Small Coolroom Design Principles

09 October 2018

Asked to design a small coolroom, a sealed chamber that will efficiently store its perishable contents at a consistently low temperature, an installation team swings into action. There are questions to ask, answers to determine, and design principles to rule every decision. Keeping energy expenditure low, the expected cold room load is sought out, probably from the asset manager, the person who’s responsible for the site’s day-to-day runnings. Dimensional Requirements Standard Operating Procedure (SOF) says the small coolroom will have set dimensional parameters. The size of the refrigeration unit, its fan-assisted throughput and refrigerant cooling power, is rated to work […]

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Different Types of High Thermal Insulation Materials for Commercial Freezers and Coolrooms

28 September 2018

How many system-critical components are there inside a modern commercial freezer? Which key engineering element impacts coolroom efficiency the most? A powerful but energy efficient refrigeration unit is essential, naturally enough. Then there’s the environmentally safe refrigerant to examine, plus a properly sealed door. Just as important as any one of those features, high-thermal insulation materials prevent energy losses. Consulting a Thermography Expert Did you know that special services can actually “see” where the heat losses on an insulated coolroom wall are going? They use special thermal imaging cameras to generate infra-red pictures of the heat loss zones. Using this […]

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Commercial Coolroom and Freezer Doors Safety and Maintenance Guide

01 September 2018

Employees don’t always stop to think about coolroom safety issues, nor do they pause when they’re accessing a freezer door for the millionth time. Maybe they should. Maybe they need to stop, take stock of matters, and read the laminated door safety guide, the one that’s stapled to a wall next to the commercial coolroom they’re accessing. To begin with, is everyone aware of the door access protocols? Door Opening Protocols In an office setting, workers close doors out of a sense of politeness. Proprietary aside, there may even be an office memo asking the staff to close the doors. […]

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Proper Temperature Control inside Coolrooms to Avoid Food Contamination

27 August 2018

Perishable coolroom contents cannot abide contamination. Besieged by these taste and freshness tainting markers, consumable products incur nasty little question marks above their poorly cooled containers. Is a bad taste the worst issue here? Or has a harmful bacteria spread? Like the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment, there’s no real way to know without further action. However, by proactively controlling coolroom temperature, we can regain control of this potentially health-jeopardizing situation. What is Proper Temperature Control Shrugging off the uncertainties, and thoughts of cruelly trapped cats, we begin by establishing coolroom baselines. The thermostat keeps the thermal envelope constant. If the […]

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Kason Hydraulic Door Closers: Reasons Why It Can Malfunction

17 August 2018

When you walk into your coolroom in order to fetch a product or store a product, you are likely anticipating that the process is going to go smoothly. By this, we mean that you are expecting your hydraulic door closer to operate effectively by allowing you to close the door without slamming. The motion should be smooth, quiet and effective. With high quality Kason hydraulic door closers, you are getting a door that should work well the vast majority of the time. However, there are going to be rare occasions when your hydraulic door closer malfunctions. Today, we are going […]

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Does Your Coolroom Smell Bad?

26 July 2018

The types of industries that are beholden to the use of a Coolroom, or walk-in freezer, is pretty amazing. From the medical field to the restaurant industry, coolrooms play a vital role in keeping businesses prepared and ready to handle their temperature-controlled goals. With that being said, sometimes a coolroom or walk-in freezer will run into issues, and not always the kind of issues that you’d expect. What are we talking about? We are talking about odour problems. Walking into a coolroom that smells bad can be a jarring experience and it is one that you do not want to […]

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Major Benefits of CFC-Free Refrigerants

12 July 2018

When you walk into a giant freezer or merely use the one above your refrigerator, do you ever stop and wonder about the process that goes into keeping your items cool? Of course not unless you are like us, and intimately close to the entire process. Here at C&M Coolroom Services, we fully believe in the power of knowledge and what it can to for our potential customers. With that mindset, we are going to take a moment to peak all-the-way inside of our refrigerating units in order to discuss the refrigerants that make the process possible. Specifically, our discussion […]

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Causes of Cracks and Breakage in Coolrooms and Freezer Door Seals

27 June 2018

To say that your freezer or coolroom is an important part of your business would be an understatement. Having a proper location to store all of your foods or products that require extensive temperature cool is an integral factor for people in a variety of different industries. Coolrooms and freezers are employed in everything from medicine to food storage, and all of the different categories in between. Temperature control in these situations is a requirement and that means that special attention must be paid to the quality of door seals for the cooling and freezing facilities. When a door seal […]

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Affordable Coolrooms and Freezer Rates at C&M Coolrooms

08 June 2018

Modular coolrooms and freezers components are made by different manufacturers. Like some three-dimensional puzzle, the parts assemble to form an impressive walk-in refrigeration system. Think for a moment, though. If substandard parts are purchased, then a substandard coolroom is what you’ll have at day’s end. By always sourcing quality parts, C&M Coolroom Services sidestep such unconscionable blunders. Even sealant selection procedures bow to this nuanced parts selection approach. Sourcing The Coolroom Components In olden days, knights worried about chinks in their armour. Well, that concern still exists today, but it’s more of an engineering issue now. Imagine the buyers and […]

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Coolroom Safety Precautions for Employees

21 May 2018

Coolrooms don’t look all that dangerous. It’s freezing cold in there, especially inside a walk-in freezer, but the chill passes rapidly. The staff member gets in, collects or drops food, and is out again in no time at all. What about worst-case scenarios? They exist. And what about general precautions? They’re needed if the employee is to operate under an appliance-mandated umbrella of safety. Warehouse Coolroom Safety Sometimes the work area isn’t confined to a walk-in enclosure. Sometimes the chill is all around you. In some distant industrial complex, it’s a meat processing environment that’s feeling the chill. Plastic curtains […]

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Health and Safety Prerequisites for a Coolroom Environment

07 May 2018

Businesses need to understand the health and safety prerequisites for a coolroom environment, before installing or refurbishing one in their establishment. They need to know that these rooms must stay at the right temperature for the items that will be stored in them. This will influence which type of coolroom that they need to install in their establishment. Also, these businesses need to train their employees of the dangers of these rooms in order to prevent issues and injuries. Refer to the following explanation for further facts about these and other prerequisites. Install the Right Size of Unit for Your […]

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Effects of Bad Electrical Connection in Freezers and Coolrooms

26 April 2018

Operating a business isn’t easy, especially for all types of restaurants, cafeterias, convenience stores, or other food related establishments, that’s because they rely on the continuous functioning of freezers and coolrooms. When freezers and coolrooms do not function properly because of the effects of bad electrical connection, food related businesses are at great risk of losing business and valuable food stocks. The effects of bad electrical connection in freezers and coolrooms can literally drain a company of considerable money, and can cause machinery to malfunction or cease to function. This can adversely affect chilled and frozen foods, or cause an […]

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