Functions and Uses of Coolroom Warning Bells

08 May 2017

Alarm systems are employed when a sensor-equipped machine needs to catch a home occupant’s attention. They call out a warning so that we know a fire is spreading or carbon monoxide is silently filling a room. Coolroom warning bells satisfy a similar function. They exist to alert the kitchen staff of a failure, an event that’s threatening the chilled product. Here’s a peek into the functions and uses of these coolroom warning bells.

Equips the Coolroom with a Voice 

A temperature management system is basically a feedback device. The temperature is set on a thermostat, a sensor records the thermal reading inside the sealed enclosure, and it’s fed back to the controller. If that temperature doesn’t match the thermostat’s setting, an alarm is sounded. It’s either a High-Temp or Low-Temp warning bell, an audible indicator that something has gone wrong. The kitchen personnel now hear this warning, they take action, and the stored perishable product is safeguarded.

Why Are Warning Bells Important? 

Because the alarm has sounded, someone can take action. If the refrigeration unit is damaged, the warning bells are sounding. If the airflow is hampered or an inlet duct is blocked, the bells are sounding. Again, an action is taken. Sometimes the blockage is correctable and airflow obstructions are removed. The alarm can then be reset because the perishable contents are safe. Of course, that temperature alarm may indicate a deeper issue. Perhaps the refrigeration unit isn’t operating at capacity, so it’s time to call out the repair professionals.

Evaluating Alarm Conditions 

A fully-featured coolroom sentinel is one smart guardian. It monitors the internal environment for product threatening conditions. The system also issues an audible warning when the AC power supply fails. Likely backed by rechargeable batteries, the alarm module continues ringing the bell when a blackout occurs. Next, how about a provision that guards against door opening problems? A simple switch is all that’s required this time. It issues a bleating alarm when a door ajar event is detected.

A modern modular alarm unit is packed with possible alarms. There’s a panic alarm, something that protects a coolroom guest from entrapment. A press of a specially recessed button engages this warning bell when someone is trapped inside the walk-in unit. Then there are audible temperature alerts, an automated signal that protects the spoilable contents inside the cooler. Finally, low voltage, door ajar, and refrigeration unit failure alarms are also available. They’re there to protect the product, and they’re there to protect lives.

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