Coolroom Panels and Its Noteworthy Benefits

07 June 2021

Coolrooms are designed to store food and other delicate products at low temperatures. By keeping their temperatures low, their quality can be preserved effectively. It can likewise prevent microorganisms and chemicals from spoiling the stored products. But to sustain the efficiency of coolrooms, there are numerous things that their owners can utilise. For one, they can install door seals and door curtains to effectively preserve the internal temperature. They can likewise replace the lighting of the coolrooms with ones that do not generate too much heat. Proper cleaning and maintenance of system controls and other coolrooms components can also help […]

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4 Main Elements to Consider when Selecting the Best Panels for Your Freezer

24 May 2021

Restaurants, bakeshops, retail stores, and other establishments that offer food products are typically equipped with the appropriate storage solutions. And one of the storage solutions that they often maximise is commercial freezers. Commercial freezers are storage devices that allow establishments and businesses to store large quantities of food products. The temperatures of these freezers allow food products to be stored and conserved properly, ensuring that they will remain fresh before they are sold or used for business purposes. These freezers also help in improving the longevity of food products. But for these freezers to be effective, they must maintain proper […]

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Your Electricity Saving Guide for Commercial Coolrooms

10 May 2021

Commercial coolrooms are often used by restaurants and other similar establishments due to their accompanying benefits. For one, they can easily stock and store huge amount of food products, beverages, and others without any difficulties. As long as they are maintained all the time, they can effectively keep them fresh and prevent them from getting spoiled. Coolrooms can also be beneficial for these establishments since they can preserve resources, especially time, money, and energy. And speaking of energy, commercial coolrooms can only provide these benefits if they operate optimally. These coolrooms often maximise electricity as their main power source. While […]

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Understanding the Working Principles of Coolroom Panels

28 April 2021

Commercial facilities that require storage of products often utilise coolrooms as their main storage solution. The cold temperatures of coolrooms allow products, especially food items, to retain their freshness and quality before using or selling them. Some of the facilities that have coolrooms include restaurants, cafes, bars, grocery stores, and bottle shops.  Coolrooms boast parts and components that allow them to carry out important storage and cooling functions. They have sealing accessories that can stop leakage of energy as well as temperature fluctuations. They also use furnishings that can help with the proper and organised storage of items. Adequate lighting […]

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How to Prevent Coolroom Products from Freezing?

08 April 2021

Coolrooms are refrigerated storages that can be very useful in food-related businesses. Without these refrigerated storages, it would be difficult for businesses to maintain the quality and longevity of their food products. They would likewise incur more expenses and face more problems along the way. The cold or freezing temperature of the coolrooms ensures that the food products will be at optimum condition. This specific temperature helps preserve the quality of the products by preventing microbes from growing exponentially. It can likewise assist in prolonging the life of the products before they can be sold or used. Instances of over-freezing, […]

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Optimising the Performance of Your Coolrooms with C&M Coolroom Services

26 March 2021

Many businesses that are part of the food processing or hospitality industry mostly utilise coolrooms. These rooms are designed to effectively store huge amounts of food products prior to their sale or use at a relatively low temperature. The low temperatures of these coolrooms enable food products to be protected from the growth of microbes and other elements. They likewise ensure that these products will not get spoiled or cause harm to people who may be consuming them. Given the importance of coolrooms, they must be truly maintained and optimised regularly. Fortunately, we, at C&M Coolroom Services, offer different types […]

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How Do Plastic Strip Curtains Make Coolrooms More Efficient?

12 March 2021

Businesses that require proper cooling and storage of many food products would often turn to coolrooms to carry out the mentioned functionalities. Coolrooms are designed to cool and store food products in bulk, ensuring that they will not get spoiled before using or selling them. These rooms also have huge storage spaces to effectively cater to the storage requirements of food-related businesses. Some of the products that are often stored in coolrooms include fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. Given the features provided by coolrooms, making them efficient would truly be great for businesses. One way to make these coolrooms efficient […]

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Daily and Weekly Coolroom Maintenance Checklists

24 February 2021

Businesses that offer food products have to store them in places that would consistently avoid their spoilage and keep them fresh. One of the places that food products can stay fresh all the time is the coolroom. Without coolroom, an establishment might find it difficult to maintain the freshness of its products as well as keep the overall energy costs of other storage solutions low. What makes coolrooms recommended for food the industry is that they have features that would sustain their cold temperatures and cater to different types of food products. They can also keep employees and workers safe […]

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Causes of Icing Issues in Walk-in Freezers and How to Prevent Them

11 February 2021

Walk-in freezers have been useful in businesses that require storage of food products. Aside from storing food products, these specific spaces have also helped preserve the quality of the products thanks to their cooling capabilities. With walk-in freezers, business owners are expected to benefit from expandable storage capacity, improved accessibility, and efficient temperature control. But just like other elements in commercial establishments, walk-in freezers can obtain issues that can hugely affect the entire operations of a business. One notable issue that walk-in freezers can acquire is the icing problem. Icing issues can drastically affect the cooling and storage functions of […]

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Why Faulty Coolroom Door Seals Must Be Replaced Immediately?

28 January 2021

Restaurants, stores, and other businesses that sell food products often maximise coolroom in storing these products. The main purpose of coolroom is to store food products in an environment that has a lower temperature than the ambient temperature, keeping them fresh before selling them or using them as ingredients. Food products that are normally stored in coolrooms are vegetables, fruits, and meat. Given the purpose of coolrooms, they are anticipated to work optimally all the time. However, if their components start to show signs of deterioration or damages, then they must be resolved right away. One of the coolroom components […]

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5 Known Causes of Too Cold Commercial Refrigerators

12 January 2021

Businesses that must store food products invest heavily on proper cooling solutions. One of the cooling solutions that business owners often buy and maintain is commercial refrigerators. These refrigerators help them store food products at a low temperature so they can stay fresh and will not get spoiled easily. Additionally, these refrigerators allow them to preserve the quality of other perishable items. Commercial refrigerators operate by keeping the interiors cold for proper cooling and even storage operations. They likewise prevent heat and other elements from entering and infiltrating food products. However, commercial refrigerators that are too cold can likewise be […]

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3 Important Tips on How to Defrost Commercial Freezers

14 December 2020

Many food-related businesses such as bakeshops and restaurants are utilising the capabilities and features of commercial freezers when it comes to their basic food storage and preservation. Through these pieces of equipment, these businesses can guarantee that their food products and ingredients retain their quality and freshness whenever they will be used for food preparation processes. Commercial freezers, as part of their normal operations, normally run at optimal temperatures that can easily meet the needed storage temperatures of food products. However, some of these freezers tend to accumulate frost on their evaporator coils. Without troubleshooting the said accumulation, the freezers […]

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