Coolroom Design and Construction: Pick the Right Coolroom Size for Your Business

20 June 2023

Optimize your business with the perfect coolroom size. Expert coolroom design and construction for your unique needs. Make the right choice for efficient storage.

Food businesses take advantage of coolrooms in storing their items. After all, raw food ingredients can get spoiled easily if they are exposed to high temperatures. Exposure to outdoor elements can also ruin the quality of these items, which can generate poor-quality meals.

Coolrooms can also be maximised by retail stores, groceries, and other similar shops as they should be offering fresh foods and drinks to customers.

If your business has to deal with foods, drinks, and other perishable items, you must opt for the right coolroom. One aspect of your coolroom that should be considered optimally is its size.

The Size of Your Coolroom Matters

The size of a coolroom is essential to any business that will be using it as it can affect the storage capacity and energy efficiency of the refrigeration system. Here are some ways coolroom size can affect your business.

• Storage Capacity: The size of your coolroom can determine the amount of storage space available for your business. A coolroom that is too small can lead to overcrowding, causing product damage or spoilage. On the other hand, a coolroom that is too large can lead to wasted space and higher operating costs.

• Energy Consumption: Aside from storage capacity, the size of a coolroom can also affect your energy use. The refrigeration system will have to work harder if you will be opting for a coolroom that is too large, resulting in higher energy consumption and costs. Conversely, going for a small coolroom may become inefficient or may not be able to keep up with the cooling demands, which leads to higher energy consumption.

• Product Shelf Life: Your coolroom size can likewise impact the shelf life of the products you will be storing. If a coolroom is too small, your products may be stored too close together, which prevents proper air circulation and reduces their shelf life. A coolroom that is too large, alternatively, may cause air to circulate too much, which leads to excessive drying of the products and reduces their shelf life as well.

Picking the Correct Coolroom Size

When picking the right coolroom size for your business, you should consider the following.

• Inventory Size: The size of your coolroom should be based on the size of your inventory and the frequency of product turnover. If your inventory is large or your products have a high turnover rate, you may need a larger coolroom to accommodate your needs.

• Space Availability: The amount of space available on your business premises plays a huge role in determining the size of your coolroom. You should consider the prospective location of your coolroom and the space available to ensure it will fit comfortably without disrupting your business operations.

• Product Type: The type of products you plan to store in your coolroom will also impact the coolroom size you need. Some products, such as fresh produce or meat, may require more space due to their size. They may also need specialised storage conditions, which can only be achieved with the right coolroom size.

• Cooling System Efficiency: The efficiency of your cooling system will also impact the size of your coolroom. A more efficient system may require a smaller coolroom, while a less efficient system may require a larger one to compensate for energy waste.

• Future Growth: Consider your business’s potential for growth and expansion when selecting a coolroom size. If you anticipate an increase in inventory or sales volume, you may want to choose a slightly larger coolroom than your current needs to avoid the need for frequent upgrades that tend to be costly.

Choosing the right coolroom size for your business requires careful consideration of several factors. By taking into account these factors, you can select a coolroom that meets your needs and helps ensure the proper storage and safety of your products.

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