Food processing plants are establishments that are known for processing raw agricultural products into food for human consumption. Different processes are carried out with these establishments through the help of a wide variety of tools and equipment.

The presence of different processing tools and equipment is essential so that food products can be edible and safe for consumption. But aside from these processing gears, another element that must be considered in making the food processing plants a success is the condition of the facility. Food processing plants must have temperatures that are suitable for food products. The number of unhealthful products that are present inside the establishment must likewise be cut down significantly.

If you want to improve the condition of your food processing plant, then you may want to install some plastic strip curtains. Installing these curtains on your food processing plant can easily grant you the following benefits:

Great Temperature Controls

One of the greatest benefits of plastic strip curtains is that they can regulate temperatures effectively. The materials used for these curtains can easily prevent loss of energy, which helps the plant retain its intended temperatures. With their great retention over the temperature of the plant, you can expect your food products to be fresh all the time. These curtains can likewise help maintain the efficiency of your food processing equipment and tools due to their great temperature controls.

Pests and Pollutants Prevention

Some food manufacturers often face the problem of pests and pollutants infiltrating their working areas as they can easily contaminate and damage the quality of the food. Fortunately, plastic strip curtains can reduce and even prevent different types of pests such as flies and mosquitoes from entering working surfaces and areas. Pollutants such as dust, smoke, dirt, and fumes are also blocked off by these curtains from entering certain areas of your food processing plant.

Excellent Noise Insulation

The excellent noise insulation of plastic strip curtains is great for areas that must be separated and parted from noise during operations. Usually, these areas would require employees to be highly efficient and perform optimally so that certain intricate food processes are achieved with quality in mind. After all, the more efficient your workers are, the better your business performance will be.

Accessibility and Transparency

Despite their excellent insulation and protective properties from extraneous elements, plastic strip curtains can still provide the needed accessibility and transparency of your facility. Installing these curtains on your food processing plant will allow employees to quickly access rooms just by passing through them. You do not even have to close anything as they are just hanging on the entryways. Aside from accessibility, plastic strip curtains can also be effective in reducing accidents and collisions due to their clear appearance. This characteristic also enables theplant to receive an ample amount of light.

Simple and Cost-Effective

What is great about plastic strip curtains is that they are cheap to buy and maintain. Even with all the previously mentioned benefits, these curtains can already fulfill almost all the needed conditions of a great food processing plant amidst their low purchase costs. These curtains do not even have to be maintained all the time since their materials do not get damaged easily.

Commercial refrigerators are being utilised by establishments and stores that must keep and preserve different kinds of food products. These refrigerators are truly helpful in maintaining the quality and freshness of food products as they lower and even freeze their temperatures, which then slows down their ripening or deterioration process. They can likewise keep the consumers safe from obtaining diseases since all food products are guaranteed to be free from germs and bacteria.

Due to the significance of commercial refrigerators, owners of establishments and stores must maintain them all the time. And while repairs can usually fix any concern or problem that these appliances may encounter, there will be times where replacing them is the only solution to select refrigerator issues. To help you out, here are some clear signs that outright tell you to replace your commercial refrigerator.

Spoiling of Food Products

As previously mentioned, commercial refrigerators are intended to preserve the quality and freshness of food products due to the process of refrigeration. So, if your refrigerator cannot keep your food products fresh within their shelf life or before their expiration date anymore, then its components might have some major problems. Your unit might have faulty components that cannot fully provide the needed low or freezing temperatures. Its energy consumption might even exceed its optimum capacity, which is a clear sign that you need to replace your refrigeration unit right away.

High Rate of Condensation

Condensation is one of the most common issues that is plaguing refrigeration units for a long time. Most of the time, this issue is easily resolved through repairs and maintenance. But if the rate of condensation is abnormally high, then your unit is most likely broken. With excessive condensation, the surface of your refrigeration unit appears to be sweating all the time, which indicates that your unit has a failing cooling component. Moreover, some parts of your unit might already have signs of mould or mildew. Keeping this problem unchecked for a long time can ultimately resolve to rampant food spoilage.

Overworking Refrigerator

If the back part of your refrigerator unit is too hot to touch, then it means that it has been overworking for quite some time now. You see, a refrigerator unit that is in proper working condition can easily prevent heat from getting to its metallic surface or chassis due to the presence of the insulation on the coils at the back. The coils are said to be overworked if they release too much heat. As the back part of the unit becomes too hot, its components will then overheat, affecting the overall function of the refrigeration unit. In this case, the coils must be checked first before either repairing or replacing them.

Presence of Strange Noises

Another clear sign that your commercial refrigeration unit needs replacement immediately is if it produces strange and weird noises. Noises within the unit are normal, especially during heavy refrigeration load. However, if the noises are significantly louder than they were before, then there might be some problems within your unit. These noises can likewise be nonstop, which can be alarming during normal business operations. Replacing your refrigeration unit is still the best solution to this noise problem. If your refrigeration unit possesses one or more of these problems, then it is just suitable for you to replace it immediately. Repairs might save some of its components, but the problem within the unit can be long-lasting and permanent. Replacing your unit with a new one can guarantee you all the benefits of refrigeration not only to your food products but also to your whole business operations.

Businesses that revolve around food storage, retail, or production have to install coolrooms so they can conduct their intended daily operations. Coolrooms may look like large freezer areas, but they do not necessarily freeze food items and products.

Coolrooms can help maintain a consistent stable temperature just to ensure that the items do not spoil or get damaged. This specific benefit allows customers or clients to be safe from any dangerous effects of food spoilage or the presence of microbes. Additionally, coolrooms can also precool products like drinks, juices, and other things before they are transferred to their corresponding shelves. Precooling products can easily provide customers with products that are meant to be cold for immediate consumption.

Given the benefits of coolrooms to businesses, business owners must do everything just to monitor and increase their efficiency. If you own a coolroom, then you may want to conduct the following activities.

Check Energy Consumption

To effectively increase coolroom efficiency, you must start with your energy consumption. Checking and monitoring your energy usage can easily provide you enough data on how your coolroom works during operations. A monitoring system can be installed within your power connections to determine energy consumption, detect early signs of failure, and control energy usage. A coolroom that uses more energy than its recommended energy levels may be a sign of failing components.

Assess Operating Temperatures

Aside from energy consumption, another element that must be monitored regularly is the operating temperatures of the coolroom. The temperature of a coolroom is crucial in maintaining the quality of food products. At the same time, this specific element can directly affect the coolroom’s consumption of energy. The lower the temperature is, the more energy a coolroom will consume. To monitor the temperatures of your coolroom, you must install a room temperature sensor and check it regularly. It would be ideal for your coolroom to run at temperatures that are determined by its manufacturer.

Improve Door Situations

One factor that can affect both the energy and temperature levels inside the coolroom is the activities related to its doorway. The ambient air outside the coolroom is filled with moisture and energy, while the air inside the coolroom is dry. The difference between these two significantly affects energy consumption and operating temperatures. When the air leakage becomes high, the optimal temperatures may not be reached, which may result in the accumulation of frost or ice and the inability to reach optimal temperatures quickly. 

To improve door situations, the door must always be closed appropriately. Both door curtains and door seals must also be in good condition for them to work optimally.

Optimise Internal Air Flow

The air inside the coolroom can be dry. Moreover, it must also circulate the walls and product so that the coolroom temperature and its energy usage will be optimised. The air inside the coolroom also serves as the main way to prevent heat energy from going out of the product packaging. To maintain efficient internal airflow, your products must have some spaces between them. Stacking them against the wall can easily allow heat to penetrate their surface and lead to spoilage. Fixtures and products that are blocking fan outlets or evaporator returns must also be removed for a more optimised airflow. The energy consumption, temperature levels, and internal airflow are only some of the elements that must be constantly checked and monitor to increase coolroom efficiency. Other elements that must be checked include lighting, type of refrigerant, and many more.

Commercial refrigeration units have been utilised by various establishments and facilities for a long time now because of their value and purposes. They basically regulate the temperatures of food products to effectively preserve their freshness and quality. Keeping food products under cold temperatures helps slow down any bacteria activity that is taking place inside them and causes food spoilage.

One part of commercial refrigeration that is vital in its whole operations is the evaporator fans. These fans are typically found in the freezer compartment of refrigeration units, which are intended to maintain constant airflow within them. They ensure that the air is moving and flowing over the evaporator coils and that the refrigerant can effectively absorb any heat from the refrigeration unit.

Functions of Evaporator Fans

As mentioned, the main function of evaporator fans is to keep the air moving inside the refrigerator unit. They receive air from the evaporator coil and subsequently circulate them inside the whole unit. These fans work closely with the damper assembly of the unit, which controls the amount of cold air being supplied into the unit’s fresh food compartment.

Evaporator fans function very closely with the compressor. But once the evaporator fans start to malfunction, it will be difficult for the refrigeration unit to maintain its needed temperature since the cold control sensing bulbs will have to signal the compressor to work for a much longer time. Even after compensating for any possible issues of the fans, the compressor will eventually reach its own limits. The evaporator coils will consequently freeze over, which then increases the overall temperature of the refrigeration unit.

Once the evaporator fans, compressors, and coils become non-functional, your whole refrigeration unit will then obtain increased internal temperatures, accumulate abnormal amounts of ice, and acquire many more damaged components. 

Maintaining Evaporator Fans

To avoid encountering these issues, you must maintain the evaporator fans of your refrigeration unit regularly. One type of maintenance that you can do is to defrost your refrigeration properly. Without defrosting properly, you are risking your evaporator to ice up and obstruct the blades. Your energy bills will also increase significantly if you do not defrost appropriately.

And before you decide to have a professional check your refrigeration unit, you must first assess its condition by switching off its power and have a look at its evaporator fans. If you have spotted some things that prevent the fans from moving, then you must remove them right away. Afterward, you must remove any ice build-up, dirt, and debris from the coils by wiping them with a cloth soaked in hot, soapy water.  Otherwise, if there are no blockages that prevent these fans to move, then your unit should be fixed right away. At this point, professionals may have to replace your evaporator fans since they might already be old or weary. Replacing these fans will significantly bring back the functionality of your refrigeration unit. If you have concerns about your evaporator fans, just give us a call at C&M Coolroom Services.

Most hospitality venues like restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels utilise commercial freezers for their storage needs. These freezers are fully capable of storing and preserving the quality of food and drinks. They are also used to keep food products fresh and clean.

Working alongside other commercial refrigeration units, commercial freezers are beneficial for the operations of most businesses that use them. However, once these freezers start to show signs of leaking or dripping, then these businesses may encounter a huge dip on their daily overall performance. Moreover, some issues and problems with food offerings might also hinder them in reaching and maintaining their customers.

Dangers of Leaking or Dripping Occurrences

Leaking or dripping commercial freezers can be dangerous in any hospitality venue. Since water leaks out of these freezers, establishments might be overwhelmed with wet floors that can be a slip or fall hazard for workers and customers. Workers who are working alongside dripping or leaking commercial freezers might also be at risk of getting electric shocks. Unchecked water on the floor or surfaces can also initiate the growth of mould and bacteria, which are both dangerous for health.

Freezers with leaking issues pose the same threat to the health and safety of customers who are inside commercial establishments. And instead of conserving their quality, food products that are stored inside a leaking or dripping commercial freezer might just deteriorate and spoil much easier. 

Reasons behind Leaking or Dripping Freezers

Freezers that have a leaking or dripping issues are typically caused by their faulty components. One of these components is the seams between the panels. Some other components that can cause these issues are seals, insulation, water filter, drain pan, defrost drain, and ice maker. Without any proper installation and regular maintenance, all these components may just wear out and become faulty over time, which then causes leaking or dripping issues among commercial freezers.

Aside from faulty components, leaking or dripping commercial freezers can also be caused by condensation with the combination of a faulty seal. If the exterior air becomes warm and humid, it can produce condensation because of the temperature difference between the outside and the freezer. And if the freezer does not have proper sealing, then it will be forced to work overtime just to keep food products cool. An overworked commercial freezer will continue to accumulate extra condensation on the coils, which will result in the formation of water on the floor.

The condensation problem can be solved quickly by washing the seals or replacing the gaskets. Air conditioning and dehumidifying the air outside the commercial freezer can also help avoid excessive condensation. Faulty components, in contrast, would require repairs from professionals. 

So, if you need help with your leaking or dripping commercial freezers, then feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Victoria, we cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

The food industry typically uses coolrooms to store and refrigerate a huge amount of food products and beverages. But aside from this industry, coolrooms are also utilised by floral, cosmetics, and technology industries in storing products and devices that need to be refrigerated and cooled down. Flowers, cosmetic products, and technological devices do not work well with a warm or hot environment. Under warm or hot temperatures, these products tend to wilt, melt, and malfunction, respectively. Cold environments, however, can provide the needed element for their stability and longevity.

When performing optimally, coolrooms can easily provide the needed consistent temperature and surrounding condition for the stored products. They also allow business owners to obtain adequate storage space for stocking products that will be sold or used soon. Keep in mind, though, that these mentioned benefits can only be acquired and experienced if coolrooms will be kept clean and mould-free all the time.

Mould Growth in Coolrooms

Coolrooms that are maintained regularly do not have to worry about mould growth and formation. However, if certain parts of the coolroom are already faulty or broken, then the chances of mould growth and development can be high. After all, mould grows when there is a huge source of moisture, a certain range of temperature, and a compatible source of food.

A coolroom that has high humidity conditions, as well as excessive moisture, will eventually cause mould to develop. Excessive moisture can accumulate in your coolroom if there is condensation on the walls or pools of water on the ground. Condensation forms whenever warm air enters the room. The entry of warm air can be caused a cracked or damaged sealing around the door.

The presence of food spills in certain areas of the coolroom can also lead to the development of mould. Without regular cleaning, mould can grow and accumulate over time. As time goes by, they can now affect the quality of your products and contaminate them very quickly. The presence of mould can also cause health risks among people who are allergic to mould spores.

Keep Coolrooms Mould-Free

To prevent the damaging effects of moulds, then you must keep your coolrooms clean. One of the best ways to prevent mould development is to assess and evaluate the condition of your coolroom. 

If there are loose seals, small cracks, and leaks in the coolroom, then they must be solved and repaired right away. If possible, you must also remove any existing wood shelving so that moisture will not have a place to latch into. Your vent must also be in good condition so that it will allow humid air to leave and keep the untainted cold air circulating. Food products that are already expired must also be removed and discarded so that mould will not have any food source for their growth and development.

And in case the development of mould has already taken place, then you must give your coolroom a deep and thorough cleaning to effectively remove all mould spores. Remove all items and components of the coolroom that have mould. Then, clean the surfaces, shelves, walls, and ceiling of the coolroom with a suitable chemical solution. You can also use a combination of warm water and baking soda in cleaning your coolroom. An abrasive scrubber is recommended for removing spills and debris from the surfaces of the room. Any build-up of dirt, dust, and other particles must also be removed through a vacuum. Ensuring a clean and mould-free coolroom can help your business succeed and save from unexpected maintenance and repair expenses. If you want to have professionals clean and maintain your coolroom, feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We are a WPCG (formerly API) accredited company offering a comprehensive range of high quality commercial and industrial coolroom and freezer room installation, repair, renovation, and maintenance services.

Commercial businesses that revolve around the food or catering industry utilise walk-in freezer for their storage needs. Walk-in freezers are commonly found in restaurants, grocery stores, and other similar businesses since they can convert an unused space into an efficient storage area. This type of freezer also helps in storing consumable food products and stock under low and freezing temperatures.

The benefits walk-in freezers bring certainly help businesses to become successful and profitable. Aside from expanding storage space, they can significantly improve the accessibility of products compared to other types of refrigeration and storage. The temperature control out of these freezers is also more consistent and reliable than the others.

Given the importance of a walk-in freezer, it would be difficult for business owners to run their daily operations if their freezer suddenly gets damaged or stop working. Fortunately, the repairs for a walk-in freezer can be easily initiated when you encounter the following indicative signs.

Unusual Temperature

If you or your staff noticed that the temperature of the walk-in freezer is not that cold already, then you must check the condition of its components and structure. Also, as an added measure, you must assign some of your staff in monitoring the freezer temperature so that you can easily assess if it needs repair or not.

Issues on the Motor

The motor found in your walk-in freezer makes sure that the temperature is controlled accurately. While the motor can easily maintain this specific task, it is not meant to run and operate all the time. So, if you constantly hear your walk-in freezer’s motor running continuously, then you must now contact some professionals to fix this problem. Or else, you may end up with a non-functional walk-in freezer.

Occurrence of Air Leaks

Any sign of air leaking from your walk-in freezer clearly tells you that it needs to be repaired right away. One reason why air is leaking is that your freezer temperature has been rising tremendously. Another reason why air leaks may have existed is that your freezer is being overworked. Air leaks out of your walk-in freezer can ultimately cause damages to your system, especially if repairs are not made at once.

Leakage of Water

Water leaks from your walk-in freezer are also one of the most common indicators that your system needs repair. One main cause of water leaks is that the defrost drain of your freezer is clogged with food particles or other debris. A frozen or clogged water supply line can also cause water leakage. You must have these components checked by professionals to see if they need to be repaired or replaced.

Accumulation of Frost

Ice and frost build-up in freezers are common. However, if there is an excessive amount of ice and frost in your walk-in freezer, then some of its parts may have already been damaged. Some viable causes behind excessive accumulation of frost and ice may include a faulty door seal, loose door hinges, a clogged freezer drain, and many more. Let professionals check your freezer right away for them to repairs these parts immediately.

If you encounter these signs in your walk-in freezer, then you must have it checked right away to avoid any more dire consequences along the way. For more information about walk-in freezer repairs and maintenance, you can give us a call at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms are among the most important equipment in businesses that serve food to customers or guests or offer catering services. They essentially cool, refrigerate, and store food products to avoid spoilage, bacteria contamination, and other relevant problems and issues due to exposure to elements. Coolrooms are intended to store food products that will be used in the future.

Your coolroom, alongside other refrigeration equipment, can help your food or catering business in preparing and serving delicious meals and tasty drinks. And since this specific equipment is essential for your business, you must purchase one that will surely bring benefits to you. If you are thinking of buying a coolroom, then you should consider the following handy tips.

Know the Types of Coolrooms

There are a lot of coolroom types that are available in the market today. Even searching them on the internet will bring you to a wide variety of coolrooms. Some types of coolroom that are being offered by the stores include cool rooms and freezer rooms with a motor, standalone coolroom and freezer room, and commercial coolrooms with different shelving and storage capacity. Knowing the differences and functionalities of each coolroom type can help you buy one that is suitable for you.

Research about Important Features

As mentioned, there are numerous types of coolroom that are being manufactured right now. Their key differences lie in their specific dimensions, features, functionality, and other properties. Some of them may have an adjustable thermostat, while others might include an auto-defrost functionality. The lack of key shelves and fixtures on some coolroom may be present on others. Alternatively, you may want a coolroom that has removable trays and glass shelves for easier maintenance.

Determine Your Available Space

With enough budget, you can easily purchase a coolroom that can cater to your needs for the business. However, there are instances where business owners do not consider the availability of the space for their equipment. To avoid this situation from happening, you must check first the available space for your equipment installation. You must crosscheck and subsequently match the dimensions of the equipment to the dimensions of your available space.

Assess Your Needed Storage

Even if you have all the available space for your new coolroom, it does not necessarily mean that you must fill them up with this equipment. What you must also assess aside from your available space is your needed storage space for your products. You must determine the specific types of raw food products, drinks, and other materials that you need to store. Additionally, the quantity of these products must also be considered before buying a coolroom for your business.

Find Out About Energy Rating

The energy rating of appliances and any other equipment lets you know their energy efficiency and the amount of power that they will use and need to run at optimal capacity. Ideally, a coolroom with a high energy rating means that it will only need less energy and lower power to run optimally. So, using a high energy rated coolroom assures you that you can save a huge amount of money and reduce consumption of unnecessary energy Following these tips helps you purchase a coolroom that is suitable to your needs. Moreover, choosing the best coolroom for your business can also help you save money, consume less energy, and maximise space and time. If you need help in choosing a coolroom for your business, then contact us now at C&M Coolroom Services.

Owners of commercial establishments that offer food and other similar products are required to store their products effectively. Without efficient storage, these mentioned owners may find it challenging to thrive in their respective sectors since they cannot prevent spoilage of their products.

Fortunately, commercial freezers are widely available for storing and prolonging the life of food products. They now even come in different varieties, with each type boasting diverse functionalities and features that are deemed helpful in making a business successful. Some commercial freezer types and their basic properties are the following:

Walk-in Refrigerators

Both restaurants and dining places can utilise walk-in refrigerators since they need to have a large amount of storage space. Setting up of commercial shelving operations inside the walk-in freezers is also more organised and way easier than other types of refrigeration units. Walk-in units are recommended for storing juices, soft drinks, alcohol, and items that are bought in bulk.

Reach-in Freezers

Reach-in freezers and refrigerators are storage units that are great for the back of the house operations. This type of commercial freezer may come in either glass door reach-in units or solid door reach-in units. Depending on your preference, both mentioned reach-in units may have Dutch-style half doors or full-length doors. Reach-in units are typically grouped into multiple segmented sections.

Under-counter Refrigerator

Under-counter refrigerators function similarly to reach-in freezers. The only difference between them is that under-counter units usually have a shorter form factor, enabling them to fit into small tight spaces. These refrigerator units can effectively help you store a few products that can be used on an as-needed basis. The top surface of these units can even double as a food prep table.

Serve Over Counter

If you are planning to open a café, meat outlet, or grocery store, then you may want to invest in some serve over counter units. These units can display items in a more appealing fashion through the help of bent or level glass. They work closely similar to counter-top display refrigerators. However, serve over counter units do not contain glass for covering food products, contrary to their counterpart.

Pastry or Bakery Display

The finish of a pastry or bakery display is usually made from either traditional wooden finish or stainless steel that is curved with glass. This type of refrigeration unit has a front glass cover that allows customers to view all the bakery and pastry products. This also enables customers to choose their desired product conveniently.

Bar Refrigerators

Bar refrigerators are frequently designed with black vinyl or a stainless steel exterior that gives them a more streamlined look with the rest of the under-counter bar area. These bar refrigerators come in various types like back bar refrigerators, plate chillers, keg coolers, and many more.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

As the name implies, refrigerated prep tables are intended to be used in the preparation area or cook line in a commercial kitchen. To date, the two primary types of these tables are pizza prep tables and sandwich/salad tables. Since they are intended for food preparation, these refrigeration units contain drawers for storing sauces or dressings.

Knowing the features of each type of freezer will help you pick and choose the appropriate units for your commercial kitchen or establishment. For more information about these refrigeration units, feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We are a WPCG (formerly API) accredited company that offers a comprehensive range of high quality commercial and industrial coolroom and freezer room installation, repair, renovation, and maintenance services.

Refrigeration systems are important in restaurants. Since restaurants are required to serve fresh food all the time, they must maintain the freshness and quality of their raw food products and ingredients. Without great refrigeration systems, a restaurant’s food may be plagued with issues that come from their customers and can consequently ruin the reputation of their services.

If you are one of the owners of a restaurant, you must consider assessing the condition of your refrigeration system. After all, refrigeration systems are more prone to acquiring issues and problems since they are used on a day-to-day basis. You’ll never know, some of your commercial refrigeration and other equipment may have already acquired the following problems. 

Temperature Failure

One key factor that you must consider in checking your restaurant refrigeration system is its operating temperature. The operating temperature of your refrigeration system is extremely important as it is the main element that keeps your food products fresh. Once your system loses the ability to maintain the designated temperature, then it might pose a problem in your daily operations. Some issues that may have caused operating temperature failure include leaking problems, malfunctioned compressor, faulty door seals, a manual error, or failing thermostat.

Loud Running Noise

Another factor that you must check and look into your refrigeration systems is their running noise. Whenever your system starts to produce a loud running sound, it would usually mean that there is something wrong with their components. Components like motors, compressors, fans, and other mechanical parts must have encountered serious issues that may affect your system in the future. Ignoring this problem may result in total refrigeration system failure and shutdown. So, before this happens, you must contact your professional mechanic right away to prevent any further damage.

Odd Ice or Frost Growth

Maintaining the temperature of your refrigeration system is essential for daily restaurant operations. However, there are instances where the temperature can affect the system on a whole another level. If you are encountering excessive growth of ice and frost on your system, then it might be the right time to have it checked. It would be still normal if your system accumulates a typical amount of ice and frost. Too much ice and frost, on the other hand, clearly indicate poor air circulation inside your system due to a leaky component.

Failing Transported Machine 

When you buy new equipment, you will immediately notice that its packaging has clear instructions on how to carry and transport them. These instructions are not only helpful during your new purchases, but also when you transport them again in the future. Refrigeration systems that are used for a long time must be transported carefully as some of its components might be detached, disoriented, or even damaged. A refrigeration system that is transported the wrong way can make its lubricant spill out of the compressor and get into the cooling pipes. Additionally, switching on the system right away after being kept lying on its side during the transit can easily damage the compressor.  If ever you encounter these problems with your restaurant refrigeration systems, then it would be best to have them checked with professionals. For services and complete solutions to your refrigeration systems, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in restaurants, shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, and other preparation premises.

Coolrooms are vital to businesses that store perishable items and other products in a cold environment. The purpose of keeping these products inside these rooms is to maintain their freshness and quality. Moreover, these rooms prevent food products from deteriorating and spoiling over time. Normally, coolrooms are used in restaurants and stores.

The functionality of coolrooms makes them very useful in businesses. In fact, leading business owners use these rooms for them to effectively maintain their daily business operations. As effective as they are, these rooms are still prone to defects and breakdowns. This is why maintaining and repairing your coolrooms is extremely important because of the following reasons.

Avoid Condensing Walls

Condensing walls are created when there are a lot of water droplets on the inner wall surfaces. These water droplets signify that your coolroom requires immediate repair and maintenance. One of the things that professionals would do to avoid condensing walls is to add more insulation. This insulation will warm up the wall surfaces to prevent the formation of water droplets. They would also ensure a better airflow in the interior of the room so that the condensation process is restricted.

Eradicate Dripping Ceiling

Just like in regular rooms, the ceiling of coolrooms is also prone to dripping. A dripping ceiling in a coolroom is primarily caused by the lack of installed vapour barriers. This problem can also be associated with improper insulation and poor attic ventilation. To solve this issue, professionals would just place a vapour barrier on the ceiling so that the drippings will be stopped as soon as possible.

Prevent Growth of Mould

A poorly maintained condensation process in a coolroom attracts mould from forming and growing. With mould formation, your whole coolroom might pose several health issues to its environment and its products. Fortunately, mould formation can easily be eradicated with proper maintenance and repair. 

Professionals would simply maintain the healthy moisture content of the coolroom by removing all items that contain moisture from the room’s chamber. They would also clean the whole room and its surroundings. Professionals would also recommend the removal of items or slides that are stored for a long time since they can cause the growth of microbes. 

Deter Unstable Temperature

Products that are stored inside the coolroom can only maintain their freshness at a certain temperature. If the temperature of your coolroom keeps on fluctuating, then your products might easily spoil and get damaged. The temperature fluctuation in your coolroom is usually caused by some of its malfunctioned parts. In this case, professionals would check and assess which of your coolroom’s components must be fixed or replaced.

Maintenance and repair of coolrooms are essential so that your products and items will remain in great condition. If you want to have your coolroom checked and fixed, then you can contact us now at C&M Coolroom Services. We can provide high-quality manufacturing and maintenance services for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and many more.

Coolrooms are necessary so that food products and other items are kept in a place with optimal temperature. These rooms are frequently used in hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. 

Business owners and their employees frequently go here to inspect, load, and take off products for commercial use and purposes. Just like other workplaces, accidents, and other incidents may happen if there are only limited safety features. As a business owner, you should prioritise the safety of you and your employees whenever you go here.

A safe working environment can boost the performance of your business. So, if you want to improve your business and promote a safe working environment, then you should equip your coolroom with these following safety features and equipment. 

Power Source Location

The power source of your coolroom must be located outside so that you can access it easily. Having outside access to your coolroom’s power can help you regulate the whole system even without entering the vicinity. 

RCD Safety Switches

Additionally, your coolroom’s power source must have a residual-current device (RCD) safety switch. This safety switch can help you avoid any fatal electric shock whenever you touch some live wires. This switch can also instantly switch off the electricity if there are any problems with your coolroom’s system.

Failsafe Emergency Releases

Some doors automatically lock whenever there are power interruptions. If you have this type of lock and you are inside the coolroom, then you have to wait for your power source to be back on. To prevent this from happening, you have to equip your coolroom with failsafe emergency release doors. This type of doors will fully unlock whenever power is removed.

Essential Lighting

A poorly lit coolroom can be dangerous to you and your employees since some equipment or storage products may suddenly drop or fall over with accidental bumps. But with the help of internal lighting, your coolroom will have better visibility throughout the operations of your business. Some lights that you can install in your coolroom include fluoro lights, heat lights, recessed canopy lights, LED lights, and many more.

Aside from internal lighting, you should also invest in some glow-in-the-dark signs and markings. These signs and markings can offer significant blackout visibility whenever the coolroom has no available light source.

Removable Panels

Your coolroom must be accessible inside out since some emergencies require a full entry. The accessibility of your coolroom can be done through the installation of lightweight removable panels. These high-quality lightweight panels are easily removed from the inside or the outside in case an emergency arises.


Just like any other commercial facility, your coolroom must also be equipped with alarms. These alarms will help you determine the types of danger that your facility has. With the presence of alarms, your company can quickly prevent any accidents or determine any break-in attempts.

Coolrooms play a huge role in some businesses. Without any safety features, your business will be at risk of losing revenue and even harming people. To know more about coolrooms and other safety measures, you can ask us anything here at C&M Coolroom Services.

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