Coolroom & Freezer Installation

11 December 2013

We live in an imperfect world. Nothing will ever function at 100% efficiency and there will never be energy use without energy loss. While perfection may be an unachievable goal, in the realm of coolroom & freezer installation, there are materials that take a brilliant step toward the goal.

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Coolroom & Freezer Repair

29 November 2013

When people think of coolroom & freezer repair, they instantly imagine that it is only necessary in a situation where the room no longer refrigerates. This is a mistake that could be costly if certain situations are not addressed in a timely manner. There are two categories of things the owner of any coolroom should

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Coolroom & Freezer

12 November 2013

There are some industries where having a cool room or freezer is glaringly important. A supermarket that can not keep its frozen foods frozen is almost certain to fail. Likewise, a bar that can not keep its beer chilled will probably have trouble maintaining regular customers. What too few businesses realize is that installing a

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