Retail stores and supermarkets must maximise various storage solutions so they can keep their goods fresh. And one storage solution that they typically utilise is the coolroom.

A coolroom is a storage solution that is specifically designed for storing a wide array of products at low temperatures. This storage solution is meant to handle and store products that require refrigeration. Some of these products include fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. Other food products such as beverages, ice cream, and dairy products can likewise be stored inside a coolroom.

While a coolroom primarily works by storing the products, it can also be used to display them just by installing custom glass doors. If you will be adding custom glass doors to your coolroom, then here are some benefits that you can gain from them.

  1. Easy Customer Access

One benefit of adding custom glass doors in your coolroom is that they can offer easy access to customers. Glass doors that are integrated into your coolroom can be opened and closed by customers who want to purchase the stored products. And since they are already accessible by customers, you do not have to purchase separate cold storage systems just to store and display your offerings on your store.

Another benefit of adding custom glass doors in your coolroom is that they can make your item refill more convenient for the employees. Custom glass doors can make your employees’ job easier since they can outright see the status of the products being displayed to the customers. Once they have spotted that the products’ quantity is depleting, they can quickly replenish them without leaving the coolroom.

Custom glass doors do not only provide a way for customers to gain their products, but they can also help your employees organise the products in a great way. Unlike storing the products inside the coolroom, having glass doors to display them would significantly change the way they are organised. Your products are expected to be displayed beautifully so that customers will be enticed to purchase them.

Somehow connected to the strategic organisation of products, installing custom glass doors in your coolroom can easily boost the overall appeal of your store. Products that are organised very well can conveniently improve and enhance the appearance of your store. And with the improved appearance of your store, you can expect more customers to shop and buy from you.

One more benefit of installing custom glass doors in your coolroom is that they can save a lot of energy. Since glass doors have a transparent appearance, customers do not have to open them all the time, especially if their needed or wanted products are not displayed. Additionally, employees do not have to open the glass doors during item refill as they can already do this inside the coolroom itself.

To know more about custom glass doors, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Every day, the work environment inside a commercial kitchen can be intense. After all, many activities done inside the said space have to ensure that meals will be prepared, cooked, and served optimally.

And since food products are involved in most of these activities, owners of commercial kitchens should make sure that they will be protected from harmful and unpleasant elements. Hence, a lot of them would incorporate protective mechanisms, storage solutions, and kitchen procedures just to keep them fresh and nutritious. One protective mechanism that they often go to is plastic strip curtains.

If you are thinking of adding plastic strip curtains in your commercial kitchen, then you must do it right away so that your business can attain the following advantages.

  1. Reduce Contaminants

One prominent advantage of adding plastic strip curtains in your commercial kitchen is that they can reduce its overall contaminants. Plastic strip curtains are designed to limit and even eliminate any possible movement of contaminants inside a specific space. So, as your commercial kitchen carries out its daily operations, you can expect it to be free from dirt, smoke, dust, and other contaminants.

Similar to contaminants, adding plastic strip curtains in your commercial kitchen can also reduce or eliminate pests. Your commercial kitchen is expected to produce meals that are enticing for the customers. With plastic strip curtains, your whole kitchen will not be bombarded with pests such as flies, birds, and others, preventing your food products from possible costly and harmful spoilage.

Another advantage of adding plastic strip curtains in your commercial kitchen is that they can effectively regulate temperatures. Plastic strip curtains have materials that can prevent indoor temperatures from changing drastically. And with the presence of these protective mechanisms, you can expect the temperatures of your commercial kitchen to be controlled based on your preferences.

Your employees must be able to move in and out of your commercial kitchen without any delays. Fortunately, plastic strip curtains can easily provide convenient access to people who are working in your commercial kitchen and other high-traffic areas. They can effectively reduce harmful elements and regulate temperatures without sacrificing the productivity of your workforce.

Aside from easy access, adding plastic strip curtains in your commercial kitchen can also ensure that your workplace will be safe for you and your employees. Plastic strip curtains often boast transparent to translucent materials. With this characteristic, you and your employees can easily find out all the happenings on the other side of the curtains before entering or passing through.

One more advantage that you can obtain from adding plastic strip curtains is that it can save a lot of money. Compared to industrial doors, plastic strip curtains can already provide tons of helpful benefits with just a small amount of money. From protecting the food products to enhancing the productivity of employees, your commercial kitchen can truly operate optimally without spending too many resources.

To buy plastic strip curtains for your commercial kitchen, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

A lot of businesses utilise coolrooms in storing different types of perishable products at low temperatures. As long as these products are stored in these cold storage solutions, they are expected to last longer and retain their essential qualities.

Some businesses that maximise coolrooms include dining facilities, bars, laboratories, grocery stores, and warehouses. Many of these businesses utilise coolrooms in fixed positions for a long time. However, there are instances where these cold storage solutions must be dismantled and relocated.

Proper Dismantling and Relocation of the Coolroom

If your coolroomhas to be moved to another place, then you have to let the technicians do it. Most coolrooms today can be easily dismantled and relocated by technicians thanks to their panel composition. When dismantling the coolroom, they would typically unlock the panels so that its parts can be checked for any damages. Once water damages are found on the panels, they will be replaced with new ones. The rest of the panels, alternatively, will be sent to the new location. 

Aside from the panels, technicians would also have to check the compressor unit and other related electrical fixtures inside the chamber. Once issues have been found on these parts, professionals would assess if they can still be fixed. Other parts of the coolroom are then isolated from their housing and disconnected from the electrical supply so that they can be transferred safely and properly.

But before technicians can relocate your coolroom to the new place, they would first check the condition of the area. They would often identify if the new space can accommodate the size of the coolroom. They would likewise assess if the electric supply in the area can handle its operations. Once these things have been cleared, they would ultimately start with the coolroom relocation.

Primary Reasons behind Relocation of the Coolroom

There are a couple of reasons why your coolroom must be relocated. 

One of the reasons why your coolroom must be relocated is due to the lack of space. Your business may have expanded over the past few years. Hence, the number of products that you have to store has increased as well. Relocating your coolroom to a new space allows you to have an option to expand your storage area, which can then bring more revenues to your business.

Another reason why your coolroom needs to be relocated is that you already possess a broken or aged coolroom. A broken or aged coolroom needs to be fixed or even replaced entirely. And while you are still thinking of the best thing to do with your cold storage solution, you now have the chance to decide if you want to place it in the same area or not.

If you want to find out more about coolroom disassembly and relocation, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

Many businesses, particularly those that require the proper storage of perishable goods, have to make sure that they are equipped with the right set of appliances and equipment pieces. Without investing in the right products, their overall business operation will only struggle significantly.

Commercial properties that require the storage of food and chemicals have to make sure that they utilise a coolroom. A coolroom is a dedicated space for storing a huge number of products at a low temperature. The main purpose of storing products inside the said cooling solution is to avoid quick spoilage of items. It can likewise avoid outdoor elements from affecting the condition of the products. Storing products inside the coolroom can then prolong their shelf life, making the products useful for future consumption or sale.

But to effectively maximise the coolroom, it must be paired and combined with quality shelving. If you currently own a coolroom, adding shelving can be great for you thanks to its benefits.

Preserves Hygiene

One of the primary benefits of adding quality shelving in your coolroom is that it can preserve the hygiene of the space. Quality shelving solutions are mostly made from metal materials that prevent bacteria and viruses from growing and spreading. So, once they are installed inside your coolroom, your food products and chemicals will now be safe from being contaminated.

Maximises Space

Another great benefit of installing quality shelving in your coolroom is it can maximise your storage space. A lot of shelving options can be customised according to one’s liking. Hence, if you will be collaborating with a reliable manufacturer, you can easily obtain shelving combinations that can store your products without taking up too much space inside your coolroom.

Maintains Stability

The materials used for coolroom shelving are mostly metals, particularly zinc and stainless steel. Aside from them being food-grade and resistant to elements, these materials can also maintain stability and support heavy loads. So, once you utilise shelving that is made from these materials, then you can expect your products and items to be stored for a long time without worrying about sudden shelving collapse.

Resists Temperature

The temperature of a coolroom is expected to be at or below 5°C. And with this coldness, the materials used for creating the whole coolroom are ensured to be resistant to cold temperatures. The same qualities of materials must also be present with shelving. Fortunately, many manufacturers make sure that their coolroom shelving would be able to resist temperatures of -40°C to 80°C.

Grants Choices

Adding quality shelving to your coolroom does not only make your storage optimal, but it can also grant you choices in terms of its general setup. Not all coolrooms are made similarly. They likewise serve different functions to various businesses. Through quality shelving, it can grant you a chance to remove or install shelving grills, plates, hook supports, and adjustable feet.

If you want to obtain quality shelving in your coolroom, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms are designed to securely store products in low temperatures, ensuring that their service life will be preserved. The storage of products inside these coolrooms is also intended to prevent elements from affecting their associated properties.

Most coolrooms can be found in businesses that are in the food service and retail industries. Restaurants tend to maximise coolrooms in storing products needed for their food preparation activities. Supermarkets and other similar retail stores, alternatively, utilise coolrooms to preserve the quality of their products before selling them to consumers. Laboratories likewise use coolrooms for their research processes.

These cold storage solutions are truly significant to the operations of these businesses. However, even with frequent upkeep, they could still suddenly malfunction due to a couple of reasons.

  1. Lack of Vapour Barrier

One possible reason behind faulty coolrooms is the absence of a vapour barrier. Vapour barrier, which is often made from insulation materials, are designed to keep water vapour at bay and prevent it from reaching the walls and roofs of the coolrooms. The absence of this special barrier would only allow water vapour to enter the coolrooms, which can then lead to the formation of mould as well as the deterioration of the walls and ceiling. Asking for professional help can resolve this issue right away.

Coolrooms can work optimally if their respective spaces have adequate ventilation. Once the ventilation becomes insufficient, the cooling system inside these rooms will only work poorly. As this problem goes on, the ceiling of the affected coolroom would eventually start to attain dripping issues. Ignoring these issues could only cost a lot of money since they may affect the quality of the stored products. This problem can be solved by applying proper insulation and maintaining correct airflow.

The thermostat of a coolroom must be in an area where it can easily sense any temperature changes. If the thermostat is in an area where products block its sensing power, then the coolroom’s air temperature will surely fluctuate. The fluctuation in air temperature can be wasteful for the coolroom since the cooling system has to adjust its operations more frequently. It can likewise influence the quality of the products. Placing the thermostat in an optimal location can ensure that the cooling system will not fail.

One more reason why coolrooms malfunction is due to poor design and layout. Coolroomsmust be compartmentalised properly so that different groups of products can be stored without risking cross-contamination. Failure to compartmentalise the coolrooms would only force different types of products to interact with each other. This interaction will ultimately lead to the coolrooms consuming too much energy, exhausting the longevity of the cooling system. Coolroom malfunctions can be easily mitigated with frequent assessments and maintenance. To know more about coolrooms, you can always call us at C&M Coolroom Services. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Victoria, we cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

Commercial and industrial properties cater to a lot of activities every day. And for them to be truly effective, they must possess elements that can help workers get their jobs done.

One element that can help these properties to be efficient is the door. Doors are one of the elements that could make or break the operations of businesses. With appropriate and high-quality doors, the overall workflow of the properties is expected to be smooth. Opting for doors that are poorly designed, alternatively, would only deter workers from carrying out their jobs efficiently.

Tons of door options are available in the market today. But one great door option that commercial and industrial properties can easily maximise is the clear plastic swing door.

Benefits of Installing Clear Plastic Swing Doors

Clear plastic swings doors, when manufactured optimally, can bring a lot of benefits to owners of commercial and industrial properties.

One notable benefit of clear plastic swing doors is enhanced safety. The clear portion of the swing doors allows the employees to see through them, preventing them from swinging the doors recklessly. The visible area of the clear plastic swing doors likewise deters people from getting into accidents. Another benefit of clear plastic swing doors is that they are long-lasting. Since most clear plastic swing doors are made from durable materials, they can swiftly resist damaging elements like moisture and heat. They can even resist bacteria and viruses once they are integrated with stainless steel.

Other benefits of clear plastic swing doors that commercial and industrial properties can maximise include enhanced appeal, improved practicality, and boosted energy savings.

Upkeep of Clear Plastic Swing Doors is Needed

To maximise the benefits of clear plastic swing doors, they must be maintained regularly. If you currently own them, then here are some things that you can do to maintain these useful doors.

  1. Add Extra Insulation: One great way of maintaining the performance of your clear plastic swing doors is to add extra insulation. Clear plastic swing doors can generally save a lot of energy since they prevent temperature fluctuations. And since these fluctuations are prevented, the costs of cooling and heating can be reduced substantially. Despite these features, the addition of extra insulation elements can guarantee more cost savings and even prolong the doors’ service life.
  2. Lubricate Components: Some components of your clear plastic swing doors like hinges move regularly. Without ample lubrication, they might suffer from wear and tear, which can then affect the service life of the doors. If you notice that your doors are emitting sound whenever they are opened or closed, then it would be the best time for you to lubricate some of their components. You may maximise non-petroleum oils as they do not promote the build-up of dust particles.
  3. Wipe them Regularly: One more thing that you need to do in maintaining your clear plastic swing doors is to wipe them regularly. Clear plastic swing doors can be wiped with a dry towel first before cleaning them with a sponge soaked in warm water to remove dust and other dirt particles. Compatible cleaning solutions, alternatively, can be used to further clean their surfaces.

To know more about clear plastic swing doors, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Laboratories play a pivotal role in generating tons of scientific breakthroughs, technological studies, and experiments all over the world. And one reason behind their ability to support these things is the presence of absolute control over key environmental conditions needed by the researchers.

These facilities can support studies and experiments since their environmental conditions can be manipulated through various equipment pieces and supplies. Specific areas and rooms are likewise constructed so that their temperatures, humidity, and other surrounding elements can be controlled optimally. Of course, all the activities being conducted inside these facilities can be risky. Hence, they are constructed to keep the surroundings safe.

One specific room that a laboratory must possess is a coolroom. Obtaining a coolroom for your laboratory is essential so that you can store products and research findings in low temperatures. Here are some factors you should consider in choosing the best coolroom for your laboratory.

Overall Durability

One of the factors that you must consider in choosing the best coolroom for your laboratory is its durability. Experiments and studies that are being done inside your laboratory can take a long time. From one research to another, most of the elements inside your laboratory would work round-the-clock. Given these facts, your coolroom should be able to handle constant usage, especially during the most strenuous processes in an experiment or study. A coolroom is said to be durable and long-lasting is if it is made from metal materials. It is also dependable if it has shelves that can store many items in just one go.

System Safety

The products involved in conducting experiments and studies can be very sensitive to surrounding elements. With just one mistake, they can easily react violently and cause some hazards to the surroundings. Given this fact, your coolroom should be able to handle any reactions that the products may emit. Your coolroom can be considered safe if it is equipped with an alarm system that warns you about sudden temperature changes. Safety is likewise present in your coolroom if it has temperature displays that can serve as a quick and reliable guide for your temperature readings.

Temperature Control

As previously stated, a laboratory works effectively as it can control the variables needed for the research or experiment. Your coolroom, therefore, must also keep up with the needed controls of your studies by maintaining the set temperature. Coolrooms that cannot maintain stable temperatures throughout their usage will only affect the results of a study or experiment negatively, yielding errors that can be costly to the company. Alternatively, opting for a coolroom that can stay within tight temperature parameters is a must so that your experiments and studies can yield precise results.

Choosing your coolroom out of these factors can help your laboratory thrive and succeed in conducting various research, studies, and experiments. To obtain a reliable coolroom for your laboratory, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

Walk-in coolrooms and freezers are some examples of cold storage solutions that can be very useful for commercial establishments and industrial properties. With these cold storage solutions, they can easily cool or freezer products so they can be preserved optimally. Walk-in coolrooms and freezers can likewise prevent harmful microorganisms from damaging delicate products.

But for these cold storage solutions to be very effective, they must allow employees inside to work efficiently. From loading to unloading the products, employees must feel safe and secure while they are inside the walk-in coolrooms and freezers.

Employee Safety is Necessary

Employees, as previously stated, must be able to work safely and securely whenever they are inside the walk-in coolrooms and freezers. Some of them, after all, may have to conduct a physical inventory count of the products. Others, alternatively, have to unload some of the products inside the coolrooms or freezers and send them to their intended locations and applications.

Without sustaining the safety of employees, walk-in coolrooms and freezers can easily pose some risks to their overall health and wellbeing.

One vital risk of ignoring employee safety is the spread of illnesses. Some examples of walk-in coolroom and freezer illnesses that can affect the health of employees include frostbite, frostnip, hypothermia, chilblains, and immersion injuries. As more employees obtain these illnesses during their work, the performance of businesses that rely on coolrooms and freezers will certainly decrease.

Maintaining Employee Safety

If you are currently managing a business that relies heavily on walk-in coolrooms and freezers, then you have to do everything just to keep your employees safe. Some of the things that you can do to ensure and maintain employee safety are as follows:

To know more about walk-in coolroom and freezers, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Business owners who maximise coolrooms often find ways to make them efficient and functional. Fortunately, their respective coolrooms can work optimally once they are paired with plastic strip curtains.

Plastic strip curtains are normally installed on the entryways of coolrooms. With the presence of these accessories, coolrooms can save a huge amount of energy as plastic strip curtains prevent heat from entering the rooms freely. Plastic strip curtains can also protect coolrooms from dirt particles and insects, ensuring that the stored products will be preserved. The workflow around coolrooms is likewise sustained with plastic strip curtains due to their see-through appearance.

But to fully maximise plastic strip curtains, they must be maintained first. If you are currently using them in your coolrooms, then here are some tips on maintaining them.

Wipe with Warm Water

One way to maintain your plastic strip curtains is to wipe them with warm water. Through a bucket of warm water and a sponge, you can wipe the plastic strip curtains down and clean them immediately. As you perform this tip, you can see right away a lot of dirt from your sponge. If this tip has effectively cleaned for your plastic strip curtains, then continue to do this activity regularly. If your plastic strip curtains, however, cannot be cleaned with this trick, then you must try the subsequent cleaning methods.

Try Soaking in Water

Plastic strip curtains can usually be cleaned by wiping them down with warm water. But if they still look dirty, then you may want to soak them in water. Plastic strip curtains that cannot be cleaned by wiping typically mean that some of their parts have scratches. These scratches will then allow dirt particles to stick, making them difficult to remove. Soaking them in a bowl of water for an hour and wiping them down afterwards can usually remove the stubborn dirt particles.

Perform a Deep Clean

A one-step above the usual cleaning with water, deep cleaning can be performed to improve the appearance and performance of your plastic strip curtains. Deep cleaning your plastic strip curtains typically involve the use of chemical-based cleaners, especially bleach. Bleach can be watered down to ensure that it can clean your plastic strip curtains without discolouring or damaging them. Once the bleach solution is used, you must wash the plastic strip curtains with water and dry them off.

Carry Out Guidelines

Your plastic strip curtains may be cleaned regularly, but the quantity of their required cleaning resources can be costly. Hence, you must carry out guidelines to ensure that they do not get dirty easily. One thing that you can enact is to clean your coolrooms regularly. Minimising the dirt particles around your coolrooms can prevent plastic strip curtains from getting dirty in a short time. You can likewise create policies that would encourage employees entering the coolrooms to clean themselves first. These helpful tips can ensure that your plastic strip curtains will be maintained optimally. If you have some more questions about the maintenance of plastic strip curtains, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Food-related businesses that require proper storage of food products would normally maximise coolrooms. What makes coolrooms great for these properties is that they can effectively maintain the required low temperatures of the products, avoiding any chances of rot and spoilage among them. They likewise have enough space for the fast movement and efficient storage of these products.

But for coolrooms to be certainly effective, they must be maintained regularly.

Maintenance of Coolrooms is Essential

Just like other spaces in an establishment, coolrooms should be maintained regularly so that they can be effective and efficient. Without regular maintenance, most of the products inside them might get some damages as the temperatures are not regulated anymore. Coolrooms might likewise consume too much energy, which can be reflected in a business’s utility bills. These issues, ultimately, may lead to a significant decrease in the performance of the establishment.

Some parts of the coolrooms that must be maintained regularly include doors and shelving. The core cooling components of these places must likewise be assessed, fixed, or replaced regularly so that they cannot generate problems throughout their operations.

The Presence of High Humidity Level

Now, despite all your efforts in maintaining your coolroom, one element that must be checked at all costs is its humidity level.

Humidity is recognised as the amount of water vapour in the surroundings. The humidity level of a place can get high if there is a lot of water vapour present. And with a huge amount of water vapour in the air, moisture may start to generate some effects to some places like the coolrooms.

Since moisture is in the air, it would be difficult for you to recognise the presence of a high humidity level in your coolroom. Fortunately, you can easily confirm the presence of a high amount of moisture in your coolroom with some tell-tale symptoms. Some of these symptoms include the generation of ice on several fixtures in your coolroom, the accumulation of water, the formation of mist in the air, and the sudden deterioration of your food products.

Managing the Humidity of the Coolroom

Most of the tell-tale symptoms of high humidity levels in your coolroom can generate serious problems for your business along the way. For one, they can extensively damage the stored products, which can then dissatisfy a lot of customers. These symptoms can likewise generate some burden to your overall finances due to emergency repairs and unnecessary product losses.

The presence of humidity-related issues can even affect your employees since high levels of moisture can make them feel uncomfortable. High humidity can even cause the formation of mould inside the coolroom, which is known for producing allergens that can be harmful to one’s health.

All these problems can be prevented if the humidity level of your coolroom will be managed effectively. With optimum humidity levels, you can expect a significant return on investment. You can likewise achieve lower energy consumption, incur reduced operating costs, and maximise more fresh products.

If you need help in reducing humidity in your coolroom, feel free to call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms are generally designed to keep food items cold and fresh. With their cool temperatures, these cooling solutions can ensure that microbes will not develop and ruin the quality of the products. They can ensure that the shelf life of the products is preserved before taking them out.

The primary components of coolrooms make them great for preserving food items needed by various commercial establishments. They are often comprised of a compressor, a condenser, evaporator coils, and fans. Aside from these core components, they are also integrated with cold storage doors, ceiling unit coolers, and an electronic control box.

Even though these components can already perform the intended operations of a coolroom, their performance can still be improved with the integration of plastic strip curtains. Installing plastic strip curtains in your coolroom can provide you with the following benefits:

Withstands Elements

One great benefit of utilising plastic strip curtains for your coolroom is that they are durable. The durability of plastic strip curtains allows them to withstand wear and tear due to constant movement around the coolrooms. They can likewise resist a huge amount of stress before the curtains start to break or stretch. 

Prevents Pollutants

Another benefit of installing plastic strip curtains is that they can prevent air pollutants from going inside the coolrooms. Food products can be sensitive to dust, dirt, fumes, smoke, and draughts. And if these pollutants constantly enter the coolroom, then you may expect them to deteriorate and spoil very quickly. The integration of these curtains, alternatively, prevents the spoilage of products effectively as they can block off the air pollutants right away without compromising the entry of technicians, forklifts, and others.

Isolates Street Noise

Aside from air pollutants, the installation of plastic strip curtains in your coolroom can also help in isolating and blocking off street noise. Most commercial establishments that utilise coolrooms are found in communities that may be bombarded with street noise, particularly the sound of vehicles and the chatters of people. With plastic strip curtains, they can reduce the noise of the coolrooms by up to 17 decibels.

Increases Comfort

Plastic strip curtains can be somehow either transparent or translucent. These characteristics alone make them great for enhancing workflow safety and efficiency. The appearance of these curtains allows employees to pass through the coolrooms without the risk of collisions. Aside from their appearance, the comfort of employees can improve due to their excellent climate control. Temperatures are maintained optimally, preventing employees from getting sick due to extreme coldness.

Sustains Energy Use

One more benefit of utilising plastic strip curtains in your coolrooms is that they can sustain energy use. The properties of plastic strip curtains allow them to minimise loss of cooled air, which can help in ensuring the temperature of these storage solutions. And as the cooled air is preserved, your coolroom components do not have to draw more energy than their recommended operations. This benefit can also help in saving a lot of money.

For plastic strip curtain needs, you can reach us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Businesses that are related to food products may only be successful if they invest in cold storage solutions. These solutions, as their name implies, can store food products while they are being exposed to low temperatures. The temperatures of these solutions prevent bacteria and other elements from ruining the quality of food products. They can likewise prolong the shelf life of the products.

There are tons of cold storage solutions that these businesses may consider and acquire. Two of these solutions are coolrooms and freezers. Some aspects of these cold storage solutions may be similar, but they also have some differences that make them ideal for specific applications.

Here is a comparison between coolrooms and freezers to help you pick the best option for your business.

Maintaining Coldness with Coolrooms

Coolrooms are storage solutions that are meant to keep food products and perishable items cold. They are often maximised as work areas, where they can store cabinets, shelves, and other storage areas for perishable goods and items. 

The temperatures of the coolrooms typically range between 2°C to 5°C, which are already enough to keep the items fresh and prevent them from spoiling. Some of the most common items and products that can be stored in coolrooms are bottled drinks, soda cans, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat. A number of these products should be stored in food-grade containers to preserve their quality.

What is great about coolrooms is that they can keep up with the sanitary standards of businesses through their effective cooling systems. They can also handle products handling effectively due to their included wide area for loading and unloading of goods. Coolrooms can even be utilised in displaying products. When paired with compatible glass cabinets, they can easily allow customers to pick their needed items.

Long-Time Item Storage with Freezers

Freezers, alternatively, are enclosed and sealed units that can be accessed several times a day. They are often equipped with a durable door, defrost pipes, drip alarms, and other components that can prevent the ice from ruining the storage of products.

All the components of the freezers can likewise sustain the temperature requirements of these storage solutions. After all, they are designed to operate in negative temperatures. For optimal food storage, they often run around -18°C. And to maintain these temperatures, these freezers must be paired with digital thermostats. The freezing temperatures of the freezers prevent microorganisms from spoiling and damaging the products, even after storing them for a long time.

Freezers also have some benefits that can be great for certain applications. They can easily maintain the freshness of any cooked meals. They can likewise prevent contamination of products, as long as they are stored properly. Some notable products that must be stored in freezers include dairy products, raw meats and seafood, meat or veggie stock, cooked pasta and noodles, soups, and stews.

If you still need some advice when picking between the two, then contact us now at C&M Coolroom Services.

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