Why Relocate Your Coolroom

26 September 2014

Why relocate your coolroom? Actually, there are many reasons why a business would consider moving their walk-in-freezer or coolroom. Compared to traditional free-standing refrigeration units, which can be moved with relative ease from one location to the next by simply pushing it about, commercial refrigeration units aren’t that easy or mobile. Because they are much larger and heavier, and aren’t made to be moved simply by being shoved around. However, modern coolrooms are fairly easy to construct and are designed in a way to be taken apart and even put back together, with a little hassle.

Small businesses that use coolrooms and walk-in-freezers are many. Commercial kitchens, dining facilities, butcher shops, floral shops, laboratories, grocery stores, bars, warehouses and the list goes on and on. In fact, any business that needs to stock cold products and food requires commercial refrigeration of some kind. And, when business is good, then larger coolrooms are usually needed, or old ones are extended or moved to make room for larger ones. Can you extend or expand an existing coolroom or walk-in freezer? Yes, yes you can. A professional coolroom company can custom design and build any type of coolroom you need, or they can reconstruct, alter, repair and even extend existing ones.

These are some main reasons why relocating you coolroom may be needed. Usually, new businesses start off in smaller places they can afford. As time goes by, and their business grows and expands, the small place they started with needs more space. In many cases, such as in the food industry, restaurants start to look for areas within their building to free up. It is not hard to give a long glance at a huge walk-in- refrigerator and think of ways that space can be utilized, if the coolroom wasn’t there anymore. That’s when business owners start to seek professional coolroom services Melbourne.

Here are some reasons why relocate your coolroom:

More space is needed – This is a great reason to relocate your coolroom, because it means your business is booming. Let’s face it, walk-in freezers do take up much, too much, space. Some companies jump on the opportunity to relocate their walk-in freezer as soon as they learn that such a thing is possible.

Old or broken coolroom – When it is time to repair or remodel an old coolroom or freezer room, you will have an opportunity at that time to relocate it. Sometimes repairing and replacing damaged panels and doors can be an opportunity to relocate your freezer room somewhere else. This is great way to free up much needed real-estate within your building that can be used more efficiently for the benefit of your business.

Enlarging or downsizing an existing coolroom – Maybe your business needs to expand a cold storage space or downsize an existing freezer room. By customizing a coolroom, you can alter its dimensions to best meet your needs. Although you may only need to relocate your coolroom a few feet, or part of it, it is still possible and not difficult when done by professional coolroom services.

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