Owners of commercial establishments that offer food and other similar products are required to store their products effectively. Without efficient storage, these mentioned owners may find it challenging to thrive in their respective sectors since they cannot prevent spoilage of their products.

Fortunately, commercial freezers are widely available for storing and prolonging the life of food products. They now even come in different varieties, with each type boasting diverse functionalities and features that are deemed helpful in making a business successful. Some commercial freezer types and their basic properties are the following:

Walk-in Refrigerators

Both restaurants and dining places can utilise walk-in refrigerators since they need to have a large amount of storage space. Setting up of commercial shelving operations inside the walk-in freezers is also more organised and way easier than other types of refrigeration units. Walk-in units are recommended for storing juices, soft drinks, alcohol, and items that are bought in bulk.

Reach-in Freezers

Reach-in freezers and refrigerators are storage units that are great for the back of the house operations. This type of commercial freezer may come in either glass door reach-in units or solid door reach-in units. Depending on your preference, both mentioned reach-in units may have Dutch-style half doors or full-length doors. Reach-in units are typically grouped into multiple segmented sections.

Under-counter Refrigerator

Under-counter refrigerators function similarly to reach-in freezers. The only difference between them is that under-counter units usually have a shorter form factor, enabling them to fit into small tight spaces. These refrigerator units can effectively help you store a few products that can be used on an as-needed basis. The top surface of these units can even double as a food prep table.

Serve Over Counter

If you are planning to open a café, meat outlet, or grocery store, then you may want to invest in some serve over counter units. These units can display items in a more appealing fashion through the help of bent or level glass. They work closely similar to counter-top display refrigerators. However, serve over counter units do not contain glass for covering food products, contrary to their counterpart.

Pastry or Bakery Display

The finish of a pastry or bakery display is usually made from either traditional wooden finish or stainless steel that is curved with glass. This type of refrigeration unit has a front glass cover that allows customers to view all the bakery and pastry products. This also enables customers to choose their desired product conveniently.

Bar Refrigerators

Bar refrigerators are frequently designed with black vinyl or a stainless steel exterior that gives them a more streamlined look with the rest of the under-counter bar area. These bar refrigerators come in various types like back bar refrigerators, plate chillers, keg coolers, and many more.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

As the name implies, refrigerated prep tables are intended to be used in the preparation area or cook line in a commercial kitchen. To date, the two primary types of these tables are pizza prep tables and sandwich/salad tables. Since they are intended for food preparation, these refrigeration units contain drawers for storing sauces or dressings.

Knowing the features of each type of freezer will help you pick and choose the appropriate units for your commercial kitchen or establishment. For more information about these refrigeration units, feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We are a WPCG (formerly API) accredited company that offers a comprehensive range of high quality commercial and industrial coolroom and freezer room installation, repair, renovation, and maintenance services.

Coolrooms in certain industries are utilised to provide cool temperatures to products that need to be served and sold fresh. Without these rooms, some products may spoil right away, which may lead to a loss in earnings and may even compromise the health and safety of employees.

One must-have feature of coolrooms is PVC strip curtains. They create appropriate portioning and division in coolrooms and freezers. Even industrial workplaces, factories, warehouses, kitchens, and storage areas use them for the very same purpose. Aside from portioning, PVC strip curtains are also installed on the said places since they make accessibility more convenient.

Benefits of Installing PVC Strip Curtains

Installing PVC strip curtains on areas that require cold storage is done since businesses believe in their accompanying benefits.

Choosing the Right PVC Strip Curtains

The benefits of PVC strip curtains can only be experienced in your coolroom if you choose the right size and fitting. The size of strip curtains can be measured according to their strip width and thickness, both of which are important to make your coolroom more effective in keeping the interior temperature optimal. 

The recommended thickness of strip curtains for the coolroom may range from 3 to 4mm. Moreover, the width of your PVC strips must be around 6 inches so that your coolroom can maintain its temperature effectively. However, if your coolroom is surrounded by a high-temperature area, then the use of thicker PVC strip curtains is highly recommended.

By choosing the right size of your PVC strip curtains, the performance of your coolroom will be boosted and enhanced, ultimately helping your business to succeed in the long run. Turn to C&M Coolroom Services today so that we can provide you customised PVC strip curtains according to the condition and needs of your coolroom.

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