Install Powder Coated Wire Shelving to Suit Your Display Refrigerator Glass Doors

20 October 2014

There are countless products that need to be kept at a cool environment to retain their freshness and extend their lives. Among them are meats, flowers, perishables, and even some medications just to name a few things. For many businesses, refrigerators serve the added purpose of placing products in plain view for customers and employees to see – hence the need for display refrigerator glass doors.

Small-scale establishments like butcher shops, restaurants, clinics, and groceries as well as large players like pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and hotels can benefit from these display refrigerators. It allows customers to see refrigerated products, and the staff to easily check whether items are still in stock or not.

While it is enough for businesses to own display refrigerators in these settings, it is equally important to install them with powder coated wire shelving.

Why Powder Coating?

Moisture can build up in refrigerators. Unlike plastic, wire shelves corrode when exposed to moisture. Powder coating wire shelves in refrigerated environments can delay the corrosion, thus extending their life, and putting off shelf replacement.

Some products may break and spill their content on refrigerated shelves too, which can damage them if left for prolonged periods. This is particularly true for products with high acidity. Powder coated wire shelving buys you enough time to avoid staining and corrosion as a result of products coming in direct contact with them. Not to mention, powder coating makes it much easier to clean up messes on wire shelves.

It is true that stainless steel shelves are resistant to corrosion but that does not mean they will never corrode. They will, eventually, and powder coating them helps to further extend their lifespan.

To sum it up, installing powder coated wire shelving in cool environment protects them from moisture and the products you store in them. This helps you save money by limiting expenses on shelf repair and replacements over time.

Why Install Powder Coated Shelves in Display Refrigerators?

Display refrigerator glass doors are refrigeration systems which are enclosed. They cool faster than cool rooms and walk-in freezers, and so they build up moisture at a much quicker rate. Without powder coating, wire shelves are more prone to corrosive damage like rusting and staining.

Some display refrigerators are equipped with plastic shelves instead of wire. While plastic shelves provide the benefit of preventing spillage to lower shelves, they’re also tougher to clean, prone to staining, and likely to crack and break. Replacing them with powder coated wire shelves gives you the advantage of easy cleanup and helps the prevention of damage.

Of course, you can install powder-coated shelves in any refrigerated environment – not just display refrigerators. They may be used in cool rooms, walk-in freezers, and freestanding refrigerators too with great effectiveness. If you have unused space in your display refrigerator unit, which could be used to show case food products you sell, then contact CM Coolrooms in Melbourne m The friendly folks at CM Coolroom are experts in all types of refrigeration units and can help you find the best solution to meet your needs.

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