4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Plastic Strip Curtains over Conventional Doors

25 May 2022

Businesses that maximise cold storage facilities should be insulated properly to prevent warm temperatures from ruining the stored products. Some businesses that require efficient cold storage facilities are retail stores, food processing plants, and restaurants. Cold storage facilities can only be effective if they are integrated with the right accessories and components. One of the things that can enhance their performance is plastic strip curtains. Plastic strip curtains are normally placed right at the entrance of cold storage solutions. They can also be installed on loading dock doors and other places where the temperature is vital. Conventional doors may be […]

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Dos and Don’ts of Operating Your Coolroom

10 May 2022

Businesses in the food service industry typically maximise various cold storage solutions in storing a wide array of food products. They likewise utilise them so that the quality of their items will be preserved.   What makes cold storage solutions effective in storing and maintaining food products is they can provide low temperatures inside their units throughout their operations. Their efficiency can even be amplified if they are assessed and cleaned regularly. Fitting them with the right accessories could then assist these systems in preserving food products before they are sold or utilised. One notable example of cold storage solutions that […]

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Improve the Quality of Your Coolroom by Installing Aluminium Tubes

26 April 2022

Food businesses often rely on coolrooms as they help store and preserve foods and beverages. Other businesses also utilise coolrooms due to their consistent cooling systems. Coolroom manufacturers have already designed them to carry out the needed cooling functions of businesses. Hence, business owners can expect coolrooms to be durable and functional throughout their operations. They have, however, an option to improve the quality of their coolrooms. By adding and installing some more components, they can expect their coolrooms to be more efficient and effective. One of the components that business owners like you can integrate with your existing coolrooms […]

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4 Primary Uses of Coolrooms and Freezers

07 April 2022

More and more establishments today are turning to a wide array of cold storage solutions to ensure that their products and offerings will retain their defining qualities. Two cold storage solutions that they maximise are coolrooms and freezers. Coolrooms are large, insulated boxes that maximise a refrigeration system and a door. Their cooling capabilities depend heavily on airflow, heat from the products, and the way the products have been stored and loaded inside. Freezers also take advantage of a refrigeration system and a door. The main difference between the two is that the latter exposes the products at subzero degrees. […]

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A Quick Comparison between Styrene and Urethane Panels for Coolrooms and Freezers

25 March 2022

Coolrooms and freezers are cold storage solutions that commercial establishments like restaurants and supermarkets often maximise. What makes these cold storage solutions special is they can retain the freshness and quality of perishable products. On their own, both coolrooms and freezers already have the needed cooling systems to ensure that their interiors remain cold throughout their operations. They likewise have doors and other components that aid in deterring heat from infiltrating their interior. However, businesses still have the option to install additional panels to further improve the cooling functions of coolrooms and freezers. What makes panels great for coolrooms and […]

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4 Reasons Why a Specialised Coolroom Assembly and Installation is Worth Your Investment

08 March 2022

Coolrooms have been advantageous for food and retail businesses due to their main functions. One of the main functions of coolrooms is to preserve the quality of food products. By maintaining cold temperatures all the time, the stored products are easily protected from elements that can affect their quality negatively. The growth of microorganisms that cause their spoilage is also prevented thanks to coolrooms’ cold temperature. Another main function of coolrooms is to store many products properly. Through the integration of shelves and racks, products can be organised properly. Coolrooms generally have default dimensions. But some manufacturers can offer and […]

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How to Make Your Plastic Strip Curtains More Effective?

24 February 2022

One common thing among factories, commercial kitchens, food processing plants, and retail stores is they require spaces with effective air and temperature control. Hence, owners of these establishments and properties often invest in plastic strip curtains. Plastic strip curtains can help these properties achieve optimum air and temperature control thanks to their overall material composition. Once installed, they can easily prevent the indoor air and temperature from being altered right away. They likewise deter pests, dust, and others from entering, ensuring that the purposes of these properties remain intact. The acoustic isolation, hygiene, and safety properties of plastic strip curtains […]

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Why Should You Invest in Stainless Steel Coolroom Shelving and Racking?

14 February 2022

Many commercial and industrial businesses rely on coolrooms due to a couple of reasons. For one, coolrooms have been proven to be effective in storing delicate products in low temperatures. Second, they are being maximised as they can handle a large volume of products in just one go. But to make the coolrooms truly effective, they must be equipped with elements that could help them carry out their primary cooling and storage functions. One of the elements that they must utilise is performance panels. With performance panels, the insulation of coolrooms is expected to improve significantly, allowing them to sustain […]

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Why You Should Consider Clear PVC Swing Doors for Your Business?

25 January 2022

Business owners must plan everything to make sure that their operations can be productive and successful. From the materials used for their businesses down to the behaviour of their employees, everything should go according to their plans. One aspect of their operations that must be considered thoroughly is the materials used for their workplace. Businesses that mostly involve food and other sensitive products should always maximise fixtures that will not only handle them effectively but can also allow employees to work excellently. One of the fixtures that must be made from reliable materials is the door. Doors for these businesses […]

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How Can Insulated Panels Benefit Your Coolroom?

06 January 2022

Many businesses are opting for coolrooms as they can offer a lot of great advantages to their operations. First, coolrooms can be advantageous for businesses as they can store a huge number of perishable and sensitive products. Additionally, they can prevent them from getting damaged or spoiled as they store them at low temperatures. Coolrooms can likewise provide a great space for employees to deliver, store, and organise products in just a short time. All the advantages of coolrooms can be further enhanced by installing insulated panels. If you are currently maximising a coolroom on your business, then here are […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Adding Custom Glass Doors in Your Coolroom

15 December 2021

Retail stores and supermarkets must maximise various storage solutions so they can keep their goods fresh. And one storage solution that they typically utilise is the coolroom. A coolroom is a storage solution that is specifically designed for storing a wide array of products at low temperatures. This storage solution is meant to handle and store products that require refrigeration. Some of these products include fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. Other food products such as beverages, ice cream, and dairy products can likewise be stored inside a coolroom. While a coolroom primarily works by storing the products, it can also […]

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6 Advantages of Adding Plastic Strip Curtains in Your Commercial Kitchen

02 December 2021

Every day, the work environment inside a commercial kitchen can be intense. After all, many activities done inside the said space have to ensure that meals will be prepared, cooked, and served optimally. And since food products are involved in most of these activities, owners of commercial kitchens should make sure that they will be protected from harmful and unpleasant elements. Hence, a lot of them would incorporate protective mechanisms, storage solutions, and kitchen procedures just to keep them fresh and nutritious. One protective mechanism that they often go to is plastic strip curtains. If you are thinking of adding […]

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