Back in time when cold storage rooms were invented, they were used for food storage purposes only. Later it was discovered that refrigeration is a great way to make thing last longer, and could be used to boost sales, which meant there were a wide range of other industries that also benefited from the invention.

The flower industry definitely benefits from refrigeration technologies, especially with its multiple cooling needs; it can certainly make use of walk-in-cold rooms. Coolroom systems today are specifically designed by refrigeration specialists to meet any refrigeration needs. A coolroom service Melbourne can effectively help floral businesses with little investment and maintenance in the following ways.

1. Longer Lasting Flowers
Imagine, if you could make your flowers last longer than usual? According to several studies, flowers stored at 5 degree Celsius lose their attractiveness three times faster than flowers stored at 1 degree Celsius. Cold rooms are practically the better way to ensure that you maintain the quality standards irrespective of what the weather is outside.

2. Variable Settings
Not all flower showrooms need to freeze their flowers to extremes. However, at times certain special flowers need special care. How will you meet such variable temperature needs? Not with just any standard refrigeration system? Modern coolroom options are designed to track air temperature and allow you to choose from -35 degrees to 35 degrees. Whatever your product is, there is an ideal temperature to maintain, and with a new coolroom you’ll never worry about it again.

3. Cost Cutting
Do you think that adding a floral walk-in-cold room will increases operational cost of your business? Well, experts from CM Coolrooms, an exceptional refrigeration company Melbourne, claim your operational costs won’t increase. Think of all the damaged and deteriorated flowers that are thrown away every year by floral shops that do not have adequate refrigeration to meet their needs. In the long run, such refrigeration units save money floral companies money.

4. Low Maintenance
Modern walk-in-cold rooms are amazing pieces of technology that can operate nearly maintenance free for many years. Less maintenance and less repairs means more money your company can use for other necessary things.

If you would like to explore the latest refrigeration options available, the coolroom experts at C&M Coolroom Services are happy to meet with you. You can learn more about the company and services by visiting their website here:

Commercial cooling requirements are a bit different from what we use at home. Although the technology is the same, commercial places need systems that are robust and virtually never give up. Of course, proper maintenance makes sure that refrigeration does not fail, but at times these systems do fail and that is when your coolroom service provider is tested.

Over the last few years, the number of refrigeration service providers has increased multiple times. There are plenty of cool room services that claim to offer support to commercial locations 24 x  7, but often they fail to provide essential maintenance or repairs at the hour of need. It is actually difficult at best to find the right kind of exceptional refrigeration service in Melbourne.

That is precisely where testimonies and word of the mouth comes into the play. While choosing coolroom services, most companies ensure that they take various things under consideration including what other businesses have to say about them.

They say that you cannot hide bad reviews but it is the same with satisfied customers too. Every once in a while you will find someone who will talk about the maintenance and support that their refrigeration company has provided them. When customers are happy with the service they receive, they aren’t shy bragging about it.
So, if you are also looking for a certain cooling company that can serve your needs promptly, the following things should help you.

Let satisfied Customers steer you to Exceptional Coolroom Services

Often testimonies and reviews on company websites are abundant, these help you to understand the standards of their service. It’s recommend to spend as much time as necessary to discern if a company’s customers are satisfied with the service they have received.

Online yellow pages can offer a lot of help as well. Most refrigeration websites upload only the best of reviews; however, there is less chance of deleting the bad reviews on yellow pages. So, you can better get an unbiased opinion. For truly candid comments, you should definitely explore the social media platforms. People are really open on such networking websites and usually provide interesting information. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the best available resources.

Finding exceptional refrigeration service in Melbourne is important for many reasons, especially if you do not want to suspend your business for several days because your coolroom service provider is a no show. A good company with exceptional services will have satisfied customers like CM Coolroom Services Melbourne:

There is no doubt that coolrooms are an important part of industrial and commercial food facilities. They offer a lot of benefits but unfortunately not many people are concerned with repairs and maintenance. Companies spend thousands of dollars in installation, but later it’s should be a normal routine of getting these maintained and repaired required.

However, coolroom engineers emphasize that proper repair and maintenance not only keeps it running optimally but as a way to save a lot of money and promotes their longevity. And in this regard it is important to locate a reputable coolroom service company. So what is the best way to choose a reputable coolroom service provider? Some people believe that it is best to read the testimonial page on a company’s website more than anything else. Why is it? What can testimonials tell you? There are in fact several reasons why you should pay close attention to a company’s testimonials when choosing a company to maintain, repair or install a coolroom.

Genuine Client Comments

More often than not, people like to ask friends and other people about a certain products or services. It definitely gives you a better idea of what to expect. And the internet is just an extended version to that consultation. With testimonials, you get to know about the service comments from industry owners who have used the service in the past. In fact, a lot of people like to read testimonials on coolroom repair service Melbourne for a better idea of what whom they should choose to hire.

Cost Estimation

Not all repair service providers are equal in the quality of service they provide or the amount they charge. It just makes sense, before you actually go forward with hiring a coolroom service, it s handy to know of the various costs involved. Although repairmen will certainly tell you a lot of positive things about their company, testimonials can tell you something else. Are there any hidden costs? Is it really something that you can afford? How is the pricing policy for a certain service?

Simple reviews can reveal a lot more than you than a simple question can answer. Rather than calling all the coolroom repair service providers in town, you can visit the companies’ website to read the testimonials and look at the information and services they provide, in the comfort of your own home.

Range of Services

Coolroom repair services are different in many ways. Some companies can handle giant coolrooms while others are more comfortable with moderate sizes. Coolroom repair services are different in many ways. Some companies can handle giant coolrooms while others are more comfortable with moderate sizes. However, not every company in the coolroom repair service Melbourne is willing to talk of their limitations. Testimonials provide an advantage of looking over a list of clients that the coolroom company have served. Take a look of what kind of clients they have and determine if their services really falls in your category of needs.

Why do you need an energy audit for your coolroom? That’s a good question. Coolrooms have been around in Melbourne for well over three decades. And in that span of time they have served different businesses with their storage needs. From bars to restaurants and flower shops to wineries, coolrooms have saved these businesses plenty of money by extending the shelf life of their foods and products.While coolrooms are meant to prevent unnecessary expenditures such as replacing spoiled stocks, they are not always cost efficient. Factors such as design and the present state of the coolroom must be taken into account when weighing the finale costs. By weighing in these factors, you can determine the extent of its efficiency and how it can be improved to save even more money. In which case, you can benefit from an energy audit for businesses.

Why do you need an energy audit for your coolroom?

An energy audit allows businesses to assess the state of their coolrooms. Are the freezers still functioning at optimum level? Do the doors shut tight and stop cold air from escaping? Are the condenser coils working? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered during an energy audit.

The overall condition of the coolroom is checked to see if everything is working well. That’s because the slightest problem in any of its equipment will reduce its energy efficiency and decrease your savings.

Regular energy audits enable you to fix these problems and maximize your savings. It also prevents the breakdown of your coolroom into a state that requires big repairs. Lastly, energy audits help you discover other means to save money, such as replacing outdated energy-wasting refrigerators with new ones, or installing new doors. That way, you can better decide which actions will lead you to greater savings.

All these are answers to your question: Why do you need an energy audit for your coolroom?

Where can I get an energy audit in Melbourne?

C&M Coolroom Services provide energy audit for businesses within Melbourne, and the surrounding areas. They provide businesses with expert advice concerning the energy-efficiency of their coolrooms. With the help of their services, not only can you assure the integrity and functionality of your coolrooms but also improve them.

C&M Coolroom Services can also help with any installation, replacements, dismantling, repairs, and redesigning that your coolrooms may need after an energy audit. They are highly trusted in Melbourne and have catered to a variety of businesses including hotels, supermarkets, laboratories, fast food outlets, seafood processors, and butcher shops just to name a few.

There are countless products that need to be kept at a cool environment to retain their freshness and extend their lives. Among them are meats, flowers, perishables, and even some medications just to name a few things. For many businesses, refrigerators serve the added purpose of placing products in plain view for customers and employees to see – hence the need for display refrigerator glass doors.

Small-scale establishments like butcher shops, restaurants, clinics, and groceries as well as large players like pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and hotels can benefit from these display refrigerators. It allows customers to see refrigerated products, and the staff to easily check whether items are still in stock or not.

While it is enough for businesses to own display refrigerators in these settings, it is equally important to install them with powder coated wire shelving.

Why Powder Coating?

Moisture can build up in refrigerators. Unlike plastic, wire shelves corrode when exposed to moisture. Powder coating wire shelves in refrigerated environments can delay the corrosion, thus extending their life, and putting off shelf replacement.

Some products may break and spill their content on refrigerated shelves too, which can damage them if left for prolonged periods. This is particularly true for products with high acidity. Powder coated wire shelving buys you enough time to avoid staining and corrosion as a result of products coming in direct contact with them. Not to mention, powder coating makes it much easier to clean up messes on wire shelves.

It is true that stainless steel shelves are resistant to corrosion but that does not mean they will never corrode. They will, eventually, and powder coating them helps to further extend their lifespan.

To sum it up, installing powder coated wire shelving in cool environment protects them from moisture and the products you store in them. This helps you save money by limiting expenses on shelf repair and replacements over time.

Why Install Powder Coated Shelves in Display Refrigerators?

Display refrigerator glass doors are refrigeration systems which are enclosed. They cool faster than cool rooms and walk-in freezers, and so they build up moisture at a much quicker rate. Without powder coating, wire shelves are more prone to corrosive damage like rusting and staining.

Some display refrigerators are equipped with plastic shelves instead of wire. While plastic shelves provide the benefit of preventing spillage to lower shelves, they’re also tougher to clean, prone to staining, and likely to crack and break. Replacing them with powder coated wire shelves gives you the advantage of easy cleanup and helps the prevention of damage.

Of course, you can install powder-coated shelves in any refrigerated environment – not just display refrigerators. They may be used in cool rooms, walk-in freezers, and freestanding refrigerators too with great effectiveness. If you have unused space in your display refrigerator unit, which could be used to show case food products you sell, then contact CM Coolrooms in Melbourne m The friendly folks at CM Coolroom are experts in all types of refrigeration units and can help you find the best solution to meet your needs.

Food safety is an integral part of daily life, but more so for industrial-sized food manufacturing and delivery companies where the risk of spoilage does not only spell lost profits, but great risks to consumers. One of the best ways to preserve food nowadays is through refrigeration, although even this method is not 100% foolproof. Ideally, foodstuffs should be kept at a between 5 °C or below, or alternately, above 60 °C to prevent what is known as the ‘temperature danger zone’, which is a small temperature margin where bacteria multiply fastest and where spoilage hastens.

Meeting food safety temperatures and the coolroom danger zone become all the more integral when one is handling large amounts of raw or pre-cooked food, such as the case in most industrial-grade meat processing and delivery factories, and even in most big-time fast food chains.

When it comes to food safety, one of the primary means to ensure that food does not spoil quickly is the freezer or the fridge. Depending on the type of food intended for storage, its relative size, and its overall purpose, freezers and refrigerators can range from small, personal fridges to downright huge industrial-grade freezing rooms. But when it comes to food safety temperatures and the coolroom danger zone, the larger the freezer, the more difficult it is to maintain an even, unwavering temperature that is as close to 5°C or below to prevent the growth of pathogens that may spoil food and put a consumer’s health at risk.

In response to this dilemma, large, industrial-grade freezers and coolers possess decidedly more precise and complex machinery. Because there is a need to ensure that the temperature of stored food (especially raw meat and pre-cooked fast-food) remains as close as possible to sub-zero temperatures, refrigerators that are equipped with accurate thermostats and near-infallible temperature control systems are necessary. This may sound too fancy for mere industrial-grade usage, but when the relative cost of spoilt food and the risk of possible sicknesses that spring from ill-stored foodstuffs are considered, high-end freezers and coolers are well worth the expense and the complicatedness.

In terms of food safety temperatures and the coolroom danger zone, any freezer or cooler whose overall temperature fluctuates above the standard 5 °C poses a great threat to overall food safety and sanitation. Since some industrial-grade coolers and freezers are decidedly larger, some as large as a room, than the average home-style refrigerator, keeping an even temperature throughout that vast expanse of space to guarantee impeccable storage, preservation and safety can be difficult. This is especially true without specialized equipment like foggers, extra-precise thermostats, and air-tight locks.

Of course, keeping such freezers in tip-top shape guarantees better and longer overall performance and is only possible with professional assistance. If you’re in the food industry and are looking for a company that can provide the best freezing storage equipment, repair and general maintenance, check out: They offer a whole range of industrial-grade freezing and storage equipment while specializing in modification, repairs, and overall maintenance. With years of experience behind them, they are the go-to company for your safe food storage needs!

Why relocate your coolroom? Actually, there are many reasons why a business would consider moving their walk-in-freezer or coolroom. Compared to traditional free-standing refrigeration units, which can be moved with relative ease from one location to the next by simply pushing it about, commercial refrigeration units aren’t that easy or mobile. Because they are much larger and heavier, and aren’t made to be moved simply by being shoved around. However, modern coolrooms are fairly easy to construct and are designed in a way to be taken apart and even put back together, with a little hassle.

Small businesses that use coolrooms and walk-in-freezers are many. Commercial kitchens, dining facilities, butcher shops, floral shops, laboratories, grocery stores, bars, warehouses and the list goes on and on. In fact, any business that needs to stock cold products and food requires commercial refrigeration of some kind. And, when business is good, then larger coolrooms are usually needed, or old ones are extended or moved to make room for larger ones. Can you extend or expand an existing coolroom or walk-in freezer? Yes, yes you can. A professional coolroom company can custom design and build any type of coolroom you need, or they can reconstruct, alter, repair and even extend existing ones.

These are some main reasons why relocating you coolroom may be needed. Usually, new businesses start off in smaller places they can afford. As time goes by, and their business grows and expands, the small place they started with needs more space. In many cases, such as in the food industry, restaurants start to look for areas within their building to free up. It is not hard to give a long glance at a huge walk-in- refrigerator and think of ways that space can be utilized, if the coolroom wasn’t there anymore. That’s when business owners start to seek professional coolroom services Melbourne.

Here are some reasons why relocate your coolroom:

More space is needed – This is a great reason to relocate your coolroom, because it means your business is booming. Let’s face it, walk-in freezers do take up much, too much, space. Some companies jump on the opportunity to relocate their walk-in freezer as soon as they learn that such a thing is possible.

Old or broken coolroom – When it is time to repair or remodel an old coolroom or freezer room, you will have an opportunity at that time to relocate it. Sometimes repairing and replacing damaged panels and doors can be an opportunity to relocate your freezer room somewhere else. This is great way to free up much needed real-estate within your building that can be used more efficiently for the benefit of your business.

Enlarging or downsizing an existing coolroom – Maybe your business needs to expand a cold storage space or downsize an existing freezer room. By customizing a coolroom, you can alter its dimensions to best meet your needs. Although you may only need to relocate your coolroom a few feet, or part of it, it is still possible and not difficult when done by professional coolroom services.

The Health Department requires certain standards to be met in regards to all coolrooms and freezer construction. Installing plastic strip curtains or PVC swing doors can ensure that you meet many of these standards, which some are related to vermin control. Plastic strip curtains are used extensively in coolrooms, walk-in freezers, and warehouses, retail stores, on hospital doors, supermarket doors and on all types of food storage doors to prevent draughts, dust and even pests from entering. Do they work? Yes, PVC swing doors and plastic strip curtains work extremely well in keeping out unwanted debris, dust particles and pests out of freezers and cold storage areas.

There are different grades of plastic strip curtains to meet even deep freezer requirements, such as special freezer grade clear plastic sheets. Not only do plastic strip curtains keep out dust and debris but they are an effective way to limit loud noises, germs and more importantly they keep out unwanted warm air. Keeping a cooolroom and freezer cold, while allowing traffic to enter and exit requires more than just an air curtain, there needs to be plastic strip curtains. Finding the right PVC swing doors and plastic strip curtains for your cold storage needs isn’t that difficult really, especially if you are in the Melbourne area.

 Where to Buy Coolroom Parts: Plastic Strip Curtains

If you have a business in the Melbourne area, and you need coolroom services and parts such plastic strip curtains, PVC swing doors, coolroom panels, freezer doors, coolroom glass doors, liquor display glass doors or any coolroom door parts and seals, then there is a dependable coolroom supplier for you. C&M Coolroom Services Melbourne is the company that has the cold storage parts you need, if you own a walk-in refrigerator, freezer or coolroom, and you need parts then this is your one stop shop. You will find any part you’re looking for related to coolrooms here.

C&M Coolroom Services is a true one stop shop for all your coolrom and freezers needs. Not only are they available to repair any problem you may have with your cold storage, but they can also custom build you a new coolroom, at an affordable price. If you can’t afford a new coolroom at the moment, not a problem for C&M Coolroom Services, why is that? They have been in the cold storage industry for over 20 years, helping business owners of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, floral shops, coffee shops, butcher shops, hotels, fast food outlets and many other types of businesses keep their stocks and products cold.

They intimately understand the vital importance that cash flow plays for businesses and through their financing program they are able to help minimize the impact a newly constructed coolroom will have on the cash flow of your business. Financing is not limit to just new coolroom construction, C&M Coolroom Services can help you renovate an existing freezer or coolroom as well. In fact, no matter what your cold storage financing needs may be, you can feel free to contact the office to learn more about the financing option available to you.

When people think of coolrooms they normally think of large freezer areas. However there is a big difference in freezer rooms and coolrooms.

The main difference between the two is the temperature in them. Freezers are made to be colder than coolrooms and they keep the temperature below zero degrees Celsius. Coolrooms maintain a constant stable temperature the entire time.

There are many positive advantages to having a coolroom especially in small business owners. Often time in smaller convenience stores you walk in and find individual coolers that have to be stocked from the front of the cooler area and then you have stores where you have what looks to be a cooler but actually have a room in the back to stock from.

Coolrooms are designed with health and proper temperature in mind. When visiting your local convenience stores you will most likely find a coolroom as they are becoming more popular than individual coolers.

One of the advantages of having a coolroom for a small business is the time it takes to stock items in your business. Items that need to be precooled like caffeinated drinks, juices, beer and many other things can be stored in the coolroom so that when they are placed on the appropriate shelving they will already be cold and ready to sell. No one wants to walk into a store and pick up a hot or warm drink. When having a coolroom your product will already be cold and ready to sell and your customers will get what they are looking for temperature wise.

Another great reason why coolrooms are great for small businesses is health and safety. Coolrooms majorly benefit small food businesses like individual or family owned restaurants or diners. Law requires that you keep food prep items at certain temperatures in order for it to be eatable and safe for the population to consume.

Coolrooms help to avoid freezer burn which is one of the leading causes in food waste. The coolroom keeps the temperature at a stable and consistent level so that your product is of great value and safe for people to consume. They also benefit small businesses that contain meat storage rooms. You can have several different coolrooms and all of them be set at the proper temperature to store what the room contains.

It doesn’t matter if you are storing drinks, meat or vegetables and fruits, coolrooms will provide what you need.

Cleanliness is a big factor in public businesses and coolrooms are easy to clean and have top of the line seals to keep out pests and other non-wanted germs away from your drink or food items. However the major factor in coolrooms is cost. Coolrooms are cost friendly and don’t use the energy that walk in freezers use because they stay at a stable temperature the entire time. When looking into the options of you small business keep an open mind to coolrooms.

What is commercial refrigeration? Basically, commercial refrigeration is typically a free-standing refrigerator or other piece of equipment that is used as cold storage for any number of commercial businesses. Such businesses include commercial kitchens, dining facilities, flower shops, butcher shops, grocery stores, bars, gas stations, warehouses or any other business that requires keeping products and stocks cold. Today, commercial refrigeration includes coolrooms or walk-in freezers, and free-standing refrigerators, which there are a wide variety ranging from walk-in coolrooms and freezers to reach-in coolers.

Do you need Commercial Refrigeration?

If you are a business owner, and you need to keep your stock of product cold, then commercial refrigeration can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. As businesses grow, they often outgrow their refrigeration units. Quite a few small businesses have gotten by for years using residential refrigerators for their commercial business needs. However, residential refrigerators are not designed for the task of heavy use and storing excessive amounts of product. And, by commercial standards, residential refrigeration is not a reliable means to keep large amounts of perishable food stock safe.

Reliable cold storage is paramount for commercial kitchens and businesses that need to keep cold stocks. Commercial refrigeration such as coolrooms or walk-in freezers, commercial quality free-standing refrigerators, under counter refrigerators and reach-in freezers provide businesses safe food storage options. How do you know if you need commercial refrigeration for your business? If you answer yes, to any of the questions below, then you may need to consult with a coolroom and freezer specialist Melbourne:

  1. Do you need to store cold items as soon as they are received?
  2. Do you need to keep your produce crisp, fresh and colder longer?
  3. Do you need to keep your perishables out of the food “danger zone?”
  4. Do you want to keep your prepared food fresher, longer?
  5. Do you want to have your cold prepared food more accessible?

If you answered yes, to two or more of these questions, then commercial refrigeration is for you. The good news! Quality, dependable commercial refrigeration is available, and it is available in a variety of types, configurations and sizes to meet you specific needs. Companies specializing in coolroom services can specially configure and install the ideal unit for you and your business, regardless of the limited space you may have. How is that possible?

It is possible, because professional commercial refrigeration companies today can easily design and construct a freezer room or coolroom to fit into any space you have. If you don’t have extra space, then professional coolroom services Melbourne can dismantle and relocate an existing freezer, or construct a special coolroom or freezer room outside your business. This can actually free up vital space indoors.

Difference between Residential and Commercial Refrigeration

While all refrigeration units have one thing in common, they keep things cold; this is also the one thing that actually differentiates them. Residential refrigerators are specifically designed to keep your food at temperatures between 34°F and 40°F, which makes them more affordable than their commercial cousins, because the components they use are not industrial grade. Commercial walk-in freezers and refrigerator units are hardier because they are constructed using industrial components, which can maintain temperatures between -10°F and 0°F. With the ability to maintain lower temperature, food can be kept fresher and preserved longer, which is tremendously beneficial for any business that needs to keep food cold.

For over 30 years in Australia, coolrooms have served many various commercial and industrial markets, as well as domestic households in keeping food stocks, flowers and other material cold. Today, more than ever before, there are cost advantages of using a coolroom that can’t be ignored which can help your business or home keep food a steady temperature. Coolroom services nowadays are impressive; coolroom companies are able to custom design and build specialized coolrooms that are ideally suited for business such as fruit and veggie shops, bakeries, liquor shops, bars, restaurants, orchards, food process facilities, wholesalers, wineries and for discreet wine collectors.

For companies that depend on the use of coolrooms, dependability and cost effectiveness is truly the key to profitability. In pointing out the cost advantages of using a coolroom, one has to consider the disadvantageous of not having a dependable way to keep stocks refrigerated. Older coolrooms designs and refrigerating units, compared to modern refrigerators and materials used in coolroom designs today, are frankly not as efficient, cost effective to operate or as dependable as what are available today. And these conditions can produce extra unexpected costs to businesses each month, or worse, food and other types of products can become damaged or ruined when a coolroom ceases to be cool. In other words, downtime for a company or business can be extremely costly!

Successful coolroom companies today understand that their customers’ businesses depend on minimal to no downtime. And, in this regard a beneficial partnership relationship has developed between businesses that need to refrigerate their products and stocks with the companies that provide dependable coolroom services. Unforeseen situations and condition can and always do happen. When disaster strikes, and a refrigerator system ceases to function, having a dependable coolroom repair service available that can get your refrigerator unit back online ASAP is paramount, and that can truly be a huge cost advantage.

Get an Energy Audit and Save Money operating Your Coolroom

Are you paying too much to maintain your coolroom? Does your business utilize multiple coolrooms? Finding a coolroom service Melbourne that can give you an energy audit can definitely be an advantageous in saving you money. Identifying ways to save money, whether it is installing newer more effective panels or refrigerator units for your freezer or coolroom can save you huge amount of money over the long run. In this way, upgrading may be the best decision for your company’s refrigeration needs. However, sometimes it becomes more costly to repair an old coolroom than purchasing a new one. Deciding to either upgrade an older refrigerator or purchase a new one can be a difficult decision to make.

Making difficult decisions is part of running a successful business, but some decisions don’t have to be difficult or costly to make, especially when it comes to purchasing a new coolroom or freezer for your business. How is that possible? Some companies offer affordable financing because they understand the importance of cash flow for your business. In helping all types of business to minimize the financial impact of purchasing a new freezer or coolroom, affordable financing is available. Payments can be spread over 24 – 48 months, whether it is for a brand new refrigerator or coolroom, or even renovating and moving an old one, financing can be the greatest cost advantage.

Cost advantages of using a coolroom for companies that haven’t utilized them before are huge, and now that financing is available, purchasing a new freezer or coolroom is an affordable option. Coolrooms and freezers allow for greater storage areas for your products and stocks, and you can hold them and keep them fresher longer. Businesses that can enjoy the cost advantages of using a coolroom are many, such as fast food outlets, motels, sporting facilities, poultry farms, fuel stations, laboratories, florists, butcher shops and supermarkets to name just a few.

Freezer burn is something you don’t want, and this is especially true in a professional environment.

Did you know that a cool room can help you to prevent freezer burn? This is because it keeps the temperature stable, in the air is constantly flowing at a consistent level. While freezer burn is not actually considered a food safety risk it can be pretty nasty, and it can alter the taste and look of your food.

Freezer burn actually appears brown or grayish with the leathery spots on your frozen meats. Freezer burn occurs when the food Circus comes into contact with air hence drying the food. Having a cool room, and proper storing techniques can prevent freezer burn and save you money.

Remember to always securely wrap your food, and make sure that it is airtight. Want to food has become frozen, and the water molecules are transformed into ice the entire frozen piece will have to be the same temperature. If one part of your frozen package becomes colder than the other sublimation may occur. Consequently ice crystals accumulate and form on the colder spots and the not so cold parts become dehydrated. Fatty meats can also become oxidized, and this will change the smell and flavor of your food. This change is normally not for the better.

Cool rooms maintain temperatures, and temperature fluctuation can lead to different temperatures in your frozen items which leads to the freezer burn as stated above. When you’re running a business you have to be in and out of your freezer, and a normal freezer will lose some of its core temperature every time you open it. A cool room on the other hand has been created to preserve the temperature inside so that all of your items maintain their temperature.

A helpful hand when you store your food is to make sure that you have an airtight package. Don’t forget to leave room for expansion, because that’s a natural process that takes place during freezing. When storing something like soups, plastic containers with a layer of plastic wrap foe sealing purposes can be used.

Remember to use the FIFO (first in first out) procedures. Date all of your food, and also add a use by date. Lastly, store meets on the bottom to avoid cross contamination. Call CM Cool Rooms today and let us get you started with a sure fire way to save money while adding quality to the foods that you serve.

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