Five Important Indications that Your Freezer Room is Starting to Fail

02 December 2019

A freezer room provides numerous benefits to businesses that rely on it. This type of room is ideal for businesses that focus on stock rotation, storage, and preserving their products since it has a huge storage space and provides temperature control. Chemicals, food, and other things that need to be refrigerated and regulated are all stored in a freezer room.

If you are into storing food or chemicals in a certain controlled temperature, a freezer room helps you maintain the integrity of your products. However, the maintenance of the products is not possible if your freezer room starts to fail and perform poorly. Since a freezer room is vital to your business, you may want to spot any indications that can damage this specific room.

To help you out, here are some indications that your freezer room is starting to fail.

Frosty Surfaces

One visible indication inside your freezer room is icy build-up on walls, corners, and ceiling. Frosting of the surfaces happens when moist air leaks through a damaged wall panel, gasket, and others. This leak then results to freezing of the surfaces, thus, the frost on the surfaces of the freezer room. You can also check the temperature of your freezer room since there are times that the temperature is set too low for the whole place.

Water Puddles

Water puddles on the floor are another result of damaged wall panels, gasket, and doors. Some frosting may have turned into the water state once heated up due to open leaking areas. So, check these areas to see if they need to be replaced, sealed, or repaired immediately.

Some water puddle cases, however, are brought by the changes in room temperature. Someone could have altered the temperature settings of your freezer room. Check your thermostat to make sure it is set to the recommended temperature of your room.

Product Spoilage

Be it food or chemicals, if they are spoiled, you don’t have a choice but to discard them. You don’t want to discard your whole inventory just because of your faulty freezer room. Unfortunately, one indication that your freezer room is failing is product spoilage. Spoilage may be normal to expired products, but if they are spoiled right before their expiry dates, then there is something wrong with your freezer room and its refrigeration unit.

Component Behaviour

Your primary senses can determine whether there are components that act strange lately. When you hear some fans emit a sound that is nonexistent before, then there is a high chance that your unit is failing. And if you smell something, then a coolant leak on your unit is possible. Strange behaviour of your components, whatever they are, must be a clear sign that something is wrong with your freezer room.

Utility Bills

From your freezer room itself, you can feel the effects of a failing freezer room when you receive your utility bills. With each passing day, more and more components will most likely fail due to different problems and complications. Your elevating utility bill can attest that your room is spending more energy for a normal refrigeration process, a clear warning sign for you to evaluate the status of your freezer room.

If you experience the aforementioned indicators, then it is time for you to check and look for a solution to your freezer room problems. Luckily, we at C&M Coolroom Services can help you evaluate the situation of your freezer room, as well as provide solutions and maintenance for your room.

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