There are numerous reasons to stock up on various food items. Some of these reasons are more common than others, but all of them are very important to know.

One of the main reasons for food storage is emergency situations such as power outages, severe storms; including hurricanes, tornado threats and flooding. There is the survivalist type who believe in stocking up for other purposes. These individuals like keeping a good stock of food at all times.

Farmers also stock up on their crops and other non-perishables, canned and frozen foods. Maybe you have a large family, and you like being stocked up on tour non-perishables, canned foods and freezer items. These are just a few examples of people who stock up on food. Whatever your reason may be it is important to know the urgency of the correct way to store food whether it is in the freezer or on a shelf.

With all foods there are certain ways you have to store and prepare them.

Canned foods

Canned foods can last years after being purchased and are essentially the easiest foods to store besides boxed goods. Foods like canned vegetables, fruit, meats, beans and other such foods can be stored for very long periods of time. However the life of these foods also depends upon the conditions that they are stored under. Lighting, temperature and humidity canal of an impact on storage life.

Boxed goods

Most of all boxed goods that you can buy can normally be stored for very long periods of times as well. Essentially these foods don’t ruin and will last quite a few years if stored properly. However storage conditions also pertain to boxed and bagged goods as well.

Meat and dairy products: These are the most quickly ruining foods and must be stored for only certain lengths of time and the temperature is essential in storing these foods. Beef can be stored up to six months, pork products can be stored up to twelve months and lamb, veal, poultry and venison can be stored between 8-12 months. A crucial factor in storing meat is making sure there are no tears in packaging to avoid freezer burn.

Some products like rice, instant potatoes and pasta can last for 30 plus years. There are other food products that can last as long or almost as long. Check with your FDA website for a complete list of foods that can be stored for long periods of time. If you are storing foods for this long, it is a good idea to occasionally rotate the stock out with your month or three month supply of foods to keep them fresher.

Living comfortable and paying the price

CM- Coolroom and freezer energy audits are customary. If you own a restaurant or other business or home that has a coolroom or freezers then you will want to pay close attention.

Performing an energy saving audit on your coolrooms and freezers will save you big-time!

Home energy saving audits

Having a general home or business location energy saving audit is smart too. If you running the heater in the winter and a lot of air in the summer, then living comfortable may come at a big cost, especially if you have energy leaks and repair issues that are energy-related.

What is a general home energy saving audit?

Just like auditing your coolrooms and freezers, homes and entire businesses need energy assessments.

Home energy audits = energy assessments, and they are all the same. How do you use your energy? Is your house losing energy? If so you are definitely losing hard earned cash. Can your issues or problems with energy leaks or other energy issues found in your audit be easily fixed? If so, you will be calling on the energy auditor soon.

Doing your own energy audit

Living comfortable

Of course you want to be comfortable. You want to be cozy cuddly warm in the chilliest winter times, and easy breezy cool in the hot, steamy summer. But living comfortable can be costly if you have leaks or other issues that cause your energy efficiency level to drop.

If you want to live comfortable then keep your savings in tact by not spending unnecessarily on big energy costs that could have been avoided. A small repair is less costly than a huge energy bill.

Best advice:

Get a coolroom, freezer(s), home and or business energy audit now!

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