C & M Coolroom Services provide customized design & construction to suit individual requirements. All Coolrooms & Freezers are constructed as per Health Department’s standards with vermin control, coving & industry specific silicone sealants. The panels we use from a company who are the benchmark in high thermal and insulation, which is suitable for temperature and humidity controlled environments. These panels use a continuous lamination process to thoroughly bond tough aluminium or colorbond to both sides of the foamed polystyrene core. The result is a sandwich panel what is lightweight, strong, and easy to clean and maintain and above all, lasts. They provide guaranteed long term hygienic storage and operating conditions. The standard mould and bacteria resistance used in the pre finished surface means there is no need for time consuming protective painting at any stage.


C & M Coolroom Services can customize and construct insulated doors to suit your specific requirements or supply them for you to install. Our doors are manufactured from budget priced basic hinged doors through to heavy duty, sliding doors for high use applications. They are designed to encompass durability, economy and appearance. Our insulated doors are perfect for walk-in coolrooms, freezers, cold storage warehouses, and food processing and distribution areas. C & M Coolroom Services supply ongoing service, repairs & maintenance for all doors, seals, handle & fittings. We are also able to supply door accessories and maintain and service all doors. C & M Coolroom Services believes that door seal is an essential asset to the Coolroom/ Freezer as it affects the efficiency resulting in excessive electricity consumption and reduced temperature efficiency.


C & M Coolroom Services also supply wide range of glass door and frame inserts to suit customer’s requirements such as glass freezer door, coolroom glass doors and liquor glass doors and personnel access doors. We also supply and install powder coated wire shelving to suit the glass doors.


Clear PVC swing doors and plastic strip curtain are ideal for factory doors, commercial kitchen doors, food processing plants, transport terminals, retail stores, supermarket doors, food storage doors, cold storage and hospital doors. They are also available in a freezer door which is fitted with special freezer grade clear plastic sheet.

Used as a seal in many applications they keep out draughts, pests dust and continue to provide outstanding results in new applications using their safety, hygiene, temperature and acoustic isolation properties.


We stock a variety of coolroom hardware such as coolroom door stops, coolroom door rollers, coolroom door seals, coolroom door bells etc.


C & M Coolroom Services specializes in supplying all kinds of panels for coolrooms & freezers varying from 50mm thickness to 150mm thickness. The standard width of the panel is 1200mm.

The various kinds of panels available are:

  • Standard Styrene.
  • High density Styrene Panel.
  • Urethane Panel.
  • Styrofoam Panel.
  • PIR Fire Resistance Panel.