Food-related businesses that require proper storage of food products would normally maximise coolrooms. What makes coolrooms great for these properties is that they can effectively maintain the required low temperatures of the products, avoiding any chances of rot and spoilage among them. They likewise have enough space for the fast movement and efficient storage of these products.

But for coolrooms to be certainly effective, they must be maintained regularly.

Maintenance of Coolrooms is Essential

Just like other spaces in an establishment, coolrooms should be maintained regularly so that they can be effective and efficient. Without regular maintenance, most of the products inside them might get some damages as the temperatures are not regulated anymore. Coolrooms might likewise consume too much energy, which can be reflected in a business’s utility bills. These issues, ultimately, may lead to a significant decrease in the performance of the establishment.

Some parts of the coolrooms that must be maintained regularly include doors and shelving. The core cooling components of these places must likewise be assessed, fixed, or replaced regularly so that they cannot generate problems throughout their operations.

The Presence of High Humidity Level

Now, despite all your efforts in maintaining your coolroom, one element that must be checked at all costs is its humidity level.

Humidity is recognised as the amount of water vapour in the surroundings. The humidity level of a place can get high if there is a lot of water vapour present. And with a huge amount of water vapour in the air, moisture may start to generate some effects to some places like the coolrooms.

Since moisture is in the air, it would be difficult for you to recognise the presence of a high humidity level in your coolroom. Fortunately, you can easily confirm the presence of a high amount of moisture in your coolroom with some tell-tale symptoms. Some of these symptoms include the generation of ice on several fixtures in your coolroom, the accumulation of water, the formation of mist in the air, and the sudden deterioration of your food products.

Managing the Humidity of the Coolroom

Most of the tell-tale symptoms of high humidity levels in your coolroom can generate serious problems for your business along the way. For one, they can extensively damage the stored products, which can then dissatisfy a lot of customers. These symptoms can likewise generate some burden to your overall finances due to emergency repairs and unnecessary product losses.

The presence of humidity-related issues can even affect your employees since high levels of moisture can make them feel uncomfortable. High humidity can even cause the formation of mould inside the coolroom, which is known for producing allergens that can be harmful to one’s health.

All these problems can be prevented if the humidity level of your coolroom will be managed effectively. With optimum humidity levels, you can expect a significant return on investment. You can likewise achieve lower energy consumption, incur reduced operating costs, and maximise more fresh products.

If you need help in reducing humidity in your coolroom, feel free to call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms are generally designed to keep food items cold and fresh. With their cool temperatures, these cooling solutions can ensure that microbes will not develop and ruin the quality of the products. They can ensure that the shelf life of the products is preserved before taking them out.

The primary components of coolrooms make them great for preserving food items needed by various commercial establishments. They are often comprised of a compressor, a condenser, evaporator coils, and fans. Aside from these core components, they are also integrated with cold storage doors, ceiling unit coolers, and an electronic control box.

Even though these components can already perform the intended operations of a coolroom, their performance can still be improved with the integration of plastic strip curtains. Installing plastic strip curtains in your coolroom can provide you with the following benefits:

Withstands Elements

One great benefit of utilising plastic strip curtains for your coolroom is that they are durable. The durability of plastic strip curtains allows them to withstand wear and tear due to constant movement around the coolrooms. They can likewise resist a huge amount of stress before the curtains start to break or stretch. 

Prevents Pollutants

Another benefit of installing plastic strip curtains is that they can prevent air pollutants from going inside the coolrooms. Food products can be sensitive to dust, dirt, fumes, smoke, and draughts. And if these pollutants constantly enter the coolroom, then you may expect them to deteriorate and spoil very quickly. The integration of these curtains, alternatively, prevents the spoilage of products effectively as they can block off the air pollutants right away without compromising the entry of technicians, forklifts, and others.

Isolates Street Noise

Aside from air pollutants, the installation of plastic strip curtains in your coolroom can also help in isolating and blocking off street noise. Most commercial establishments that utilise coolrooms are found in communities that may be bombarded with street noise, particularly the sound of vehicles and the chatters of people. With plastic strip curtains, they can reduce the noise of the coolrooms by up to 17 decibels.

Increases Comfort

Plastic strip curtains can be somehow either transparent or translucent. These characteristics alone make them great for enhancing workflow safety and efficiency. The appearance of these curtains allows employees to pass through the coolrooms without the risk of collisions. Aside from their appearance, the comfort of employees can improve due to their excellent climate control. Temperatures are maintained optimally, preventing employees from getting sick due to extreme coldness.

Sustains Energy Use

One more benefit of utilising plastic strip curtains in your coolrooms is that they can sustain energy use. The properties of plastic strip curtains allow them to minimise loss of cooled air, which can help in ensuring the temperature of these storage solutions. And as the cooled air is preserved, your coolroom components do not have to draw more energy than their recommended operations. This benefit can also help in saving a lot of money.

For plastic strip curtain needs, you can reach us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Businesses that are related to food products may only be successful if they invest in cold storage solutions. These solutions, as their name implies, can store food products while they are being exposed to low temperatures. The temperatures of these solutions prevent bacteria and other elements from ruining the quality of food products. They can likewise prolong the shelf life of the products.

There are tons of cold storage solutions that these businesses may consider and acquire. Two of these solutions are coolrooms and freezers. Some aspects of these cold storage solutions may be similar, but they also have some differences that make them ideal for specific applications.

Here is a comparison between coolrooms and freezers to help you pick the best option for your business.

Maintaining Coldness with Coolrooms

Coolrooms are storage solutions that are meant to keep food products and perishable items cold. They are often maximised as work areas, where they can store cabinets, shelves, and other storage areas for perishable goods and items. 

The temperatures of the coolrooms typically range between 2°C to 5°C, which are already enough to keep the items fresh and prevent them from spoiling. Some of the most common items and products that can be stored in coolrooms are bottled drinks, soda cans, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat. A number of these products should be stored in food-grade containers to preserve their quality.

What is great about coolrooms is that they can keep up with the sanitary standards of businesses through their effective cooling systems. They can also handle products handling effectively due to their included wide area for loading and unloading of goods. Coolrooms can even be utilised in displaying products. When paired with compatible glass cabinets, they can easily allow customers to pick their needed items.

Long-Time Item Storage with Freezers

Freezers, alternatively, are enclosed and sealed units that can be accessed several times a day. They are often equipped with a durable door, defrost pipes, drip alarms, and other components that can prevent the ice from ruining the storage of products.

All the components of the freezers can likewise sustain the temperature requirements of these storage solutions. After all, they are designed to operate in negative temperatures. For optimal food storage, they often run around -18°C. And to maintain these temperatures, these freezers must be paired with digital thermostats. The freezing temperatures of the freezers prevent microorganisms from spoiling and damaging the products, even after storing them for a long time.

Freezers also have some benefits that can be great for certain applications. They can easily maintain the freshness of any cooked meals. They can likewise prevent contamination of products, as long as they are stored properly. Some notable products that must be stored in freezers include dairy products, raw meats and seafood, meat or veggie stock, cooked pasta and noodles, soups, and stews.

If you still need some advice when picking between the two, then contact us now at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms are meant to regulate the temperature of food products so that they do not get damaged easily. They can likewise preserve and retain the freshness of these products before offering, selling, or using them for other purposes.

These special cooling and storage solutions have become the staple of establishments that offer food products to consumers. Establishments such as retail stores, restaurants, and other similar places all take advantage of coolrooms. Without these coolrooms, they would find it difficult to store huge quantity of food products as well as preserve their overall quality.

Coolrooms by themselves can already generate great results for businesses. However, they can still be optimised to ensure a better outcome. One way to optimise them is to install clear plastic swing doors.

Benefits of Clear Plastic Swing Doors

Clear plastic swing doors can provide tons of benefit to coolrooms. For one, they can essentially remove any bottleneck that may be present in the overall workflow of an establishment. Conventional doors that have to be opened and closed repeatedly would only slow down the operations of a business. Alternatively, clear plastic swing doors do not need to be opened or closed as they are already lying around the coolroom entrance and can revert to their position naturally. 

Aside from permitting people to just enter and exit the coolrooms easily, clear plastic swing doors likewise allow forklifts and other equipment to enter without any issues. Any equipment pieces and products that need to be placed inside the coolrooms can effectively and safely zip through the clear plastic swing doors due to their transparent quality. 

Another disadvantage of conventional doors is that they can only allow a great amount of heat to enter, which compromises the temperature of the coolrooms. Clear plastic swing doors, alternatively, can prevent heat from entering the coolrooms and just sustain their cold temperature. These doors are capable of stopping convection currents that can make the coolrooms hot. They can likewise serve as a barrier against elements that could affect the quality of products. Through these features, clear plastic swing doors can ensure that the business operations can be maintained effectively.

Optimising the Quality of Coolrooms

Through the installation of clear plastic swing doors and proper maintenance, coolrooms can ensure that businesses can earn huge revenue and save a lot of money. Quality coolrooms can store tons of food products in just one go. And if all of these products are utilised properly, then the businesses will not have to discard any food products anymore. Regulating the condition of the coolrooms, additionally, prevents them from generating or developing problems that can affect their operations.

Optimisations that will be conducted to coolrooms also allow them to operate safely. Proper maintenance allows coolrooms to be in great conditions all the time. It can likewise enable coolrooms to conserve energy since heat is prevented from entering these spaces.

For more information about clear plastic swing doors, feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms are designed to store food and other delicate products at low temperatures. By keeping their temperatures low, their quality can be preserved effectively. It can likewise prevent microorganisms and chemicals from spoiling the stored products.

But to sustain the efficiency of coolrooms, there are numerous things that their owners can utilise. For one, they can install door seals and door curtains to effectively preserve the internal temperature. They can likewise replace the lighting of the coolrooms with ones that do not generate too much heat. Proper cleaning and maintenance of system controls and other coolrooms components can also help retain the coolroom performance. One more way to retain coolroom performance is by installing coolroom panels.

If you currently maximise coolrooms, then here are some benefits of coolroom panels that can surely help your business performance and improve your coolrooms’ performance.

Improved Insulation

Coolrooms already have insulated walls to effectively prevent heat from entering. However, heat elements can still enter if these walls are not maintained effectively. Through coolroom panels, they can add extra insulation to the coolrooms and help preserve their overall cold temperature. These panels typically have cell structure or board insulation that can offer excellent insulation properties. With these panels, the thermal performance of the coolrooms can improve significantly.

Preserved Energy

Insulation prevents the coolrooms from obtaining too much heat from the surrounding environment. And as long as the heat is barred from entering these storage solutions, the cooling operations of the coolrooms are maintained at a normal level. Their normal cooling operations then allow them to preserve tons of energy. This specific benefit can be achieved by the installation of coolroom panels given that they improve insulation throughout their service life. They can even decrease energy costs by more than 50%.

Guaranteed Control

Another great benefit of coolroom panels that can improve your coolrooms’ performance is that they can provide excellent passive temperature control. Coolrooms can only preserve the products effectively if their temperatures remain stable throughout their operations. With the integration of coolroom panels, the stability of the coolrooms can be sustained since the cold internal temperature will be retained effectively. Food and other delicate products are expected to remain fresh with these panels.

Ensured Safety

Coolroom panels that are fabricated by reputable manufacturers often ensure that they are safe for prolonged use. Since they will be catering to sensitive products, they must not develop any effects once they are exposed to the coolrooms’ environment. They must also not react to cold temperature negatively to avoid causing issues with food and other coolroom products. Coolroom panels are ensured to be safe and hygienic. They also have a high fire rating to ensure that the products will be protected.

If you need to obtain high-quality panels for your coolrooms, feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We are located in Melbourne, Victoria and has more than 25 years of experience in coolroom and freezer room construction. We cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and other related components for various controlled environments.

Restaurants, bakeshops, retail stores, and other establishments that offer food products are typically equipped with the appropriate storage solutions. And one of the storage solutions that they often maximise is commercial freezers.

Commercial freezers are storage devices that allow establishments and businesses to store large quantities of food products. The temperatures of these freezers allow food products to be stored and conserved properly, ensuring that they will remain fresh before they are sold or used for business purposes. These freezers also help in improving the longevity of food products.

But for these freezers to be effective, they must maintain proper insulation so that heat can be prevented from going inside the system. One element that can help maintain the insulation and temperature of these freezers is the freezer panels. When buying these panels, there are 4 elements that you must consider.

  1. Material Composition

One notable factor that you must consider when selecting the panels for your freezer is their material. Freezer panels can be made from a wide variety of insulated and heat resistant materials. The panels’ level of heat resistance, however, would still vary depending on the materials used. Some panels might not be effective in insulating the freezer, while others can easily manage the heat and temperature of the freezer. One material that has been effective in insulating heat is polyurethane foam.

Another factor that you must consider when buying some panels for your freezer is their installation difficulty. It is important for your freezer panels to be installed easily so that the effect of insulation can already be acquired right away. After all, food products have to be preserved all the time so they can be fresh and useful. Freezer panels that can be installed easily often have mechanisms that would lock them well in place without any difficulties. They can likewise fit inside the freezer flawlessly.

When buying panels for your freezer, you should also consider their specifications. The size of your freezer panels must effectively fit the dimensions of your freezers so that you do not have to return them to the store. Freezer panels that can perfectly fit on your commercial freezers can guarantee the best insulation. Those that do not fit, alternatively, will only allow heat to enter the freezers, which would then ruin the quality of food products as well as increase the consumption of energy.

One more factor that you must consider when buying freezer panels is their purchase costs. Freezer panels can boast different features, materials, and specifications, which would then affect the overall price of these things. To ensure that you can obtain freezer panels within your budget, you must first set the maximum amount of money that you are willing to spend. Consequently, you must look for a supplier that can offer quality freezer panels that are within your budget.

If you need quality freezer panels for your establishment, just reach us at C&M Coolroom Services. We cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, supermarkets, food processing and preparation premises, and others.

Commercial coolrooms are often used by restaurants and other similar establishments due to their accompanying benefits. For one, they can easily stock and store huge amount of food products, beverages, and others without any difficulties. As long as they are maintained all the time, they can effectively keep them fresh and prevent them from getting spoiled. Coolrooms can also be beneficial for these establishments since they can preserve resources, especially time, money, and energy.

And speaking of energy, commercial coolrooms can only provide these benefits if they operate optimally. These coolrooms often maximise electricity as their main power source. While electricity can be expensive, significant savings can still be achieved if certain tips are followed. If you are currently utilising commercial coolrooms for your business, then here are some electricity savings tips that you can do.

Review Loading Processes

In one day, the number of products that are being loaded to and unloaded from commercial coolrooms can be plentiful. Therefore, coolrooms are expected to be continuously opened for a long time. The constant opening and closing of these coolrooms may be necessary to perform loading and unloading actions, but there are still some ways on how to optimise the said processes. For one, you may want to load and unload products in batches. You may also want to perform the loading processes in the early morning or in the evening since these times often have lower temperatures.

Monitor the Total Capacity

Commercial coolrooms truly have a huge volume capacity to effectively store many products. However, overloading your coolrooms will only impact them negatively. Overloading your coolrooms can result in more energy use since they have no choice but to exert more effort just to cool everything. Additionally, storing products that do not need to be cooled would only result in a waste of energy. Monitoring the type of products that go inside your coolrooms, as well as their overall volume, can help you save electricity.

Keep the Doors Closed

Another tip that can help save a huge amount of electricity is to keep the coolroom doors closed at all times. Getting some products out of the coolrooms is known to be part of the daily operations in commercial establishments. And as employees obtain their needed products, they must remember to close the doors upon entering and leaving the coolrooms. Without closing the doors, the temperature of the coolrooms may fluctuate, which would only force their systems to consume more energy. Putting up signs in and around your coolrooms can help in reminding everyone about closing the doors regularly.

Conduct Regular Upkeep

Aside from doing all the mentioned tips, you can ensure optimised usage of your coolrooms if you will be conducting regular cleaning and upkeep. Coolrooms may accumulate debris and other elements over time. With regular cleaning, their components can be free from these elements, allowing them to perform optimally. Maintenance must also be conducted to sustain their electricity usage. Maintenance works can be done by professionals so that they can also check the condition of your coolroom parts.

For more electricity-saving tips for your coolrooms, feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Commercial facilities that require storage of products often utilise coolrooms as their main storage solution. The cold temperatures of coolrooms allow products, especially food items, to retain their freshness and quality before using or selling them. Some of the facilities that have coolrooms include restaurants, cafes, bars, grocery stores, and bottle shops. 

Coolrooms boast parts and components that allow them to carry out important storage and cooling functions. They have sealing accessories that can stop leakage of energy as well as temperature fluctuations. They also use furnishings that can help with the proper and organised storage of items. Adequate lighting and signs are also incorporated into coolrooms for safety purposes. But one component that plays a huge role in the functions of coolrooms is known as the coolroom panels.

Working Principles of Coolroom Panels

As coolrooms function every day, their temperatures must be maintained optimally to ensure that the products will not get damaged and spoiled. Together with other parts and components, the coolroom panels enable the coolrooms to sustain their temperatures as well as regulate the use of energy.

Coolroom panels are made from multiple layers of insulating and structural materials. These materials are bonded together so they can create a wall that is both durable and stable. This specific wall can likewise resist heat transfer, enabling the coolrooms to maintain the temperatures at all times. Some of the materials that are used in constructing coolroom panels are expanded polystyrene foam, extruded polystyrene foam, polyisocyanurate foam, and polyurethane foam.

Heat can easily flow into cool spaces until their temperature becomes similar. But with the combination of coolroom panel materials, they can slow down the movement of the outside heat towards the interiors of the coolrooms. The rate of conductive and convective heat flow is decreased significantly with the presence of coolroom panels, ensuring that the temperature of the coolrooms will be sustained.

Coolroom Panels Remarkable Benefits

Establishments that own coolrooms can easily benefit from the functions of coolroom panels.

One of the most remarkable benefits of coolroom panels is that they can effectively regulate the coolrooms’ temperatures. All products that will be stored in coolrooms with these panels are known to last and will not get spoiled during storage. Another great benefit of coolroom panels is that they can provide a boost in terms of energy savings. Without efficient coolroom panels, the coolrooms have to exert more effort when it comes to cooling the whole place. The addition of panels allows the coolrooms to operate normally, which can then provide substantial savings to energy bills.

One more benefit of coolroom panels is that they can minimise maintenance of the entire coolrooms. The integration of effective coolroom panels can easily minimise the frequency of repairs and maintenance that are needed just to keep the coolrooms operational. The money saved from minimised maintenance and lower energy bills can ultimately be invested in other more vital operational needs.

To find out more about coolroom panels, just give us a call at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms are refrigerated storages that can be very useful in food-related businesses. Without these refrigerated storages, it would be difficult for businesses to maintain the quality and longevity of their food products. They would likewise incur more expenses and face more problems along the way.

The cold or freezing temperature of the coolrooms ensures that the food products will be at optimum condition. This specific temperature helps preserve the quality of the products by preventing microbes from growing exponentially. It can likewise assist in prolonging the life of the products before they can be sold or used. Instances of over-freezing, however, can cause problems to coolroom products.

If you are currently utilising a coolroom for your products, here are some ways on how you can prevent or avoid over-freezing your products. 

Adjust the Thermostat

The thermostat in your coolroom regulates the temperature of your whole system by adequate adjustments. Setting the thermostat too cold can easily over-freeze your products, which can lead to significant changes in their quality. While most of them are still safe to eat, their overall composition can be compromised, which would not work well with some customers or clients. And so, adjusting your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature can prevent over-freezing your food products. You can likewise decrease the temperature differential to achieve optimum coolroom temperature.

Clean Evaporator Coils

Coolrooms maximise evaporator coils in absorbing the internal heat, ensuring that the coolroom will stay cold as the refrigerant do its primary functions. These parts work with fans, which allows them to absorb the mentioned element. If the evaporator coils are already dirty and clogged, then they can easily cause the leaving air temperature to be much colder, which would over-freeze the products. Fans that are not functional can likewise cause the same problem. Cleaning the evaporator coils or repairing the fans are two possible ways of achieving optimum temperatures for your coolroom.

Store Products Properly

If your coolroom components are all in great condition, then an over-freezing problem can occur with the placement of your products. Products that are stacked right in front of the coils’ airstream can take in all the cold air. Additionally, if your products are touching or are too close to coolroom walls, then they can easily receive much colder air. To prevent them from over-freezing, you must avoid stacking your products too close to the airstream. You must likewise install baffles under your coils so that they can redirect the cold air. Reinsulating your coolroom walls can also help in avoiding over-freezing problems.

Hire Reliable Specialists

Reliable specialists or technicians can effectively determine if your coolrooms have hidden problems or damages. They can easily conduct repairs and maintenance that would help your coolroom function optimally again. If your coolroom has faulty parts, particularly the coils and valves, then you can surely experience over-freezing problems. With reliable specialists, they can check them and have them repaired in just a short time. They can likewise install parts that could help in maintaining the proper circulation of cold air inside the coolrooms, ensuring that your products will be refrigerated well.

If you need help, feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Many businesses that are part of the food processing or hospitality industry mostly utilise coolrooms. These rooms are designed to effectively store huge amounts of food products prior to their sale or use at a relatively low temperature. The low temperatures of these coolrooms enable food products to be protected from the growth of microbes and other elements. They likewise ensure that these products will not get spoiled or cause harm to people who may be consuming them.

Given the importance of coolrooms, they must be truly maintained and optimised regularly. Fortunately, we, at C&M Coolroom Services, offer different types of services that can truly benefit a lot of customers and clients. The following are some of the services that we offer, which can all guarantee superb performance of coolrooms throughout their service life.

Design and Construction

Coolrooms, freezer rooms, and all related products can all be designed and constructed by our reliable professionals. One great benefit of having custom coolrooms and other assemblies is that they are guaranteed to be energy efficient. They can likewise be fitted to their dedicated spaces due to their custom specifications and dimensions. Proper airflow is also guaranteed through our design and construction services, ensuring that the establishment can perform optimally. Aside from coolrooms, we also design and manufacture plastic strip curtains, protective railings, and bollards.

Supply and Installation

Aside from designing and constructing our products, we, at C&M Coolroom Services, also supply and install different types of assemblies for coolrooms and freezer rooms. Our professionals can help supply and install doors, shelving, racking, and plastic strip curtains to ensure that these rooms can effectively store food products without wasting time and money. Our shelving and racking may come in different materials, which include stainless steel and galvanised iron. They may likewise be zinc coated, plastic-coated, or painted. Our supply of these things helps in accommodating all the needs of our clients.

Maintenance and Repairs

Since we already have all the needed parts for coolrooms and other related assemblies, we also offer maintenance and repair service that can surely keep the establishments functional and efficient for a long time. We can maintain all kinds of coolrooms and freezer rooms. Our professionals can likewise fix and repair coolroom and freezer doors, particularly their seals, handles and fittings, and panels. We can also provide replacement of heating cables and relocation of existing coolrooms or freezer rooms. 

Throughout our operations, we have already catered to the needs of bakeries, butcher shops, delicatessens, fast food outlets, fruits and vegetable shops, hotels, laboratories, poultry farms, restaurants, seafood processors, supermarkets, and wineries. These establishments have already maximised and utilised some of the services that we have mentioned above.

If you want to keep your coolrooms optimised, feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We are located in Melbourne, Victoria and has more than 25 years of experience in coolroom and freezer room construction. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Victoria, we cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in different establishments and buildings.

Businesses that require proper cooling and storage of many food products would often turn to coolrooms to carry out the mentioned functionalities. Coolrooms are designed to cool and store food products in bulk, ensuring that they will not get spoiled before using or selling them. These rooms also have huge storage spaces to effectively cater to the storage requirements of food-related businesses. Some of the products that are often stored in coolrooms include fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood.

Given the features provided by coolrooms, making them efficient would truly be great for businesses. One way to make these coolrooms efficient is through the installation of plastic strip curtains. Plastic strip curtains typically overall fully or partially, creating partition walls that can divide the coolrooms into other areas. These strip curtains can make coolrooms more efficient by doing the following actions:

Regulate Energy

Plastic strip curtains can make coolrooms more efficient by regulating the amount of energy that is needed to make the rooms cool enough. The amount of lost cooled air inside the coolrooms can be simply mitigated and minimised once the plastic strip curtains are installed. The overlapping strips likewise allow these coolrooms to prevent air loss, stabilise air temperature, and increase energy savings. With these features, the refrigeration units of these rooms will not require regular maintenance anymore.

Limit Pollutants

Aside from regulating energy consumption, plastic strip curtains can also make coolrooms efficient by limiting the entry of air pollutants. The surrounding area of the coolrooms may be comprised of dust, dirt, smoke, fumes, and other contaminants. Without plastic strip curtains, these pollutants can easily enter the coolrooms and contaminate the food products in the long run. The installation of these curtains, alternatively, protects the products and even the people inside from being exposed to pollutants.

Allow Movement

Coolrooms with conventional entryways are deemed to be ineffective and inefficient since they can lose energy and allow the entry of pollutants. With plastic strip curtains, the efficiency of coolrooms can be enhanced significantly as they can provide easy pass-through or access to store personnel, technician, and other people without any compromises. Transport carts, forklifts, and other similar tools can likewise easily access the coolroomsas long as they are installed with plastic strip curtains.

Control Elements

Another way of making coolrooms efficient through plastic strip curtains is that they can control outdoor elements such as noise, birds, insects, and other pests. Outdoor noise can be truly distracting for any establishments that prioritise excellent customer service. With plastic strip curtains, the noise inside the coolrooms can be reduced up to 17 decibels. Birds, insects, and other pests can likewise be controlled by strip curtain strips, making the coolrooms free from any food contamination issues.

If you need plastic strip curtains for your coolrooms, do not hesitate to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Victoria, we cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

Businesses that offer food products have to store them in places that would consistently avoid their spoilage and keep them fresh. One of the places that food products can stay fresh all the time is the coolroom. Without coolroom, an establishment might find it difficult to maintain the freshness of its products as well as keep the overall energy costs of other storage solutions low.

What makes coolrooms recommended for food the industry is that they have features that would sustain their cold temperatures and cater to different types of food products. They can also keep employees and workers safe whenever they are inside these rooms. Given the importance of coolrooms to the industry, they must be maintained all the time. Regular maintenance of coolrooms allows these units to properly combat food storage health issues, maintain the freshness of food products, and sustain business operations.

The tasks needed to be done in maintaining coolrooms may vary, which is why you need to read the manual of the coolroom first. You must likewise follow any maintenance plans that have been recommended by its manufacturers.

Daily Coolroom Maintenance

Once you have checked the manual of the coolroom and its maintenance plans from the manufacturer, then you can now proceed with additional coolroom maintenance tasks. The following activities must be every day to ensure that your coolroom will function optimally.

Weekly Coolroom Maintenance

Aside from daily coolroom maintenance, there are also other maintenance activities that must be conducted once a week. These activities are essential so that the coolroom can operate without causing any performance issues or a sudden increase in energy costs. Some of the activities are as follows.

If you need help with your coolroom maintenance, we, at C&M Coolroom Services, are open to provide assistance. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Victoria, we cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

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