Most Common Coolroom Door Hardware You Can Buy at C&M Coolroom Services

24 July 2023

Coolrooms rely on various door hardware components to maintain a consistent temperature required to preserve the quality of the stored perishable items.

You see, coolrooms are generally utilised to store perishable goods. To ensure this function can be carried out effectively, they must feature a door that is designed to keep the cold air inside the coolrooms while preventing warm air from getting in. Other coolroom components like shelves, racks, curtains, and panels must also be present to maintain low internal temperatures.

If you are currently looking for quality door hardware components for your coolrooms, you may want to get them from us at C&M Coolroom Services. Some notable coolroom door hardware components that we offer are as follows:

CoolroomDoor Stops

Coolroom door stops are intended to prevent your coolroom door from swinging too far and hitting the wall or other obstacles. They are often made from durable materials like stainless steel or aluminium, which can withstand cold temperatures inside the coolroom. Door stops may come in varying shapes and sizes. They also come in different types, which include floor-mounted, wall-mounted, or overhead door stops.

Coolroom Door Rollers

Another coolroom door hardware component that you can get from us is door rollers. Coolroom door rollers are placed on the top of the coolroom door to help it move smoothly along the track. They are made from materials like nylon or stainless steel, which can resist cold temperatures inside the coolroom. When picking coolroom door rollers, you must check the weight and size of the door to ensure you install the right one for your coolroom.

Coolroom Door Seals

Coolroom door seals are essential for preventing air leakage and maintaining the temperature inside the coolroom. They are typically made from materials such as rubber or PVC and are installed around the perimeter of the coolroom door.

CoolroomDoor Bells

Ultimately, coolroomdoor bells are useful for alerting employees when someone enters or exits the coolroom. They are normally mounted on the wall near the coolroom door, which can activate when the door is opened or closed. Coolroomdoor bells are available in different configurations, including wired and wireless options.

When it comes to choosing coolroom door hardware, you must consider the specific needs of your coolroom. Some factors you must consider include the size and weight of the coolroom door, the temperature and humidity inside the coolroom, and the level of security required.

Aside from the components mentioned above, other useful coolroom door hardware components you can integrate are magnetic door locks, automatic door openers, and anti-ligature door handles. You can also invest in coolroom door locks for added security.

Investing in high-quality coolroom door hardware from us at C&M Coolroom Services is essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your coolroom. By choosing the right components, you can maintain the temperature and humidity inside the coolroom, prevent air leakage, and ensure the security of your facility. They can likewise address any unique challenges posed by your coolroom, making sure your business can thrive in the long run.

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