Coolroom Ribbed Panels for Long-Lasting Performance

08 May 2024

Discover the durability of coolroom ribbed panels from C&M Coolroom Services. Explore their benefits and applications in temperature-controlled environments. Coolrooms, which are essential for businesses in food storage, pharmaceuticals, and hospitality industries, require coolroom ribbed panels to help preserve perishable goods and maintain product integrity. These panels must be integrated into coolrooms during their construction since they provide insulation, structural support, and durability. Ribbed panels stand out among various types of coolroom panels due to their exceptional strength, longevity, and performance. Available at C&M Coolroom Services, know their benefits, applications, and role in ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of […]

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How Aluminium Coving Combats Moisture in Coolrooms

22 April 2024

Combat moisture in coolrooms with aluminium coving from C&M Coolroom Services. Learn about its benefits and essence in maintaining durability and hygiene. Coolrooms are meant to store perishable goods at low temperatures, but they can only function optimally if they are equipped with aluminium coving. These cold storage solutions can be prone to moisture buildup, leading to hygiene issues, mould growth, and structural damage. Aluminium coving serves as a vital solution to combat moisture in coolrooms, providing a seamless transition between walls and floors while sealing off vulnerable areas. The Structure of Aluminium Coving Aluminium coving, also known as corner […]

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The Essence of Coolroom Mastic: Ensure Proper Insulation and Temperature Control

08 April 2024

Ensure coolroom insulation and temperature control with Coolroom Mastic. Available at C&M Coolroom Services, know its role in food safety and energy efficiency. Refrigeration and coolroom storage rely on products like Coolroom Mastic to effectively maintain an optimal temperature. With Coolroom Mastic, coolrooms can easily preserve perishable goods without compromising their operational efficiency and energy conservation. What is Coolroom Mastic? Coolroom Mastic is a one-component, non-drying, and polybutene-based mastic that is often used in the construction and maintenance of coolrooms and other cold storage solutions. The primary purpose of this sealant is to fill gaps, cracks, and seams in the […]

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Bump Rails for Coolroom Doors: Save Energy and Prevent Accidents

20 March 2024

Protect coolroom doors with bump rails. Available at C&M Coolroom Services, save energy and prevent accidents. Explore how they enhance efficiency and safety. Coolrooms can take advantage of accessories like bump rails to ensure they operate optimally. These cold storage solutions are essential for storing perishable goods at controlled temperatures. They can, however, be susceptible to damage from frequent use. Bump rails offer a solution to protect coolroom doors, preventing accidents and improving energy efficiency. Coolroom Door Protection is Important Coolroom doors are constantly subjected to heavy traffic, with personnel and equipment moving in and out throughout the day. Without […]

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Specifying Sliding Coolroom Doors: Key Things to Look For

06 March 2024

Ensure efficiency with the right selection of sliding coolroom doors for your needs. Available at C&M Coolroom Services, discover key factors to consider. Coolrooms are cold storage solutions that can be integrated with several accessories, including sliding coolroom doors. Sliding coolroom doors are essential as they provide access while maintaining the temperature control and energy efficiency of coolrooms. They are generally comprised of insulated panels with a sliding mechanism, allowing them to be open and close horizontally along a track. Sliding Coolroom Doors: Considerations When specifying these doors, you must consider several things to ensure optimal performance and durability. Some […]

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Aluminium Coolroom Parts: Key to Increased Lifespan and Reduced Repairs

19 February 2024

Unlock the key to coolroom longevity with aluminium coolroom parts from C&M Coolroom Services. Enhance performance and durability. Call us at (03) 9401 3444. Coolrooms are cold storage solutions that are often utilised in food storage, pharmaceuticals, and others to preserve the freshness and quality of perishable goods. While their importance is widely recognised, the components contributing to their efficiency typically go unnoticed. One of these components is the aluminium coolroom component. Aluminium coolroom components generally stand out for their notable role in boosting performance and ensuring the longevity of these cold storage solutions. Advantages of Aluminium Components Aluminium has […]

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Ceiling Suspension Kits for Coolrooms: Improving Temperature Control

01 February 2024

Optimise the efficiency of your coolroom with ceiling suspension kits from C&M Coolroom Services. Enhance temperature control. Call us at (03) 9401 3444. Restaurants, cafes, and other similar food establishments have to store a wide range of food items to ensure they can produce the best meals out there. Similarly, food products must be stored by retail stores optimally so they can offer quality items to customers. These businesses can carry out the proper storage of items if they maximise well-designed coolrooms. Coolrooms are cold storage solutions intended to preserve perishable goods. To guarantee the success of their operations, they […]

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Coolroom eParts and Why They Should Be Maintained Regularly

17 January 2024

Explore the significance of regular maintenance for coolroom eParts by C&M Coolroom Services. Enhance coolroom efficiency and performance. Call 03 9401 3444. Coolrooms are one of the elements that can be useful in temperature-controlled environments. They can, after all, preserve the freshness and quality of perishable goods by continuously maintaining low-temperature storage. Central to the efficient functioning of these coolrooms are their electronic components or eParts. Regular maintenance of these components is necessary to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of these critical systems. Primary Components of Coolrooms Coolrooms rely on a sophisticated interplay of electronic components to regulate temperature, […]

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Coolroom Panels: The Right Thickness for Optimal Insulation

08 January 2024

Know the ideal thickness of coolroom panels for optimal insulation. Acquire your needed coolroom panels from C&M Coolroom Services today! Call (03) 9401 3444. Cold storage solutions like coolrooms are meant to store a variety of products and items at cold temperatures to keep their quality intact. They can also help prolong their service or shelf life. But to ensure they can carry out their primary purposes, they must be equipped with proper insulation. One solution that secures the insulation of coolrooms is the integration of coolroom panels. Coolroom panels, with the right thickness, must be installed in coolrooms to […]

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Steel Angle Protection by C&M Coolroom Services for Coolroom Walls

04 December 2023

Learn the importance of steel angle protection in maintaining coolroom walls. Available at C&M Coolroom Services, ensure functionality. Call (03) 9401 3444. Many industries that require storage of perishable and sensitive items rely on coolrooms. From food storage to pharmaceuticals, they rely on these cold storage solutions to keep them fresh, maintain their integrity, and avoid costly replacements. But behind the efficiency of coolrooms lies a crucial element often taken for granted – steel angle protection. Steel Angle Protection: An Overview Steel angle protection for coolrooms is a practical and protective measure utilised to safeguard the corners and edges of […]

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Plastic Strip Curtain Installation: The Impact on Coolroom’s Energy Usage

01 December 2023

Improve your coolroom’s efficiency through plastic strip curtain installation. Offered by C&M Coolroom Services, learn more about its impact. Call 03 9401 3444. Food storage, pharmaceuticals, warehousing, and others take advantage of coolrooms to store a variety of products. They basically use these cold storage solutions to maintain the right temperature within their facilities, preserving products and ensuring their quality. Keeping coolrooms at the desired temperature, however, can be energy-intensive, leading to increased operational costs and environmental concerns. Factors Affecting Coolroom’s Energy Use Coolrooms in commercial and industrial settings operate 24/7, consuming a significant amount of energy to maintain low […]

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Coolroom Maintenance: When to Seek C&M Coolroom Services’ Assistance

16 November 2023

Ensure optimal performance of your business with coolroom maintenance by C&M Coolroom Services. Discover the essence of upkeep and when to seek our help. Coolrooms are critical components of various industries, which include food storage, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Regular maintenance is essential to keep these refrigerated spaces operating efficiently and safely. While some maintenance tasks can be handled in-house, there are specific situations when it is crucial to seek professional assistance. At C&M Coolroom Services, we offer a variety of services that can maintain the performance of your coolroom. Now, if you are currently managing coolrooms for your business, you […]

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