Keeping your Coolroom Clean and Mould-Free

13 July 2020

The food industry typically uses coolrooms to store and refrigerate a huge amount of food products and beverages. But aside from this industry, coolrooms are also utilised by floral, cosmetics, and technology industries in storing products and devices that need to be refrigerated and cooled down. Flowers, cosmetic products, and technological devices do not work well with a warm or hot environment. Under warm or hot temperatures, these products tend to wilt, melt, and malfunction, respectively. Cold environments, however, can provide the needed element for their stability and longevity. When performing optimally, coolrooms can easily provide the needed consistent temperature […]

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Indicative Signs that Your Walk-in Freezer Needs Repair

29 June 2020

Commercial businesses that revolve around the food or catering industry utilise walk-in freezer for their storage needs. Walk-in freezers are commonly found in restaurants, grocery stores, and other similar businesses since they can convert an unused space into an efficient storage area. This type of freezer also helps in storing consumable food products and stock under low and freezing temperatures. The benefits walk-in freezers bring certainly help businesses to become successful and profitable. Aside from expanding storage space, they can significantly improve the accessibility of products compared to other types of refrigeration and storage. The temperature control out of these […]

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Handy Tips When Buying Coolrooms for Your Business

11 June 2020

Coolrooms are among the most important equipment in businesses that serve food to customers or guests or offer catering services. They essentially cool, refrigerate, and store food products to avoid spoilage, bacteria contamination, and other relevant problems and issues due to exposure to elements. Coolrooms are intended to store food products that will be used in the future. Your coolroom, alongside other refrigeration equipment, can help your food or catering business in preparing and serving delicious meals and tasty drinks. And since this specific equipment is essential for your business, you must purchase one that will surely bring benefits to […]

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Commercial Freezer Types and Their Basic Features

25 May 2020

Owners of commercial establishments that offer food and other similar products are required to store their products effectively. Without efficient storage, these mentioned owners may find it challenging to thrive in their respective sectors since they cannot prevent spoilage of their products. Fortunately, commercial freezers are widely available for storing and prolonging the life of food products. They now even come in different varieties, with each type boasting diverse functionalities and features that are deemed helpful in making a business successful. Some commercial freezer types and their basic properties are the following: Walk-in Refrigerators Both restaurants and dining places can […]

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Customised PVC Strip Curtains for Coolrooms Available at C&M Coolroom Services

11 May 2020

Coolrooms in certain industries are utilised to provide cool temperatures to products that need to be served and sold fresh. Without these rooms, some products may spoil right away, which may lead to a loss in earnings and may even compromise the health and safety of employees. One must-have feature of coolrooms is PVC strip curtains. They create appropriate portioning and division in coolrooms and freezers. Even industrial workplaces, factories, warehouses, kitchens, and storage areas use them for the very same purpose. Aside from portioning, PVC strip curtains are also installed on the said places since they make accessibility more […]

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The Effects of Poor Maintenance of Door Gaskets for Coolrooms and Freezers

22 April 2020

Door gaskets play a significant role in coolrooms and freezers. They can seal the gaps at door perimeters to effectively block any infiltration of sound, light, heat, drafts, moisture, fire, and smoke. These gaskets are essential in creating a more insulated environment, especially to those who are engaged in commercial foodservice and retail businesses.  Coolrooms and freezers are often used to store and chill food products like poultry, raw meat, fresh produce, and beverages. Without effective insulation, most of these products can easily spoil and even affect the quality of other food products. Ineffective and faulty door gaskets are believed […]

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How a Poorly Designed Coolroom Can Cause You Problems

07 April 2020

In purchasing a coolroom, you must consider a lot of factors to make it effective for your business. Your new asset must be designed well to avoid encountering major and critical problems in the long run. If your coolroom is designed poorly, then you may have to expect some shortcomings and issues as you run your business. Some business owners tend to overlook the effects of acquiring a poorly designed coolroom. In case you are curious about how a poorly designed coolroom can cause you, then have a look at these following problems. Moulds on the Wall The fluctuating surface […]

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Common Problems in Restaurant Refrigeration Systems

20 March 2020

Refrigeration systems are important in restaurants. Since restaurants are required to serve fresh food all the time, they must maintain the freshness and quality of their raw food products and ingredients. Without great refrigeration systems, a restaurant’s food may be plagued with issues that come from their customers and can consequently ruin the reputation of their services. If you are one of the owners of a restaurant, you must consider assessing the condition of your refrigeration system. After all, refrigeration systems are more prone to acquiring issues and problems since they are used on a day-to-day basis. You’ll never know, […]

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Reasons Why Coolroom Maintenance and Repair is Essential

06 March 2020

Coolrooms are vital to businesses that store perishable items and other products in a cold environment. The purpose of keeping these products inside these rooms is to maintain their freshness and quality. Moreover, these rooms prevent food products from deteriorating and spoiling over time. Normally, coolrooms are used in restaurants and stores. The functionality of coolrooms makes them very useful in businesses. In fact, leading business owners use these rooms for them to effectively maintain their daily business operations. As effective as they are, these rooms are still prone to defects and breakdowns. This is why maintaining and repairing your […]

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Safety Features Every Coolroom Should Have

28 February 2020

Coolrooms are necessary so that food products and other items are kept in a place with optimal temperature. These rooms are frequently used in hotels, restaurants, and retail stores.  Business owners and their employees frequently go here to inspect, load, and take off products for commercial use and purposes. Just like other workplaces, accidents, and other incidents may happen if there are only limited safety features. As a business owner, you should prioritise the safety of you and your employees whenever you go here. A safe working environment can boost the performance of your business. So, if you want to […]

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Selecting the Right Walk-in Freezer: What are the Factors to Consider?

07 February 2020

Businesses that require large-capacity cold storage can benefit the most from the walk-in freezer. A walk-in freezer is an enclosed storage space refrigerated to temperatures above and at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of cooling unit is dedicated to hold any type of food, produce, leftovers, and other related products. Walk-in freezers offer a lot of advantages to business owners like you. They provide convenience since you don’t have to buy a lot of storage units for your products. They can also save you from troublesome expenses since these walk-in freezers are efficient in using power. They are […]

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Why Dismantling and Relocation of Cool Rooms Require Professionals

21 January 2020

Cool rooms exist to fulfil the needs of a specific business. Whether for storing food products or chemicals, cool rooms play an important part in the continuous revenue growth of a business. And as this growth continues, some business owners may have thought of moving to a larger space. Other business owners, however, may be thinking of cutting down some costs and occupy a smaller operating space. If you own a cool room and you want to relocate it, think about everything first. At first glance, you may have perceived cool rooms as movable and can be dismantled easily. However, […]

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