Coolroom Maintenance Services in Melbourne: 6 Signs Your Coolroom Requires Urgent Servicing

01 June 2023

Coolroom maintenance from a professional is a must if the cold storage solution manifests signs that can affect its ability to store perishable items at low temperatures.

Many food-related businesses today depend on coolrooms to store their perishable items like fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products. One benefit of coolrooms is they can maintain a specific temperature range to preserve the quality and freshness of various products. Additionally, they can cater to a huge quantity of items thanks to their spacious interiors.

Some businesses that can take advantage of coolrooms are restaurants, grocery stores, food processing plants, and even catering companies. They use these cold storage solutions to effectively reduce food waste, minimise the risk of foodborne illnesses, and preserve the quality of food products. But despite their features and benefits, they may still cause negative effects on businesses once their components fail.

Faulty components and other issues should be handled as soon as possible to prevent coolrooms from affecting business operations. If your coolroom currently manifests the following signs, you should have it serviced right away.

1. Rising Temperatures

A clear sign your coolroom requires professional servicing is the rise in temperatures. A fully functioning coolroom should maintain a temperature of between 0°C to 4°C. However, if you notice that the temperature in your coolroom is fluctuating or rising above 4°C, it only means that something is wrong. A significant rise in temperature can cause the food in your coolroom to spoil, leading to a loss of inventory and revenue.

2. Excessive Condensation

Condensation occurs naturally in coolrooms due to the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the unit. However, excessive condensation means that your coolroom requires immediate servicing from a professional. This issue can lead to mould growth, which can compromise the quality and safety of the food in your cold storage solution.

3. Ice Build-Up

Another sign that your coolroom requires urgent servicing is the buildup of ice on your unit’s evaporator coils. Ice buildup can cause the unit to work harder, which results in higher energy bills. Failure to resolve this issue could lead to the complete breakdown of the unit, affecting the freshness of your inventory as well as your business operation.

4. Strange Noises

Your coolroom also requires servicing if it produces strange noises during its operation. A properly functioning coolroom should run without making any loud or unusual noises. If you notice strange noises such as banging or grinding, it means that some of your coolroom components are not working correctly. You must handle this issue right away to avoid costly repairs or even a complete unit breakdown.

5. Peculiar Odours

A properly functioning coolroom should not emit any peculiar odours. Once you smell a foul smell coming from the coolroom, you must check its components as some of them may already be bombarded with mould and bacteria. You must address this issue as soon as possible to prevent your customers and employees from being exposed to a health hazard.

6. Frequent Breakdowns

If your coolroom is constantly breaking down, it is a clear sign that it needs urgent servicing. Frequent breakdowns can lead to a loss of inventory and revenue. Addressing this issue promptly can help you avoid costly repairs and complete coolroom breakdown.

A properly functioning coolroom is essential for any food-related business that requires the storage of perishable items. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, you must seek urgent professional servicing and maintenance for your coolroom.

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