6 Advantages of Adding Plastic Strip Curtains in Your Commercial Kitchen

02 December 2021

Every day, the work environment inside a commercial kitchen can be intense. After all, many activities done inside the said space have to ensure that meals will be prepared, cooked, and served optimally. And since food products are involved in most of these activities, owners of commercial kitchens should make sure that they will be protected from harmful and unpleasant elements. Hence, a lot of them would incorporate protective mechanisms, storage solutions, and kitchen procedures just to keep them fresh and nutritious. One protective mechanism that they often go to is plastic strip curtains. If you are thinking of adding […]

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The Essence of Dismantling and Relocating Your Coolroom Properly

18 November 2021

A lot of businesses utilise coolrooms in storing different types of perishable products at low temperatures. As long as these products are stored in these cold storage solutions, they are expected to last longer and retain their essential qualities. Some businesses that maximise coolrooms include dining facilities, bars, laboratories, grocery stores, and warehouses. Many of these businesses utilise coolrooms in fixed positions for a long time. However, there are instances where these cold storage solutions must be dismantled and relocated. Proper Dismantling and Relocation of the Coolroom If your coolroomhas to be moved to another place, then you have to […]

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Primary Benefits of Adding Quality Shelving in Your Coolroom

05 November 2021

Many businesses, particularly those that require the proper storage of perishable goods, have to make sure that they are equipped with the right set of appliances and equipment pieces. Without investing in the right products, their overall business operation will only struggle significantly. Commercial properties that require the storage of food and chemicals have to make sure that they utilise a coolroom. A coolroom is a dedicated space for storing a huge number of products at a low temperature. The main purpose of storing products inside the said cooling solution is to avoid quick spoilage of items. It can likewise […]

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Top 4 Reasons Why Coolrooms Malfunction

25 October 2021

Coolrooms are designed to securely store products in low temperatures, ensuring that their service life will be preserved. The storage of products inside these coolrooms is also intended to prevent elements from affecting their associated properties. Most coolrooms can be found in businesses that are in the food service and retail industries. Restaurants tend to maximise coolrooms in storing products needed for their food preparation activities. Supermarkets and other similar retail stores, alternatively, utilise coolrooms to preserve the quality of their products before selling them to consumers. Laboratories likewise use coolrooms for their research processes. These cold storage solutions are […]

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3 Key Things to Remember when Maintaining Clear Plastic Swing Doors

11 October 2021

Commercial and industrial properties cater to a lot of activities every day. And for them to be truly effective, they must possess elements that can help workers get their jobs done. One element that can help these properties to be efficient is the door. Doors are one of the elements that could make or break the operations of businesses. With appropriate and high-quality doors, the overall workflow of the properties is expected to be smooth. Opting for doors that are poorly designed, alternatively, would only deter workers from carrying out their jobs efficiently. Tons of door options are available in […]

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How to Choose the Best Coolroom for Your Laboratory?

27 September 2021

Laboratories play a pivotal role in generating tons of scientific breakthroughs, technological studies, and experiments all over the world. And one reason behind their ability to support these things is the presence of absolute control over key environmental conditions needed by the researchers. These facilities can support studies and experiments since their environmental conditions can be manipulated through various equipment pieces and supplies. Specific areas and rooms are likewise constructed so that their temperatures, humidity, and other surrounding elements can be controlled optimally. Of course, all the activities being conducted inside these facilities can be risky. Hence, they are constructed […]

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The Importance of Employee Safety in Walk-in Coolrooms and Freezers

09 September 2021

Walk-in coolrooms and freezers are some examples of cold storage solutions that can be very useful for commercial establishments and industrial properties. With these cold storage solutions, they can easily cool or freezer products so they can be preserved optimally. Walk-in coolrooms and freezers can likewise prevent harmful microorganisms from damaging delicate products. But for these cold storage solutions to be very effective, they must allow employees inside to work efficiently. From loading to unloading the products, employees must feel safe and secure while they are inside the walk-in coolrooms and freezers. Employee Safety is Necessary Employees, as previously stated, […]

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How to Maintain the Plastic Strip Curtains of Your Coolroom?

23 August 2021

Business owners who maximise coolrooms often find ways to make them efficient and functional. Fortunately, their respective coolrooms can work optimally once they are paired with plastic strip curtains. Plastic strip curtains are normally installed on the entryways of coolrooms. With the presence of these accessories, coolrooms can save a huge amount of energy as plastic strip curtains prevent heat from entering the rooms freely. Plastic strip curtains can also protect coolrooms from dirt particles and insects, ensuring that the stored products will be preserved. The workflow around coolrooms is likewise sustained with plastic strip curtains due to their see-through […]

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Why Should You Manage the Humidity Level of Your Coolroom?

05 August 2021

Food-related businesses that require proper storage of food products would normally maximise coolrooms. What makes coolrooms great for these properties is that they can effectively maintain the required low temperatures of the products, avoiding any chances of rot and spoilage among them. They likewise have enough space for the fast movement and efficient storage of these products. But for coolrooms to be certainly effective, they must be maintained regularly. Maintenance of Coolrooms is Essential Just like other spaces in an establishment, coolrooms should be maintained regularly so that they can be effective and efficient. Without regular maintenance, most of the […]

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Enhance the Operations of Your Coolroom with Plastic Strip Curtains

23 July 2021

Coolrooms are generally designed to keep food items cold and fresh. With their cool temperatures, these cooling solutions can ensure that microbes will not develop and ruin the quality of the products. They can ensure that the shelf life of the products is preserved before taking them out. The primary components of coolrooms make them great for preserving food items needed by various commercial establishments. They are often comprised of a compressor, a condenser, evaporator coils, and fans. Aside from these core components, they are also integrated with cold storage doors, ceiling unit coolers, and an electronic control box. Even […]

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Coolrooms vs. Freezers: What is the Best for Your Business?

08 July 2021

Businesses that are related to food products may only be successful if they invest in cold storage solutions. These solutions, as their name implies, can store food products while they are being exposed to low temperatures. The temperatures of these solutions prevent bacteria and other elements from ruining the quality of food products. They can likewise prolong the shelf life of the products. There are tons of cold storage solutions that these businesses may consider and acquire. Two of these solutions are coolrooms and freezers. Some aspects of these cold storage solutions may be similar, but they also have some […]

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How do Clear Plastic Swing Doors Optimise Coolroom Entrances?

24 June 2021

Coolrooms are meant to regulate the temperature of food products so that they do not get damaged easily. They can likewise preserve and retain the freshness of these products before offering, selling, or using them for other purposes. These special cooling and storage solutions have become the staple of establishments that offer food products to consumers. Establishments such as retail stores, restaurants, and other similar places all take advantage of coolrooms. Without these coolrooms, they would find it difficult to store huge quantity of food products as well as preserve their overall quality. Coolrooms by themselves can already generate great […]

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