they are already accessible by customers, you do not have to purchase separate cold storage systems just to store and display your offerings on your store.

Another benefit of adding custom glass doors in your coolroom is that they can make your item refill more convenient for the employees. Custom glass doors can make your employees’ job easier since they can outright see the status of the products being displayed to the customers. Once they have spotted that the products’ quantity is depleting, they can quickly replenish them without leaving the coolroom.

Custom glass doors do not only provide a way for customers to gain their products, but they can also help your employees organise the products in a great way. Unlike storing the products inside the coolroom, having glass doors to display them would significantly change the way they are organised. Your products are expected to be displayed beautifully so that customers will be enticed to purchase them.

Somehow connected to the strategic organisation of products, installing custom glass doors in your coolroom can easily boost the overall appeal of your store. Products that are organised very well can conveniently improve and enhance the appearance of your store. And with the improved appearance of your store, you can expect more customers to shop and buy from you.

One more benefit of installing custom glass doors in your coolroom is that they can save a lot of energy. Since glass doors have a transparent appearance, customers do not have to open them all the time, especially if their needed or wanted products are not displayed. Additionally, employees do not have to open the glass doors during item refill as they can already do this inside the coolroom itself.

To know more about custom glass doors, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Every day, the work environment inside a commercial kitchen can be intense. After all, many activities done inside the said space have to ensure that meals will be prepared, cooked, and served optimally.

And since food products are involved in most of these activities, owners of commercial kitchens should make sure that they will be protected from harmful and unpleasant elements. Hence, a lot of them would incorporate protective mechanisms, storage solutions, and kitchen procedures just to keep them fresh and nutritious. One protective mechanism that they often go to is plastic strip curtains.

If you are thinking of adding plastic strip curtains in your commercial kitchen, then you must do it right away so that your business can attain the following advantages.

  1. Reduce Contaminants

One prominent advantage of adding plastic strip curtains in your commercial kitchen is that they can reduce its overall contaminants. Plastic strip curtains are designed to limit and even eliminate any possible movement of contaminants inside a specific space. So, as your commercial kitchen carries out its daily operations, you can expect it to be free from dirt, smoke, dust, and other contaminants.

Similar to contaminants, adding plastic strip curtains in your commercial kitchen can also reduce or eliminate pests. Your commercial kitchen is expected to produce meals that are enticing for the customers. With plastic strip curtains, your whole kitchen will not be bombarded with pests such as flies, birds, and others, preventing your food products from possible costly and harmful spoilage.

Another advantage of adding plastic strip curtains in your commercial kitchen is that they can effectively regulate temperatures. Plastic strip curtains have materials that can prevent indoor temperatures from changing drastically. And with the presence of these protective mechanisms, you can expect the temperatures of your commercial kitchen to be controlled based on your preferences.

Your employees must be able to move in and out of your commercial kitchen without any delays. Fortunately, plastic strip curtains can easily provide convenient access to people who are working in your commercial kitchen and other high-traffic areas. They can effectively reduce harmful elements and regulate temperatures without sacrificing the productivity of your workforce.

Aside from easy access, adding plastic strip curtains in your commercial kitchen can also ensure that your workplace will be safe for you and your employees. Plastic strip curtains often boast transparent to translucent materials. With this characteristic, you and your employees can easily find out all the happenings on the other side of the curtains before entering or passing through.

One more advantage that you can obtain from adding plastic strip curtains is that it can save a lot of money. Compared to industrial doors, plastic strip curtains can already provide tons of helpful benefits with just a small amount of money. From protecting the food products to enhancing the productivity of employees, your commercial kitchen can truly operate optimally without spending too many resources.

To buy plastic strip curtains for your commercial kitchen, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

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