Why Do You Need An Energy Audit For Your Coolroom?

06 November 2014

Why do you need an energy audit for your coolroom? That’s a good question. Coolrooms have been around in Melbourne for well over three decades. And in that span of time they have served different businesses with their storage needs. From bars to restaurants and flower shops to wineries, coolrooms have saved these businesses plenty of money by extending the shelf life of their foods and products.While coolrooms are meant to prevent unnecessary expenditures such as replacing spoiled stocks, they are not always cost efficient. Factors such as design and the present state of the coolroom must be taken into account […]

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Install Powder Coated Wire Shelving to Suit Your Display Refrigerator Glass Doors

20 October 2014

There are countless products that need to be kept at a cool environment to retain their freshness and extend their lives. Among them are meats, flowers, perishables, and even some medications just to name a few things.

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Food Safety Temperatures and the Coolroom Danger Zone

10 October 2014

Food safety is an integral part of daily life, but more so for industrial-sized food manufacturing and delivery companies where the risk of spoilage does not only spell lost profits, but great risks to consumers. One of the best ways to preserve food nowadays is through refrigeration, although even this method is not 100% foolproof. Ideally, foodstuffs should be kept at a between 5 °C or below, or alternately, above 60 °C to prevent what is known as the ‘temperature danger zone’, which is a small temperature margin where bacteria multiply fastest and where spoilage hastens. Meeting food safety temperatures […]

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Why Relocate Your Coolroom

26 September 2014

Why relocate your coolroom? Actually, there are many reasons why a business would consider moving their walk-in-freezer or coolroom. Compared to traditional free-standing refrigeration units, which can be moved with relative ease from one location to the next by simply pushing it about, commercial refrigeration units aren’t that easy or mobile. Because they are much larger and heavier, and aren’t made to be moved simply by being shoved around. However, modern coolrooms are fairly easy to construct and are designed in a way to be taken apart and even put back together, with a little hassle. Small businesses that use […]

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Coolroom Parts: Plastic Strip Curtains

08 September 2014

The Health Department requires certain standards to be met in regards to all coolrooms and freezer construction.

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How Coolrooms Benefit Small Businesses

26 August 2014

When people think of coolrooms they normally think of large freezer areas. However there is a big difference in freezer rooms and coolrooms. The main difference between the two is the temperature in them. Freezers are made to be colder than coolrooms and they keep the temperature below zero degrees Celsius. Coolrooms maintain a constant stable temperature the entire time. There are many positive advantages to having a coolroom especially in small business owners. Often time in smaller convenience stores you walk in and find individual coolers that have to be stocked from the front of the cooler area and […]

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Commercial Refrigeration

11 August 2014

What is commercial refrigeration? Basically, commercial refrigeration is typically a free-standing refrigerator or other piece of equipment that is used as cold storage for any number of commercial businesses.

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Cost Advantages of using a Coolroom

23 July 2014

For over 30 years in Australia, coolrooms have served many various commercial and industrial markets, as well as domestic households in keeping food stocks, flowers and other material cold. Today, more than ever before, there are cost advantages of using a coolroom that can’t be ignored which can help your business or home keep food a steady temperature. Coolroom services nowadays are impressive; coolroom companies are able to custom design and build specialized coolrooms that are ideally suited for business such as fruit and veggie shops, bakeries, liquor shops, bars, restaurants, orchards, food process facilities, wholesalers, wineries and for discreet […]

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What is Freezer Burn?

07 July 2014

Freezer burn is something you don’t want, and this is especially true in a professional environment. Did you know that a cool room can help you to prevent freezer burn? This is because it keeps the temperature stable, in the air is constantly flowing at a consistent level. While freezer burn is not actually considered a food safety risk it can be pretty nasty, and it can alter the taste and look of your food. Freezer burn actually appears brown or grayish with the leathery spots on your frozen meats. Freezer burn occurs when the food Circus comes into contact […]

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Food Storage and Shelf Life

26 June 2014

There are numerous reasons to stock up on various food items. Some of these reasons are more common than others, but all of them are very important to know. One of the main reasons for food storage is emergency situations such as power outages, severe storms; including hurricanes, tornado threats and flooding. There is the survivalist type who believe in stocking up for other purposes. These individuals like keeping a good stock of food at all times. Farmers also stock up on their crops and other non-perishables, canned and frozen foods. Maybe you have a large family, and you like […]

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Importance of an Energy Saving Audit

12 June 2014

CM- Coolroom and freezer energy audits are customary. If you own a restaurant or other business or home that has a coolroom or freezers then you will want to pay close attention.

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Energy Saving Tips for Coolrooms and Walk-in Freezers

30 May 2014

Do you want to save your money or spend it? Energy saving tips overview Hello there, glad you could join us today. This article is all about energy saving tips for coolrooms and walk-in freezers. I suppose you can tell by the title that you’re about to save a good deal of cash. Energy saving tips are essential these days. Energy doesn’t come free unless you’re harboring solar power and the fact is, solar power is expensive to set up. Electric prices are soaring. In fact, the cost of energy is so high that it’s driving homeowners to share dwelling […]

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