Resolving the Most Common Issues with Commercial Freezer Rooms

17 November 2022

Food service businesses utilise freezer rooms to store products they will later use or sell. With the addition of freezer rooms, they can safely store food items and preserve their freshness by exposing them to freezing temperatures. Some food items often stored in freezer rooms are butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, beef, chicken, fish, pork, sausage, scallops, and shrimp. Freezer rooms can also be used to preserve the quality of avocado, berries, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cherries, mushrooms, onions, and potatoes. Given the number of food items that can be stored inside these cold storage solutions, they should always be assessed, […]

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Why Install Glass Doors to Your Refrigeration and Freezer Units

07 November 2022

If you are currently managing a retail store, a restaurant, or other establishments, you must have invested in refrigeration and freezer units as your primary cold storage solutions. You must have picked these things since they can keep perishable items safe from harmful elements. They can likewise slow down the spoilage process of your products. Some things, however, should be done to keep your refrigeration and freezer units effective. For one, you must separate varying groups of products to prevent cross-contamination. You must also prevent your products from blocking the components responsible for the cold air. The number of items […]

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Common Coolroom Shelving Practices Your Business Should Implement

24 October 2022

If you are in the hospitality or food service industry, you know how important your coolroom is for your business operations. By investing in a coolroom, you can easily store tons of food products and subsequently preserve their freshness and longevity. Once you need them, your employees can easily enter the coolroom and get them. Aside from the food service industry, coolrooms can also be helpful in the retail and floristry industries. These cold storage solutions ensure that items will retain their qualities until establishments need to sell or distribute them to their customers or clients. No matter what your […]

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Key Factors You Should Consider When Selecting Your Coolroom Doors

11 October 2022

When storing perishable items, businesses often turn to coolrooms for this purpose alone. Coolrooms are effective in carrying out the said activity as their cooling units can maintain internal temperatures throughout their operations. They also have enough space to accommodate large quantities of varying products. But the effectiveness of coolrooms can only be maximised fully if they have the correct type of doors. By investing in the right coolroom doors, these cold storage solutions are expected to preserve the quality of items optimally. These doors can also help these coolrooms to prevent outdoor elements from infiltrating and damaging the deposited […]

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Most Common Reasons Behind Faulty and Malfunctioning Coolrooms

26 September 2022

Coolrooms are useful cold storage solutions that restaurants, retail stores, and other similar buildings maximise to store perishable products. Most products stored in coolrooms are meat, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and others. Aside from food products, coolrooms can also be used for storing flowers, chemicals, and other temperature-sensitive materials. One thing that makes these cold storage solutions effective in preserving their freshness, flavour, and other notable attributes is their capability to expose them to low temperatures. Low temperatures can preserve the previously mentioned products as they slow down the growth of microorganisms responsible for their spoilage. And since coolrooms are often […]

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4 Best Places to Install Plastic Strip Curtains

09 September 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings must possess a layout that prioritises not only the appeal of their rooms and spaces but also the accessibility of employees between rooms and spaces. Without securing proper layout, some workers may end up encountering delays when trying to finish specific tasks just because of a wrongly-placed desk or door. And speaking of the door, the pathways towards vital rooms and areas inside these buildings should also be planned optimally to allow workers to go in and out of these places conveniently. While several rooms must boast self-closing doors to make their operations hands-free, other spaces […]

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How Can Your Coolroom Take Advantage of Galvanized Iron Shelving and Racking?

23 August 2022

Coolrooms are spaces mostly found in restaurants, retail stores, and laboratories. From foods and drinks to chemicals, these places have cooling components that can maintain the cold temperatures of the said products. By exposing them to low temperatures, coolrooms can conveniently prevent them from getting damaged in a short time. They can likewise make their product life last longer than those stored at room temperatures. These cold storage units can also protect the mentioned products from dirt, dust, microbes, pests, and other elements damaging to their overall properties. The effectiveness of coolrooms can be enhanced by using the correct type […]

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4 Advantages of Using Silicone Sealants for Coolrooms and Freezers

08 August 2022

Coolrooms and freezers are two of the most utilised cold storage units maximised in food-related businesses. They are even used in industries where the storage of delicate products is needed. Some businesses that use them are restaurants, retail stores, and laboratories. One thing that makes them advantageous for these businesses is they can store many items at optimal temperatures, ensuring they will not get damaged or spoiled ahead of their sale or use. They can likewise simplify employees’ workflow as these cold storage units provide neat options to organise them appropriately and effectively. And if they are maintained optimally, these […]

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Primary Uses of Clear PVC Plastic Swing Doors in Your Supermarket

26 July 2022

Supermarkets are designed to give shoppers their essential items. From foods to household items, these establishments ensure that customers are provided with quality yet affordable offerings.  Item quality is one of the elements that can make or break these establishments. If a supermarket offers food products and drinks that are not preserved and stored effectively, customers may easily spot some defects in their packaging. They may even end up returning the items they have bought from the same store as they are already spoiled even before their indicated best before dates. To avoid these things from happening, supermarket owners should […]

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All the Advantages of Adding PIR Fire Resistance Panels to Your Coolroom

13 July 2022

Coolrooms are cold storage spaces that intend to keep food items and delicate products fresh and secure. While they are designed to store these products optimally, various elements can still affect the overall performance of these spaces. One of these elements is airflow. The effectiveness of their cooling mechanisms relies on the way air circulate inside their spaces. And with proper item organisation, the cold air inside is expected to reach all corners of the coolrooms without any problems. Another element is the insulation. By adding door seals, door curtains, and other similar mechanisms, coolrooms can easily prevent heat from […]

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The Consequences of Overloading Your Commercial Freezer

28 June 2022

Commercial freezers are only one of the few cold storage solutions that businesses use in storing and preserving food products and other sensitive materials. Through their freezing temperature, these units can be effective in protecting the items from microbial contamination and damage. Depending on their main operations, businesses utilise different types of commercial freezers to store their products. Reach-in freezers, for instance, are used to store products intended for kitchen applications. Alternatively, walk-in freezers allow people to walk into them and access their needed items from the shelving. Commercial kitchens can also work with worktop freezers as they can store […]

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Hinged vs. Sliding Doors: What is the Best Option for Your Coolroom?

09 June 2022

Coolrooms are cold storage solutions that help businesses store perishable and delicate products. Restaurants and retail stores are only some establishments that can benefit from coolrooms. What is great about coolrooms is they can preserve the necessary cold storage temperatures of the products, ensuring that they do not get spoiled or damaged. At the same time, they can preserve the notable qualities of the items, which makes them preferable for cooking or selling purposes. Coolrooms also have a huge space for storing and organising the items, allowing businesses to fill them in with high-quality racks and shelves for storage purposes. […]

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