Coolroom Design and Construction: Pick the Right Coolroom Size for Your Business

20 June 2023

Optimize your business with the perfect coolroom size. Expert coolroom design and construction for your unique needs. Make the right choice for efficient storage. Food businesses take advantage of coolrooms in storing their items. After all, raw food ingredients can get spoiled easily if they are exposed to high temperatures. Exposure to outdoor elements can also ruin the quality of these items, which can generate poor-quality meals. Coolrooms can also be maximised by retail stores, groceries, and other similar shops as they should be offering fresh foods and drinks to customers. If your business has to deal with foods, drinks, […]

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Coolroom Maintenance Services in Melbourne: 6 Signs Your Coolroom Requires Urgent Servicing

01 June 2023

Coolroom maintenance from a professional is a must if the cold storage solution manifests signs that can affect its ability to store perishable items at low temperatures. Many food-related businesses today depend on coolrooms to store their perishable items like fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products. One benefit of coolrooms is they can maintain a specific temperature range to preserve the quality and freshness of various products. Additionally, they can cater to a huge quantity of items thanks to their spacious interiors. Some businesses that can take advantage of coolrooms are restaurants, grocery stores, food processing plants, and even catering […]

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Benefits of Coolroom Panels and How to Design Them Properly

16 May 2023

Coolroom panels should be designed properly so they can minimise the energy use of coolrooms, improve hygiene, enhance durability, and remain flexible at all times. Coolrooms or cold rooms are temperature-controlled environments utilised for the storage of perishable products like food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items. They often feature components that can maintain a constant temperature range of 0°C to 8°C. These cold storage solutions are used in food manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare industries. One part of coolrooms that makes them effective for the storage of temperature-sensitive items are the panels. Coorloom panels are made of high-quality insulating materials that […]

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Plastic-Coated vs. Zinc-Coated Coolroom Shelving and Racking

05 May 2023

Since many foods and drinks should be stored at low or freezing temperatures, food service businesses have to opt for coolrooms. These coolrooms must then be filled with shelving and racking to make product storage easier. Both shelving and racking can also simplify access to the products needed by the kitchen. But before installing shelving and racking inside these cold storage solutions, business owners like you must opt for those with the right materials. To date, you can choose between plastic-coated and zinc-coated shelving and racking. Here are some things you must know about these two options. Plastic-Coated Coolroom Shelving […]

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Ice Build-up in Your Commercial Freezer and How to Prevent It

26 April 2023

Many businesses in the food service industry take advantage of commercial freezers as they can be effective in storing and preserving a wide array of frozen products. Some products that they can store are vegetables, fruits, meats, and prepared meals. Commercial freezers often work by utilising a refrigeration system. It can remove heat from the freezer compartment and expel it outside the unit, allowing the freezer to maintain a consistent temperature while keeping the stored items always frozen. While most commercial freezers today already feature automatic defrost cycles, temperature alarms, and others, they may still encounter issues that can compromise […]

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The Significance of Adding Pressure Vents in Your Walk-in Coolroom and Freezer

13 April 2023

Walk-in coolrooms and freezers have been providing tons of benefits to businesses storing sensitive items, food products, and many more. First, they boast large storage spaces to ensure that all products can be stored optimally. And since they have large spaces, they can be integrated with racks and shelving to keep the whole inventory organised. These spaces also make products more accessible to the staff. Additionally, walk-in coolrooms and freezers can maintain the quality of the items they are storing by maximising efficient and effective cooling systems. The customizability of these storage solutions can then make them energy-efficient and cost-effective. […]

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Coolroom Door Parts and Seals: Improve the Efficiency of Your Coolroom by Adding Door Enhancements

23 March 2023

Coolrooms are significant to food service and retail businesses as they can store a wide range of foods and drinks for a long time. They can also preserve their freshness, shelf life, and overall quality by exposing them to cold temperatures. But before they can provide these benefits, business owners and managers should make sure that these cold storage facilities can work effectively and efficiently. Failure to ensure these things may only lead to products getting spoiled. And as products get spoiled, employees will not have any choice but to discard and replace them, costing more expenses than revenues. The […]

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Maintain Good Workflow in Businesses by Adding Plastic Strip Curtains

07 March 2023

Manufacturing plants, retail stores, and warehouses should store a wide range of products optimally so they can continue using or selling them without any issues. These products may be foods and drinks, raw materials, and many more. To ensure that these businesses can store them properly, they must invest in storage rooms that can maintain their quality effectively. They should also maximise equipment pieces and machines that can optimise their lifespan, making sure that the delicate, perishable ones will not decompose quickly. Of course, the workflow of these rooms and spaces should not be disturbed. Hence, plastic strip curtains should […]

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Two Types of Coolroom Doors and Their Applications

20 February 2023

Businesses that serve food to customers must make sure that they only utilise fresh ingredients in preparing and cooking meals. Since most of these ingredients can spoil easily, they should be stored and maintained inside coolrooms. Coolrooms are ideal cold storage solutions for restaurants, cafes, and other food service businesses as they keep food items free from harmful microbes. They can also keep them fresh, healthy, and nutritious. And since coolrooms can be customised all the time, they can maximise a storage space that fits one’s needs. Aside from food, coolrooms can also be used for storing flowers, laboratory samples, […]

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How Do Poultry Farms Take Advantage of Coolrooms and Freezers?

07 February 2023

Food products can be delicate. And while some processed foods can already be stored at room temperature, others have to be stocked in cold storage solutions. Raw food ingredients may likewise require proper storage so they can retain their quality for a long time. Many businesses in the food industry have to invest in the right elements before they can succeed and become profitable. One of the businesses that should do this is poultry farms. These farms are responsible for raising domesticated birds so they can later obtain their meat, eggs, and even feathers. Some birds these farms often raise […]

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Keep Your Coolroom Free from Pests by Adding Glass Doors

23 January 2023

As an owner of a restaurant or a retail store, you must ensure that your food products will be stored optimally. You must also make sure that they will be protected from elements that can alter their taste and other notable qualities. To store and preserve food products, you must invest in a high-quality coolroom. A coolroom is a cold storage facility that enables you to store a wide range of food products at a low temperature. It is often comprised of a compressor, an air-cooler condenser, and a ceiling-unit cooler to ensure that the coolroom will be cold at […]

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New Year Maintenance of Freezers and Coolrooms from C&M Coolroom Services

09 January 2023

Food service businesses like restaurants, cafes, and others rely on coolrooms and freezers in storing raw food ingredients that they will be using later for cooking and serving meals. Aside from these establishments, retail stores and groceries also use these cold storage solutions to store items that they will be selling to customers. Many more businesses can take advantage of coolrooms and freezers as they often have enough space to store a wide range of products. They also have cooling components that can keep the stored items safe from the growth and spread of bacteria and other microbes. Without these […]

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