The Importance of Proper Insulation in Coolrooms

06 January 2020

Businesses engaged in stocking food, chemicals, and other things use coolrooms for storage purposes. In restaurants, they use a coolroom to store whatever food that they will be using during their operating hours. Other businesses, however, use coolrooms to keep chemicals and other elements away from any type of unauthorised access by ordinary people.  One component that helps coolrooms maintain their functionality is proper insulation. Insulation stops heat from entering the coolroom, which then maintains the coldness and temperature intended for the room to be functional. This insulation acts as a barrier to cool the environment and block any external […]

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How Plastic Swing Doors and Plastic Strip Curtains Increase Efficiency and Productivity in Coolrooms

13 December 2019

Already covered in past articles, plastic swing doors prevent cross-contamination risks from causing major problems in food-safe facilities. Plastic strip curtains perform just as well, they’re simply built to permit passage between factory zones in a slightly different manner. Now, with this hygiene-centric feature set clearly demonstrated, let’s see what these flexible plastic thresholds can do for a factory floor’s productivity scores. Maximizing Mobile Equipment Workflows It’s not hard for a walking warehouse worker to pass between two contrasting work areas in a meatpacking factory. The chillers are pumping cool air into the central work zone, and employees can gain […]

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Five Important Indications that Your Freezer Room is Starting to Fail

02 December 2019

A freezer room provides numerous benefits to businesses that rely on it. This type of room is ideal for businesses that focus on stock rotation, storage, and preserving their products since it has a huge storage space and provides temperature control. Chemicals, food, and other things that need to be refrigerated and regulated are all stored in a freezer room. If you are into storing food or chemicals in a certain controlled temperature, a freezer room helps you maintain the integrity of your products. However, the maintenance of the products is not possible if your freezer room starts to fail […]

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The Importance of Freezer Grade Plastic Strip Curtains for Coolroom Efficiency

18 November 2019

Commercial coolrooms need to accurately maintain and regulate specific elements for more efficient operations. These elements include the temperature, contaminants, noise, and others that can affect you and your employees. One way to control these elements from affecting your business is through the installation of freezer-grade plastic strip curtains. What makes plastic strip curtains essential to the operations of coolrooms is their properties and functionality. While they may be seen hanging freely on the entry and exit points of a room, these plastic strip curtains do a lot more to those who are inside of the room. The following benefits […]

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C&M Coolrooms Offers Easy Online Ordering for Replacement Coolroom Parts

04 November 2019

Coolrooms and freezer rooms play a vital role when engaged to businesses like butcher shops, restaurants, and laboratories. The products and services offered by these businesses heavily rely on these rooms, and that cheaping out for such rooms are not even an option. These rooms serve as an addition to any facility where temperature control is hugely significant to daily operations of commercial and industrial businesses. C&M Coolrooms knows the importance of this. Aside from providing products needed for high quality coolrooms and freezer rooms, we also work on the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of these rooms. Our website […]

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Why Commercial Coolrooms and Freezers Must Work in Tip-Top Condition During the Holiday Season

16 October 2019

During the holiday season, freezers and coolrooms are placed under extraordinary stress. Epoxy-coated steel shelves are overburdened with packages of seasonal veggies. Inside a freezer, wire racks creak under the weight of frozen turkeys and joints of honey ham. Remember, family members all around the globe are heading home for the holidays, and they’re expecting the kind of supermarket-purchased meals that can put them in a food-induced coma for days. Avoid Holiday-Stuffed Commercial Coolrooms While a supermarket or restaurant supply manager works hard to make sure a walk-in coolroom doesn’t become overloaded, there’s a supply and demand issue to address. […]

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Functions of Pressure Relief Vents in Walk-In Freezers

07 October 2019

To an engineer, there’s nothing mysterious about a PRV (Pressure Release Valve) device. It functions as a system safety feature when potentially dangerous fluid pressures are present. If some overly compressed liquid or gas medium stresses an equipment fitting, then the valve quickly dumps the fluid. That’s all very interesting, but what do these safety devices have to do with walk-in freezers? Are there pressure build-ups happening inside a freezer? Strangely enough, just the opposite is true. Pressure Release Vents Regulate Airborne Forces A PRV does have a role to play as a disaster compensatory mechanism. The valves are often […]

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Condensation Issues in Cool Rooms: What are the Possible Causes and Solutions?

18 September 2019

Most cool room managers are familiar with several condensation triggers. A troublesome door or door seal allows air to seep into the chilled enclosure, or maybe a new staff member has been propping a hinged panel open for several long minutes at a time. Be that as it may, there could be several unknown causative factors for every easily explained condensation instigator, so we need to work smart here. The Science Behind Condensation Challenges Warm air stores heat, which is probably why wet and warm countries get so humid. The air literally becomes heavy with tiny beads of water. Now, […]

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Reasons Why Bacteria and Mould Can Grow in a Cool Room

03 September 2019

Although restaurateurs would wish otherwise, mould can survive inside a chilly cool room. That’s clearly an unacceptable situation. If a hardy mould strain somehow finds its way towards a rack of cold-stored food, the opportunistic growth could very well cause inventory spoilage. And that’s the least of a walk-in unit’s worries, for contaminated foodstuff constitute a significant health risk. Using a know-thy-enemy mindset, though, we can subdue this pernicious threat. Know About Mould-Friendly Conditions If a cool room engineer were to sit down with an HVAC worker, they’d probably share tales about their worst jobs. Right away, they’d discover they […]

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Purposes of Aluminium Checker Plates in Coolrooms

20 August 2019

What exactly is an aluminium checker plate? It’s a strange term, but it translates readily enough. These panels of lightweight metal are installed in work areas as high-traction floor plates. Laid in a grid pattern, they’re adorned with raised edges, which serve as tiny groups of anti-slip outcroppings. Just to emphasise that point, the treads serve a purpose; they’re not there to provide an ornamental overlay for the floor. Coolrooms at Ground Zero Ideally, their metal floors are dry and clean. More likely, there’s a very fine film of water on the ground. That liquid is going to be slippery. […]

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Cool Room Installation for Your Business: Factors that Determine the Size You Need

07 August 2019

In order to estimate the dimensions of a business-ready cool room, begin with a sheet of paper and an open mind. Find a quiet space to think and begin by writing down all of the items that’ll be stored inside the refrigerated room. Impacted by the size of the installation site, let’s make sure this initial design factor doesn’t influence the size of the cooling envelope too much. Splitting the Cool Room One single space maximizes the available installation area. The modular walls and insulated fittings drop into place around the room’s own walls, so there are no extraneous fixtures […]

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Damaged Cool Room Doors and Panels: Why Do They Need Immediate Replacement?

19 July 2019

It’s not enough to tag a defect on a cool room door. On a similar note, panel damage can’t simply be noted in a maintenance log book. A failure to act on such seemingly trivial staff feedback really could have dire consequences, all of which will negatively impact a cool room’s established functions. For one thing, damaged doors and panels leak energy. Then there’s food freshness problem, too. Chamber Breaches Destabilize Cooling Envelopes From a practical standpoint, a damaged door won’t open. If it does swing open, perhaps after applying substantial shoulder muscle, it jams open. Clearly, a stuck cool […]

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