Benefits of Energy Saving Devices in Coolrooms and Freezers

07 December 2016

Energy audits on walk-in coolrooms and freezers tell us that twenty-percent of all consumed energy goes straight to these large refrigerated rooms. That’s a bit of a problem, considering the premium put on energy savings today. But there is a unique set of tools, energy saving devices that are turning the tide. Let’s see these tools in action and find out all about the benefits of energy saving devices in coolrooms and freezers.

Programmable Thermostats 

A set-it-and-forget-it mentality doesn’t yield big savings when the controlled appliance uses four large walls and an industrial-grade refrigeration unit. A far more potent controller is mandated here, something that will precisely control the chilled environment and intelligently maintain a flatlined thermal envelope. Advanced thermostats take this caregiving strategy a step further by adding networked temperature recording and logging to the device’s design.

Handheld Devices 

A couple of pocket-sized thermometers placed on shelves and corners of the cool enclosure tell us how well the air is threading its way through the sealed chamber. Poor airflow issues are indicated by temperature discrepancies, but the matter can be corrected by removing any obstacles. Better yet, install a set of wire shelves, for non-solid storage shelving does help the coolroom breathe. Next, use an infrared thermometer gun to create a quick picture of what’s going on inside the freezer, but if precision really matters, then swap out the infrared monitor for a thermographic camera.

State-of-The-Art Device Consolidation 

A new generation of thermal controllers is making some headway into refrigeration territory. They’re the stepchildren of the smart thermostats that control homes and offices. Networked controllers monitor arctic temperatures and ensure stored commodities never spoil. They transmit important metrics to remote monitors and incorporate some very handy extra features, including a diagnostics mode and a built-in compressor protection function.

The Frost Bridge 

All of these devices incorporate strictly electronic services, which is fine, but what about the mechanical side of things? Automated regulators and self-acting cooling valves live in the hardware stage. These valves and refrigeration-oriented assemblies work in tandem with the electronic systems to achieve dramatic reductions in energy consumption figures.

A full fifth of all power supplied to a hotel or restaurant goes directly into its environmentally controlled storage room, so it’s no wonder this equipment requires careful monitoring. That’s the benefits of energy saving devices in coolrooms and freezers, in a nutshell, a capacity to properly audit this power-hungry system and really take control of the gear so that it can fully realize its efficiency potential.

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