Steel Angle Protection by C&M Coolroom Services for Coolroom Walls

04 December 2023

Learn the importance of steel angle protection in maintaining coolroom walls. Available at C&M Coolroom Services, ensure functionality. Call (03) 9401 3444. Many industries that require storage of perishable and sensitive items rely on coolrooms. From food storage to pharmaceuticals, they rely on these cold storage solutions to keep them fresh, maintain their integrity, and avoid costly replacements. But behind the efficiency of coolrooms lies a crucial element often taken for granted – steel angle protection. Steel Angle Protection: An Overview Steel angle protection for coolrooms is a practical and protective measure utilised to safeguard the corners and edges of […]

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Plastic Strip Curtain Installation: The Impact on Coolroom’s Energy Usage

01 December 2023

Improve your coolroom’s efficiency through plastic strip curtain installation. Offered by C&M Coolroom Services, learn more about its impact. Call 03 9401 3444. Food storage, pharmaceuticals, warehousing, and others take advantage of coolrooms to store a variety of products. They basically use these cold storage solutions to maintain the right temperature within their facilities, preserving products and ensuring their quality. Keeping coolrooms at the desired temperature, however, can be energy-intensive, leading to increased operational costs and environmental concerns. Factors Affecting Coolroom’s Energy Use Coolrooms in commercial and industrial settings operate 24/7, consuming a significant amount of energy to maintain low […]

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Coolroom Maintenance: When to Seek C&M Coolroom Services’ Assistance

16 November 2023

Ensure optimal performance of your business with coolroom maintenance by C&M Coolroom Services. Discover the essence of upkeep and when to seek our help. Coolrooms are critical components of various industries, which include food storage, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Regular maintenance is essential to keep these refrigerated spaces operating efficiently and safely. While some maintenance tasks can be handled in-house, there are specific situations when it is crucial to seek professional assistance. At C&M Coolroom Services, we offer a variety of services that can maintain the performance of your coolroom. Now, if you are currently managing coolrooms for your business, you […]

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Plastic Strip Curtains: Enhancing Coolroom Hygiene and Operations

01 November 2023

Improve coolroom hygiene and efficiency with plastic strip curtains from C&M Coolroom Services. Regulate temperature and contaminants. Call (03) 9401 3444. Coolrooms and cold storage facilities play a pivotal role in preserving perishable goods, maintaining product quality, and ensuring food safety. One often underestimated component that can significantly impact these factors is the plastic strip curtain. These seemingly simple additions offer a wide array of benefits that contribute to both coolroom hygiene and efficiency. An Overview of Plastic Strip Curtains Plastic strip curtains are flexible barriers made from overlapping strings of clear or coloured PVC material. They are suspended vertically […]

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Coolroom Shelving Systems: Ensuring Product Integrity in Cold Chain Management

17 October 2023

Secure your cold chain with coolroom shelving systems from C&M Coolrooms. Protect product integrity with our trusted solutions. Call (03) 9401 3444. When it comes to temperature-sensitive storage, coolroom shelving systems play a pivotal role in ensuring product integrity. They help maintain the cold chain, a critical process ensuring the quality and safety of perishable goods throughout their journey from production to consumption. Knowing the importance of coolroom shelving systems and how they contribute to the seamless operation of cold chain management can help business owners like you appreciate them fully. The Crucial Role of Coolroom Shelving Systems Coolroom shelving […]

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Coolroom Door Rollers and Their Role in Maintaining Cold Storage Safety

05 October 2023

Unearth the importance of coolroom door rollers from C&M Coolroom Services. Ensure the overall safety of your cold storage facilities. Call (03) 9401 3444. Cold storage facilities and solutions play a significant role in preserving perishable goods. They also help in maintaining their quality. To effectively protect both personnel and products, these temperature-controlled environments require strict safety measures. One of these safety measures is the integration of coolroom door rollers. Coolroom door rollers are essential components in these facilities as they can contribute to the overall safety and efficient operation of cold storage units. The Essence of Cold Storage Safety […]

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Coolroom Door Seals by C&M Coolrooms: Preventing Food Contamination

19 September 2023

Uncover how coolroom door seals by C&M Coolroom Services safeguard against food contamination. Explore their significant role in food storage and safety. Coolroom door seals, also known as gasket seals, are essential components of coolrooms. They basically create an airtight barrier between the coolroom’s interior and the external environment whenever the door is closed. Their primary function is to prevent air leakage, maintain proper temperature control, and ensure the quality and integrity of the stored products. Most of the time, they are made from rubber or PVC as they can withstand cold temperatures. They can also work for a long […]

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How Standard Styrene Panels Make Coolrooms Eco-Friendly

04 September 2023

Make your coolrooms eco-friendly with sustainable standard styrene panels from C&M Coolroom Services. Call us today at (03) 9401 3444. In today’s world, sustainability and energy efficiency are crucial considerations in food-related industries. Coolrooms, which are used for storing perishable goods, are no exception. Standard styrene panels, fortunately, have emerged as a popular choice for constructing coolrooms that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Standard styrene panels are panels made from expanded polystyrene foam that is widely utilised in the construction of coolrooms and cold storage panels. Their composition allows them to be lightweight. They also boast excellent thermal insulation and many […]

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Clear Plastic Swing Doors: Improving Overall Workflow in Food Businesses

25 August 2023

Maintain convenient passage for personnel, carts, and equipment in your food business with clear plastic swing doors from C&M Coolrooms. Discover the benefits. In food businesses, clear plastic swing doors are typically integrated into various areas of food establishments to maintain visibility and accessibility. These businesses also utilise these doors to effectively maintain a controlled and clean environment. Most of the time, these doors are made from transparent materials like polycarbonate or PVC so they can be useful. Now, if you are thinking of improving the overall workflow in your food business, you can never go wrong with clear plastic […]

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Proper Installation of Coolroom Insulation Keeps Things Cool and Fresh

08 August 2023

Coolroom insulation plays a vital role in storing temperature-sensitive goods, making sure they will remain fresh and useful whenever they are needed. When storing these types of products, coolrooms should be optimised to remain functional and valuable. And one way to do this is by installing proper coolroom insulation. Installing insulation in coolrooms is being practised by varying businesses, which include restaurants, cafes, retail stores, and pharmaceutical establishments. An Overview of Proper Coolroom Insulation Proper insulation in a coolroom serves as a critical barrier that prevents heat transfer between the inside and outside environments. It acts as a protective shield, […]

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Most Common Coolroom Door Hardware You Can Buy at C&M Coolroom Services

24 July 2023

Coolrooms rely on various door hardware components to maintain a consistent temperature required to preserve the quality of the stored perishable items. You see, coolrooms are generally utilised to store perishable goods. To ensure this function can be carried out effectively, they must feature a door that is designed to keep the cold air inside the coolrooms while preventing warm air from getting in. Other coolroom components like shelves, racks, curtains, and panels must also be present to maintain low internal temperatures. If you are currently looking for quality door hardware components for your coolrooms, you may want to get […]

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How Do Coolroom Plastic Strip Curtains Save Energy?

10 July 2023

Coolroom plastic strip curtains are reliable components that can create a barrier between different temperature zones in coolrooms, helping these spaces save energy. Coolroomsare helpful cold storage solutions often maximised in food-related businesses like restaurants, cafes, and other dining spaces. They can also be utilised by retail stores, shops, and others that sell and offer perishable items to customers. Since the items stored inside these cold storage solutions can be abundant, they should take advantage of components that can maintain their optimal cooling performance throughout their operations. One of these components is the plastic strip curtain. Plastic strip curtains, also […]

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