Damaged Cool Room Doors and Panels: Why Do They Need Immediate Replacement?

19 July 2019

It’s not enough to tag a defect on a cool room door. On a similar note, panel damage can’t simply be noted in a maintenance log book. A failure to act on such seemingly trivial staff feedback really could have dire consequences, all of which will negatively impact a cool room’s established functions. For one thing, damaged doors and panels leak energy. Then there’s food freshness problem, too. Chamber Breaches Destabilize Cooling Envelopes From a practical standpoint, a damaged door won’t open. If it does swing open, perhaps after applying substantial shoulder muscle, it jams open. Clearly, a stuck cool […]

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Cool Rooms Play an Important Role in the Success of Flower Shops

17 June 2019

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Cool rooms don’t just keep flowers fresh, they stop them from blossoming. In effect, the cold acts like a pause button. That means, should a large delivery of floral merchandise arrive at a shop, the staff can create a biological buffer for themselves. Instead of the merchandise opening, according to some biological imperative, a temporary halt is placed on its growth cycle. Cool Rooms Are Floral Time Machines Or maybe they should be described as stasis chambers, like the suspended animation devices found in science-fiction movies? Whatever the label, their purpose is clear. By […]

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Ways to Avoid Hazards in Dismantling and Relocating Coolrooms

07 June 2019

Starting with an obvious observation, the team members who are responsible for taking apart a coolroom need to protect themselves. Granted, if this is a newer construct, it’s likely been designed to come apart easily. In other words, it’s modular. That being said, sharp edges will become exposed as the chamber breaks apart. Wear protective gloves and observe the following guidelines. Electrically Isolate the Equipment There are live electrical circuits humming quietly inside operational coolrooms. Even when the refrigeration equipment isn’t powered, perhaps because the thermostat isn’t active, there could be a dangerously high electrical charge nearby. Remember, this equipment […]

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How Coil Performance Restoration Can Contribute to Coolroom Efficiency

15 May 2019

If a coolroom’s layout is optimized, yet the equipment’s still drawing way too much electrical energy, something’s still not right. Odds are the refrigeration unit has some kind of a performance frustrating issue. Even more frustrating, this issue is ongoing. It’s not getting any better, and it won’t until someone tracks down the energy siphoning cause. Calling in an expert service engineer, that pro-worker should head straight to the equipment coils. Obstructed Refrigerator Coils Cause Energy Losses Indirectly speaking, the icy build-up hampers coil efficiency. Perhaps there’s excess moisture coming off of a row of frozen meat, or maybe the […]

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Coolroom Heating Cable Replacement Services: Hire C & M Coolrooms

06 May 2019

Contrary to popular opinion, refrigeration services don’t always place a heavy focus on cooling equipment. Admittedly, that’s their raison d’ê·tre, their main role in life, but this is a profession that covers many different engineering disciplines. Why, there are even times when C & M Coolrooms technicians find themselves repairing or replacing heating cables.  Where Are The Heating Cables? Warming wires of this type can be found in several locations. Before going any further, however, these aren’t true heating elements, they are radiant fractional amounts of thermal energy. For example, a cold concrete floor could crack because of the minus […]

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Installation of Customised Coolroom Shelves and Racks: Hire C&M Coolroom Services

17 April 2019

When you are building your business, you know that you want to incorporate the best materials and equipment possible. Whether you are filling out a pharmaceutical building or you are preparing a commercial kitchen, you’ll likely need to lean on the services of a coolroom. Coolrooms are an integral addition to any facility where temperature control is of the utmost importance. Coolrooms aren’t just big, cold rooms, however. Instead, coolrooms can be a vital part of the work that you are doing. Today, we are going to go over the benefits of installing customised shelves and racks to your coolroom. […]

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Basic Factors to Consider in a Custom-designed Coolroom

02 April 2019

Somewhere out there, a custom-built walk-in freezer has rejected its cookie-cutter layout. Elsewhere, perhaps in a remodelled supermarket, a designer has used out-of-the-box design practices to construct a glass-doored coolroom that looks appealing. Behind the steel and glass framing, beverage stockers are working unobserved. Clearly, singular designs, custom-designed coolrooms satisfy every conceivable client stipulation. However, for every unique system layout, an equally unique problem can develop. Avoid A Super Streamlined Layout Perhaps the cold room is going up in a smaller than average piece of floor space, or some interior designer believes the time has come to develop a super-skinny […]

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What Comprises Daily Maintenance Checks Required for a Coolroom?

18 March 2019

Maintenance check logbooks can be found outside most coolrooms. Just look around for it before going inside. It sits in a slot or hangs on a string. If nothing else, the inclusion of this checklist recording medium shows just how important a daily maintenance schedule is as a health and hygiene assurance service. Permit us to flick through the logbook’s pages now, where the inspection schedule exacts its demands. Coolroom Maintenance: Daily Checks The inspection has a secondary purpose, to organise stored products so that a business concern stays profitable. Everything is in reach, and the staff members entering the […]

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Cold Chain For Food Quality and Safety: Why Freezer and Coolroom Temperature Matters?

11 March 2019

Regarding operational cold chain strategies, there’s little point in blindly building a refrigerated supply, distribution and storage network. Such temperature-controlled frameworks require expert guiding hands, after all, plus the kind of equipment platforms that can absolutely guarantee an uninterrupted product transferral and apportionment policy. The major components assure food quality and safety, but then it’s the coolroom linkages that maintain the unbroken supply and storage chain. Configuring the Major Framework Components Crucially, cold chains don’t work if they’re littered with broken linkages. So, as a refrigerated and packaged batch of food makes its way down the production line, a continuous […]

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Coolroom Temperature Control: Sanitation Requirements for Food in Restaurants

26 February 2019

The sanitation systems used in restaurants are arguably more important than any other eatery feature. Coolroom designers are fully aware of that fact. All things considered, the food processed by an eatery must be safe to consume. Now, to regulate food safety, there are pages and pages of hygiene-centric text on the subject. Being conversant in coolroom tech, though, we’re tackling the matter from a more machine-oriented perspective. The Food Safety Mandate The kitchen manager has marked out the storage areas and separated them from the food-processing rooms. Everything is safely segregated. The chance of cross-contamination is low. Even the […]

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Should Thickness Matter in Plastic Strip Curtains for Coolrooms?

14 February 2019

To create a flexible doorway, one that’ll wholly protect a coolroom, the barrier material must demonstrate one primary feature. Dropping from threshold ceiling to the floor, from the entryway’s left side all the way to the right frame edge, the chosen material has to hang straight. Thick enough to assure a straight-edged seal, transparent vinyl plastic strip curtains use their dense materials to prevent cross-contamination incidents. Reinforced PVC Density Sticking with flexible PVC (Poly-Vinyl Chloride), this rugged plastic stays straight and hard-wearing as long as it’s manufactured in thick rolls. If the plastic’s thickness drops well below 1mm, well, the […]

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Common Problems and Issues in Commercial Freezers

29 January 2019

There’s no getting around the issue, even though top-of-the-line commercial freezers come together rapidly to deliver advanced cooling features, they can still fall foul of a nasty system defect. In all likelihood, the problem will have developed elsewhere, and now it’s impacting your expensive coolroom. Let’s get to grips with the problem by identifying and then addressing common commercial freezer issues before they seriously undermine system functionality. Unique Commercial System Malfunctions Singularly vexing problems create system damaging gremlins in commercial freezers. Pulling its way through a frosty chamber, a pallet jack or heavy catering trolley is on the move. That’s […]

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