Businesses in the hospitality industry utilise a wide array of equipment and appliances for their operations to become successful. One of the operations they have to deal with is the proper storage and preservation of food items.

Out of many cold storage solutions, most business owners prefer investing in coolrooms for the storage and preservation of their products. Coolrooms, after all, have adequate space for storing a huge number of foods and drinks. They can even be organised effectively, ensuring that employees can get in and out of these rooms without causing delays to their general operations. Coolrooms are also designed to avoid external elements from entering.

One aspect of coolrooms that must be integrated optimally is their storage. Their storage, which can be done by adding shelving and racking, must be chosen carefully to avoid any issues. To acquire the best coolroom shelving and racking for your business, here are some things you need to consider when choosing these storage options.


One of the things you need to consider when choosing coolroom shelving and racking for your business is their dimensions. You already know the actual size of your coolroom. The only thing that you need to do is to get shelving and racking that can fit inside your coolroom. Failure to match these storage solutions to your coolroom, after all, may only lead to unnecessary delays in your business operations as you have to return them.


The products you will be storing inside your coolroom, especially on your shelving and racking, should also be considered when choosing them. The number of products you will store can be a crucial factor in selecting these cold storage solutions as they have to fit them effectively. Additionally, the characteristics of your food items and drinks must also be considered as some of them can be delicate and can spoil easily once they interact with specific materials. In this case, you must go for shelving and racking made from food-grade materials.


The style or type of shelving and racking should also be accounted for when picking them for your coolroom. Knowing their style or type can affect their general installation, layout, operation, and maintenance. Most of them would differ in shape and design. One style of shelving and racking is mobile, which can be moved around the coolroom whenever necessary. Wire grid-post shelving and racking, alternatively, can maximise airflow and stay intact for a long time. Wall shelving and racking, ultimately, are intended to be installed on the walls.


One more thing you must consider when picking some shelving and racking for your coolroom is their cost. This element hugely depends on your budget. However, you must ensure that you obtain these coolroom accessories from manufacturers that can provide you with different designs and styles from varying values. You must also ensure they meet your requirements without compromising their quality at great prices. The existence of a warranty on your coolroom accessories is even better for their overall value.

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Food service and retail businesses take advantage of coolrooms and freezer rooms to store a wide array of perishable products. They also use these cold storage solutions to keep products that have been recently opened or prepared.

If your business maximises these cold storage solutions, you already know their importance to your operations. The presence of a coolroom and freezer room can ensure that your products’ shelf life can be extended for a few days. They can also preserve the taste, nutrients, and other qualities that will make them still useful and consumable upon storing them for days.

Holidays, however, are getting closer. Without proper upkeep of your coolroom and freezer room, they might not be able to preserve your items effectively. So, before the holidays come, you must already start maintaining them. Here are some reasons why they should be maintained as early as possible.

Regulate Energy Use

One of the top reasons why you should maintain your coolroom and freezer room before the holidays is to regulate their energy use. These cold storage solutions are expected to draw a lot of power as they operate every day. And with a higher number of products being stored, they can easily increase the amount of energy being consumed. Failure to maintain them optimally, however, will only force them to utilise energy way beyond their usual power requirements, increasing your energy bills by a massive amount in the long run.

Maintain Performance

Another reason why you must maintain your coolroom and freezer room is to maintain their performance. Largely connected to the first reason, your coolroom and freezer room can only work properly and draw less energy if their components have been checked and serviced properly. Seals, doors, walls, cooling components, and others should all be checked to see if they can still carry out their respective functions. Without functional components, your items may not be preserved optimally. They can also lead to ice and mould build-up.

Minimise Product Loss

As the owner of the coolroom and freezer room, you must have them inspected and serviced before the holidays to minimise product loss. Your cold storage solutions, as mentioned earlier, operate every day. And without regular maintenance, some of their components might be faulty already. Failure to service these damaged components will only lead to the spoilage of the items. Keeping spoiled products inside these rooms can then damage most of your products, which can lead to a sharp decline in your revenues and sales.

Guarantee Safety

One more reason why you must maintain your coolroom and freezer room before the holidays is to guarantee the safety of your employees. Your employees regularly visit your coolroom and freezer room to store and get some items needed by your business. Without regular upkeep and servicing, your rooms might already be filled with ice that can cause slips and falls. They may also develop some moulds, which can pose health risks to the employees. Opting for upkeep before the holidays can ensure that the rooms will be free from hazards.

If you need help maintaining your coolroom and freezer room before the holidays, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Food service businesses utilise freezer rooms to store products they will later use or sell. With the addition of freezer rooms, they can safely store food items and preserve their freshness by exposing them to freezing temperatures.

Some food items often stored in freezer rooms are butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, beef, chicken, fish, pork, sausage, scallops, and shrimp. Freezer rooms can also be used to preserve the quality of avocado, berries, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cherries, mushrooms, onions, and potatoes. Given the number of food items that can be stored inside these cold storage solutions, they should always be assessed, cleaned, and maintained.

If you are utilising commercial freezer rooms, you must ensure they will not have any issues. But once you have spotted some, your team should be ready to resolve them right away. Here are some common issues with these rooms and ways to fix them.

The Build-up of Thick Frost

One common issue with freezer rooms is the build-up of thick frost. When checking your freezer rooms, you may notice thick layers of frost covering their walls. As time passes, food items that have been inside these rooms for a long time may also be coated with frost. This issue is often caused by unstable freezing temperatures and humidity levels inside the freezing rooms. To resolve this problem, you should check and replace your room sealing. You must also replace your freezer panelling immediately.

Erratic Temperatures

Upon entering the freezer rooms, employees should wear proper clothing to protect themselves from low temperatures. Now, if they find the room temperature to be too warm, you may have to troubleshoot the freezer rooms. Freezer rooms may have a faulty temperature sensor, which pushes their temperatures to fluctuate. Failure to close the doors for a long time can also lead to erratic temperatures inside these rooms. Servicing the sensor and keeping the doors closed regularly may help resolve this problem. If not, you may have to call a professional.

Odd Noises and Odours

The only odour you and others should smell inside the commercial freezer rooms must only come from your fresh food items. Once you find yourself covering your nose due to lingering or fluctuating stale odours, you may have to check the operating conditions of the freezer rooms. Freezer rooms that fail to freeze your products may be due to a worn-out condenser or leaky coolant. Aside from odd odours, you may suddenly hear noisy components running in the background. To resolve these, faulty components must be fixed or replaced immediately.

Increased Energy Bills

One more issue that your commercial freezer rooms may possess is the increase in power consumption. Freezer rooms are expected to draw a huge amount of energy throughout their operation. But if your energy bills suddenly increase, you may have to check the condition of your freezer rooms. You must assess if your freezer rooms have leaky components. You must also check if your freezers have a faulty thermostat or other components. Now, if these issues do not exist, you may have to replace the freezer components altogether.

If you need some help with your freezer rooms, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

If you are currently managing a retail store, a restaurant, or other establishments, you must have invested in refrigeration and freezer units as your primary cold storage solutions. You must have picked these things since they can keep perishable items safe from harmful elements. They can likewise slow down the spoilage process of your products.

Some things, however, should be done to keep your refrigeration and freezer units effective. For one, you must separate varying groups of products to prevent cross-contamination. You must also prevent your products from blocking the components responsible for the cold air. The number of items stored inside your units must also be limited to prevent cold air components from drawing too much energy and breaking down. You must then incorporate sealing, panelling, and others into these units to keep warm air out.

But one more thing that you can do to further optimise your refrigeration and freezer units is to equip them with glass doors. Here are some notable reasons why you must install glass doors to your cold storage solutions.

Reduce Energy

One reason why you must install glass doors to your refrigeration and freezer units is they can reduce your energy consumption. Keeping your cold storage solutions open can often draw tons of power since they are forced to provide cold or freezing air while combatting the outdoor heat. As time passes, the components responsible for the cooling and freezing of products may break down, which will only lead to more expenses. Adding glass doors can retain cool or freezing air inside these units without drawing too much energy and spending too much money.

Improve Quality

Glass door installation does not only reduce your energy consumption, but it can also improve the quality of your products. The main purpose of refrigeration and freezer units, as mentioned earlier, is to preserve the quality of food products. But without doing any modification to these cold storage solutions, the quality of your items might not be preserved optimally. Adding glass doors can improve their quality and freshness since outdoor elements are deterred from entering. Quality improvements are also expected since they can keep these units cold.

Enhance Storage

Some refrigeration and freezer units have been designed to let people store items conveniently. But for those that do not have this quality, they must be integrated with glass doors. Glass doors can ensure that your cold storage units can be easier to organise. Upon opening the doors, your employees can easily arrange the items as well as move out spoiled ones. Your customers may even take advantage of glass doors as they can conveniently acquire the items they want to purchase from your freezer or refrigeration systems.

Boost Revenues

With optimised performance, adding glass doors to your refrigeration and freezer units can easily boost the revenues and performance of your establishment. Access to fresh and quality products ensures that you can provide them with the best meals or items your establishment offers. They will then come back and shop or dine in, making your place profitable.

To add glass doors for your cold storage solutions, you must contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We are Melbourne’s top provider of commercial and industrial coolroom and freezer room manufacturing, services, and complete solutions.

If you are in the hospitality or food service industry, you know how important your coolroom is for your business operations. By investing in a coolroom, you can easily store tons of food products and subsequently preserve their freshness and longevity. Once you need them, your employees can easily enter the coolroom and get them.

Aside from the food service industry, coolrooms can also be helpful in the retail and floristry industries. These cold storage solutions ensure that items will retain their qualities until establishments need to sell or distribute them to their customers or clients.

No matter what your business is, utilising a coolroom can provide you with better product quality and higher revenues. But to gain more benefits, your coolroom should be equipped with shelving. Here are some coolroom shelving practices your business should implement and carry out for it to remain clean and organised.

Opt for the Right Materials

One practice you must do for your coolroom shelving is to utilise one made from the right materials. Different types of shelving can be installed inside the coolroom. However, not all of them might boast materials that can fit the products they will be storing. If you are storing food products, you must only opt for coolroom shelving made from food-grade materials like stainless steel or zinc. Going for shelving made from these materials can prevent bacteria from spreading and damaging your products.

Utilise the Correct Finish

After going for the right materials for shelving, you must then pick its finish. Utilising the correct finish ensures that the shelving can last for a long time despite being exposed to various food products and surrounding elements. For dry storage, you must opt for shelving with a galvanised finish. Powder-coated shelving can then be maximised for the coolroom as it can resist elements effectively. A stainless steel finish, of course, can bring the needed resistance against bacteria, moisture, and other damaging elements in the surroundings.

Integrate Proper Partitions 

Once you have considered the materials of your shelving, the next thing you should do is to integrate proper partitions with your shelving. Products inside the coolroom often become contaminated due to cross-contamination. Without any partition between different product groups, they might end up contaminating one another. The addition of partitions on the shelving can ensure that cross-contamination will be prevented. Of course, proper assessment and cleaning must still be carried out to the shelving and partitions to keep them hygienic.

Keep the Coolroom Sealed

The installation of shelving inside your coolroom helps in keeping your products organised. And with the right materials, your shelving can ensure that your offerings will not be contaminated easily. However, to ensure the effectiveness of your shelving, you must keep the coolroom itself insulated and sealed optimally. To keep your coolroom effective, its doors should not be opened and closed repeatedly. Wall panels may also be installed so that the heat from outside will not enter the coolroom.

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When storing perishable items, businesses often turn to coolrooms for this purpose alone. Coolrooms are effective in carrying out the said activity as their cooling units can maintain internal temperatures throughout their operations. They also have enough space to accommodate large quantities of varying products.

But the effectiveness of coolrooms can only be maximised fully if they have the correct type of doors. By investing in the right coolroom doors, these cold storage solutions are expected to preserve the quality of items optimally. These doors can also help these coolrooms to prevent outdoor elements from infiltrating and damaging the deposited products. The right coolroom doors can likewise ensure the longevity of the cold storage solutions themselves.

When selecting the doors for your coolroom, you must consider a wide variety of factors. Some factors you need to consider when selecting them are as follows.


One factor you should consider when selecting your coolroom doors is efficiency. Different items are stored and pulled out of coolrooms every day. Without using the right doors, the internal temperatures of these rooms may gradually increase until they become ineffective. Opting for doors that move at high speed, alternatively, can cut down the amount of heat entering the coolrooms. And as these doors retain the cold temperatures of coolrooms, the rooms’ cooling units will not be forced to consume too much energy anymore.

Environmental Control

The efficiency of coolroom doors is directly affected by their environmental control. Considering this factor in choosing the doors of your cold storage units can ensure that your stored items will not get spoiled easily. Doing this can likewise make sure that food safety will be maintained throughout your business operations. When choosing your doors, you must opt for those with tight seals so they can reduce the transfer of heat from one place to another. You must also utilise those with high R-values to mitigate heat transfer from one medium to another.


Coolrooms may have been designed with safety features. However, opting for doors with enhanced safety capabilities is still recommended to prevent downtimes due to safety issues. Your coolroom doors should have the ability to retain optimal internal temperatures and prevent the build-up of ice and frost. They must also be equipped with LED light indicators, safety reversing edges, and audible alarms so that employees will be protected from any potential troubles. These door components make sure that the coolrooms will remain safe all the time.


Coolroom doors may be opened and closed manually. But opting for ones with activation control can make things not only safer but also easier for employees. They can also improve productivity, reduce downtimes, and prevent unwanted opening and closing actions. When choosing the right activation control for coolroom doors, you must heavily consider their physical attributes, traffic flow around and inside the coolrooms, and their availability. Some activation controls for these doors include motion detectors, pull cords, and push buttons.

Choosing the right coolroom doors can ensure that your operations will be done optimally all the time. If you need some help, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms are useful cold storage solutions that restaurants, retail stores, and other similar buildings maximise to store perishable products. Most products stored in coolrooms are meat, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and others. Aside from food products, coolrooms can also be used for storing flowers, chemicals, and other temperature-sensitive materials.

One thing that makes these cold storage solutions effective in preserving their freshness, flavour, and other notable attributes is their capability to expose them to low temperatures. Low temperatures can preserve the previously mentioned products as they slow down the growth of microorganisms responsible for their spoilage. And since coolrooms are often enclosed effectively, outdoor elements are prevented from damaging them.

But some coolrooms may suddenly malfunction after operating for a long time. Here are some of the most common reasons why coolrooms become defective.

Fluctuating Temperatures 

One of the most common reasons behind faulty and malfunctioning coolrooms is temperature fluctuations. The temperatures of coolrooms are expected to be regulated so they can preserve all the stored products effectively. But if these cold storage solutions boast fluctuating surface temperature and unstable moisture levels, mould spores may start to grow and spread. As they spread continuously, they can easily affect the quality of products being stored inside the coolrooms. Worse, they can affect the service life of the coolroom components.

Lack of Vapour Barrier

Another reason why coolrooms may become defective is the lack of vapour barriers. Vapour barriers can remove the moisture inside the coolrooms. Without installing one, coolrooms may be quickly filled with moisture, which leads to rotten walls. The ceiling of the coolrooms may also drop some water due to the lack of vapour barriers. These issues can be a problem for business owners since they can destroy their products fully. Adding vapour barriers, insulation, or re-insulation materials can help free the coolrooms from moisture and its detrimental effects.

Absence of Compartments

Compartmentalisation plays a major role in keeping the coolrooms functional. By adding the right number of compartments, the load of the coolrooms’ cooling units can be regulated appropriately. The addition of shelving and racks can likewise separate groups of products that can be delicate and sensitive. Now, the absence of proper compartmentalisation will only lead to defective coolrooms as products tend to get spoiled in a short time. Without resolving this quickly, this problem will only lead to the gradual deterioration of coolroom components.

Poor Clean-up and Upkeep

One more reason behind faulty coolrooms is poor clean-up and upkeep. Tons of products are expected to be stored inside these cold storage solutions. Since some products may get spoiled more quickly than others, they may gradually release elements inside the coolrooms. They might even spoil completely inside these cold storage solutions. Now, without cleaning and maintaining the coolrooms, these products may only emit elements that can also damage other products. Spoiled products can then negatively impact the coolroom components.

Coolrooms should always be inspected, cleaned, and maintained to make them work for a long time. They should also be equipped with materials that can make their cooling process more effective.

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Commercial and industrial buildings must possess a layout that prioritises not only the appeal of their rooms and spaces but also the accessibility of employees between rooms and spaces. Without securing proper layout, some workers may end up encountering delays when trying to finish specific tasks just because of a wrongly-placed desk or door.

And speaking of the door, the pathways towards vital rooms and areas inside these buildings should also be planned optimally to allow workers to go in and out of these places conveniently. While several rooms must boast self-closing doors to make their operations hands-free, other spaces must utilise plastic strip curtains to make room access easier. Plastic strip curtains can also isolate noise, reduce pests and contaminants, and regulate temperatures.

Given the qualities of plastic strip curtains, many buildings can take advantage of these things. Here are some of the best places to install plastic strip curtains.

  1. Production Facilities

Production facilities are comprised of sections that carry out different tasks. One section could be dedicated to the manufacturing of the products, while the other section must deal with their packaging. Some more sections that these facilities possess may carry out the acquisition, storage, assessments, and distribution of products. Now, to effectively distinguish these sections without spending too much money and compromising manoeuvrability and visibility, owners of production facilities can opt for plastic strip curtains.

  1. Distribution Centres

Distribution centres and warehouses are built to store tons of products before they get distributed to various stores and customers. And since the loading docks of these places can be populated with people, these places need to be accessible. These areas must also be free from contaminants and pests that can ruin the products. Fortunately, plastic strip curtains can be installed on these buildings as they can deter these elements effectively. They are also ideal for high-traffic areas as employees do not need to turn any doorknobs.

  1. Cold Storage Units

Cold storage units that can be found in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centres, and even restaurants should always be operational, especially when it comes to providing cold temperatures to perishable products. While some of them can be fitted with doors, they can pose some problems to employees as they must open them fully before loading and unloading the products. With plastic strip curtains, all they must do is to enter the cold storage units and store the items optimally.

  1. New Irregular Spaces

Most buildings already boast all the spaces needed in conducting their operations. From storage places down to their distribution, these areas already boast elements that can make them work. But there are times when these places would become overwhelmed with many products. And to ensure that they can still operate, they end up converting dead, empty spaces into makeshift storage and loading areas. Installing plastic strip curtains in these places can be done easily to ensure that workers can still store their products and protect them from the elements.

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We offer various eParts for coolrooms and freezers.

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Coolrooms are spaces mostly found in restaurants, retail stores, and laboratories. From foods and drinks to chemicals, these places have cooling components that can maintain the cold temperatures of the said products.

By exposing them to low temperatures, coolrooms can conveniently prevent them from getting damaged in a short time. They can likewise make their product life last longer than those stored at room temperatures. These cold storage units can also protect the mentioned products from dirt, dust, microbes, pests, and other elements damaging to their overall properties.

The effectiveness of coolrooms can be enhanced by using the correct type of shelving and racking. Fortunately, tons of materials and finishing options are now available for coolroom owners like you. One material of shelving and racking that you can utilise is galvanized iron.

A Quick Introduction to Galvanisation

Most shelving and racking are made from steel, as the material boasts properties other metals do not have. Steel in general is an iron alloy that utilises a varying amount of carbon. As more elements are added to steel, the accompanying qualities of iron improve, making the material helpful in many applications.

Iron, alternatively, is a metal that can easily rust in the damp air. This quality may deter some from using it, but this metal has been pivotal to civil engineering and manufacturing industries.

It may not be able to surpass the properties of steel, but iron can still be useful in manufacturing shelving and racking, especially if it undergoes galvanisation. Galvanisation is a process that steel and iron parts often maximise. This process is typically conducted by coating steel or iron with zinc, protecting the base material from rusting. It is cheap, reliable, and serviceable. This process can even provide parts and products with long service life and minimal upkeep needs.

Galvanized Iron Shelving and Racking

If you currently own and manage a coolroom, you must utilise this shelving and racking made from galvanized iron as they are expected to possess great strength. With proper galvanisation, these shelves and racks can effectively resist abrasion and shock. Their durability is likewise expected since they do not have to be subjected to oxidation and deterioration.

Service life is also considered to be improved with galvanized iron shelving and racking, especially with the right surrounding conditions. If they will only be used for coolrooms, you can expect these organisation tools to last for multiple decades.

Another great thing about galvanized iron shelving and racking is they do not require regular maintenance and upkeep. Shelving and racking that are finished with paint often have to be repainted at least every year. But those made from galvanized iron do not require any maintenance, cutting your maintenance expenses entirely.

Galvanized iron shelving and racking are also safe. Since you have to store tons of food products with coolrooms, opting for these organisation tools can ensure that they remain safe throughout their product life.

C&M Coolroom Services offer supply and installation of the Coolroom shelving and racking in a variety of colours and finishes including stainless steel, galvanized iron, zinc coated, plastic coated and painted. Contact us today!

Coolrooms and freezers are two of the most utilised cold storage units maximised in food-related businesses. They are even used in industries where the storage of delicate products is needed. Some businesses that use them are restaurants, retail stores, and laboratories.

One thing that makes them advantageous for these businesses is they can store many items at optimal temperatures, ensuring they will not get damaged or spoiled ahead of their sale or use. They can likewise simplify employees’ workflow as these cold storage units provide neat options to organise them appropriately and effectively. And if they are maintained optimally, these storage units can easily provide huge cost savings.

What makes coolrooms and freezers effective is they rely on quality sealants. One purpose of sealants is to ensure that any connections and panelling will remain free from leaks. They also help protect the content of the storage units from outdoor elements. Many coolrooms and freezers today can work with silicone sealants as they offer the following advantages.

1. Provides Terrific Thermal Insulation

Many factors can affect the energy consumption of coolrooms and freezers. If their doors are kept open for a long time, their cooling components must draw more power to make their interiors cold. They likewise must consume more energy in cooling the products once their components have leaked. By using silicone sealants, coolroom and freezers do not have to force their components to work harshly anymore thanks to the sealants’ reliable thermal insulation. So, despite having high outdoor temperatures, the cold storage units will remain cold.

2. Tolerates Temperature Fluctuations

Another advantage of using silicone sealants for coolrooms and freezers is they can withstand temperature fluctuations. The operating temperatures of coolrooms and freezers should always be at low levels to ensure that they can store a wide array of products optimally. Since these sealants can tolerate both high and low temperatures, they can easily carry out their main purpose without deteriorating for a long time.

3. Repels Moisture and Water Elements

Moisture may sometimes develop during the operations of coolrooms and freezers. Without the right materials for their components, moisture and water elements may end up accumulating on their surfaces, allowing mould and mildew to develop. As these things spread further, they can ultimately affect the quality of the stored products as well as the storage unit components negatively. Opting for silicone sealants, luckily, can repel moisture and water elements, which deter mould and others from growing and spreading.

4. Offers Long Lifespan and Good Value

One more advantage of silicone sealants for coolrooms and freezers is they can offer long service life and great value. Silicone sealants can form consistently tight sealing for coolrooms and freezers for a long time. And even after years of utilising them, they are expected to retain their form. They can likewise remain intact despite being exposed to damaging elements. And with all their features, they can provide business owners with significant savings.

To know more about silicone sealants for coolrooms and freezers, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. 

Supermarkets are designed to give shoppers their essential items. From foods to household items, these establishments ensure that customers are provided with quality yet affordable offerings. 

Item quality is one of the elements that can make or break these establishments. If a supermarket offers food products and drinks that are not preserved and stored effectively, customers may easily spot some defects in their packaging. They may even end up returning the items they have bought from the same store as they are already spoiled even before their indicated best before dates.

To avoid these things from happening, supermarket owners should always ensure that their cold storage spaces are well-ventilated. If you want to ensure that your supermarket can store products optimally inside your cold storage space, you must invest in clear PVC plastic swing doors.

Primary Features of Clear PVC Plastic Swing Doors

Clear PVC plastic swing doors are made from plastic and metal materials that provide them with tons of helpful and valuable features.

Clear PVC Plastic Swing Doors Key Applications

With the previously stated features of clear PVC plastic swing doors, you can expect them to work effectively in your supermarket in various ways. 

We can custom manufacture our PVC strip curtains to suit your requirements, contact us for a free quote.

Coolrooms are cold storage spaces that intend to keep food items and delicate products fresh and secure. While they are designed to store these products optimally, various elements can still affect the overall performance of these spaces.

One of these elements is airflow. The effectiveness of their cooling mechanisms relies on the way air circulate inside their spaces. And with proper item organisation, the cold air inside is expected to reach all corners of the coolrooms without any problems. Another element is the insulation. By adding door seals, door curtains, and other similar mechanisms, coolrooms can easily prevent heat from entering.

Panels can also maintain the insulation of coolrooms. To date, various materials can be used for these parts. But one specific type of panel that has become more popular today is the polyisocyanurate (PIR) fire resistance panel. Adding this panel to your coolroom can provide you with the following advantages.

Enhanced Fire Safety

One prominent advantage of PIR fire resistance panels is they can enhance the overall safety of your coolroom. Since they are created to resist fire for a long time, your coolroom and other areas of your business can remain relatively safe in case of a fire. Flames and other elements of a nearby fire will not be able to spread easily with the installation of these panels.

Ensured Resistance

Another advantage of PIR fire resistance panels is they can provide moisture resistance to your coolroom. Unlike other panels, these special panels will not allow water and moisture to get absorbed easily. This resistance can then guarantee that the panels will remain strong and functional throughout their service life. The panels will not even need regular maintenance, helping you save resources.

Guaranteed Durability

Not all coolrooms have a stable environment. Some may be situated in a more aggressive environment, exposing them to various alkaline, acid, and other harsh elements. Fortunately, PIR fire resistance panels do not only resist moisture but also other harsh chemicals and elements. Their biological stability makes them resistant to elements that can be damaging to other panels.

Simplified Installation

PIR fire resistance panels are known for not only enhancing fire safety and ensuring resistance to elements but also for simplifying installation. These panels are not that heavy, allowing them to be installed by experts and even your employees without any issues. They can even be moved and installed in another place if you need to build temporary cold storage outside your default coolroom.

Heightened Protection

One more advantage of PIR fire resistance panels is they can protect the items inside the coolroom from damaging elements. Since they can resist almost all damaging elements, you do not have to worry about your products getting spoiled or damaged. And as they continue to insulate the coolroom, the temperature of this storage unit will remain optimal for preserving your items for a long time.

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