Back in time when cold storage rooms were invented, they were used for food storage purposes only. Later it was discovered that refrigeration is a great way to make thing last longer, and could be used to boost sales, which meant there were a wide range of other industries that also benefited from the invention.

The flower industry definitely benefits from refrigeration technologies, especially with its multiple cooling needs; it can certainly make use of walk-in-cold rooms. Coolroom systems today are specifically designed by refrigeration specialists to meet any refrigeration needs. A coolroom service Melbourne can effectively help floral businesses with little investment and maintenance in the following ways.

1. Longer Lasting Flowers
Imagine, if you could make your flowers last longer than usual? According to several studies, flowers stored at 5 degree Celsius lose their attractiveness three times faster than flowers stored at 1 degree Celsius. Cold rooms are practically the better way to ensure that you maintain the quality standards irrespective of what the weather is outside.

2. Variable Settings
Not all flower showrooms need to freeze their flowers to extremes. However, at times certain special flowers need special care. How will you meet such variable temperature needs? Not with just any standard refrigeration system? Modern coolroom options are designed to track air temperature and allow you to choose from -35 degrees to 35 degrees. Whatever your product is, there is an ideal temperature to maintain, and with a new coolroom you’ll never worry about it again.

3. Cost Cutting
Do you think that adding a floral walk-in-cold room will increases operational cost of your business? Well, experts from CM Coolrooms, an exceptional refrigeration company Melbourne, claim your operational costs won’t increase. Think of all the damaged and deteriorated flowers that are thrown away every year by floral shops that do not have adequate refrigeration to meet their needs. In the long run, such refrigeration units save money floral companies money.

4. Low Maintenance
Modern walk-in-cold rooms are amazing pieces of technology that can operate nearly maintenance free for many years. Less maintenance and less repairs means more money your company can use for other necessary things.

If you would like to explore the latest refrigeration options available, the coolroom experts at C&M Coolroom Services are happy to meet with you. You can learn more about the company and services by visiting their website here:

Commercial cooling requirements are a bit different from what we use at home. Although the technology is the same, commercial places need systems that are robust and virtually never give up. Of course, proper maintenance makes sure that refrigeration does not fail, but at times these systems do fail and that is when your coolroom service provider is tested.

Over the last few years, the number of refrigeration service providers has increased multiple times. There are plenty of cool room services that claim to offer support to commercial locations 24 x  7, but often they fail to provide essential maintenance or repairs at the hour of need. It is actually difficult at best to find the right kind of exceptional refrigeration service in Melbourne.

That is precisely where testimonies and word of the mouth comes into the play. While choosing coolroom services, most companies ensure that they take various things under consideration including what other businesses have to say about them.

They say that you cannot hide bad reviews but it is the same with satisfied customers too. Every once in a while you will find someone who will talk about the maintenance and support that their refrigeration company has provided them. When customers are happy with the service they receive, they aren’t shy bragging about it.
So, if you are also looking for a certain cooling company that can serve your needs promptly, the following things should help you.

Let satisfied Customers steer you to Exceptional Coolroom Services

Often testimonies and reviews on company websites are abundant, these help you to understand the standards of their service. It’s recommend to spend as much time as necessary to discern if a company’s customers are satisfied with the service they have received.

Online yellow pages can offer a lot of help as well. Most refrigeration websites upload only the best of reviews; however, there is less chance of deleting the bad reviews on yellow pages. So, you can better get an unbiased opinion. For truly candid comments, you should definitely explore the social media platforms. People are really open on such networking websites and usually provide interesting information. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the best available resources.

Finding exceptional refrigeration service in Melbourne is important for many reasons, especially if you do not want to suspend your business for several days because your coolroom service provider is a no show. A good company with exceptional services will have satisfied customers like CM Coolroom Services Melbourne:

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