Coolroom Parts: Plastic Strip Curtains

08 September 2014

The Health Department requires certain standards to be met in regards to all coolrooms and freezer construction. Installing plastic strip curtains or PVC swing doors can ensure that you meet many of these standards, which some are related to vermin control. Plastic strip curtains are used extensively in coolrooms, walk-in freezers, and warehouses, retail stores, on hospital doors, supermarket doors and on all types of food storage doors to prevent draughts, dust and even pests from entering. Do they work? Yes, PVC swing doors and plastic strip curtains work extremely well in keeping out unwanted debris, dust particles and pests out of freezers and cold storage areas.

There are different grades of plastic strip curtains to meet even deep freezer requirements, such as special freezer grade clear plastic sheets. Not only do plastic strip curtains keep out dust and debris but they are an effective way to limit loud noises, germs and more importantly they keep out unwanted warm air. Keeping a cooolroom and freezer cold, while allowing traffic to enter and exit requires more than just an air curtain, there needs to be plastic strip curtains. Finding the right PVC swing doors and plastic strip curtains for your cold storage needs isn’t that difficult really, especially if you are in the Melbourne area.

 Where to Buy Coolroom Parts: Plastic Strip Curtains

If you have a business in the Melbourne area, and you need coolroom services and parts such plastic strip curtains, PVC swing doors, coolroom panels, freezer doors, coolroom glass doors, liquor display glass doors or any coolroom door parts and seals, then there is a dependable coolroom supplier for you. C&M Coolroom Services Melbourne is the company that has the cold storage parts you need, if you own a walk-in refrigerator, freezer or coolroom, and you need parts then this is your one stop shop. You will find any part you’re looking for related to coolrooms here.

C&M Coolroom Services is a true one stop shop for all your coolrom and freezers needs. Not only are they available to repair any problem you may have with your cold storage, but they can also custom build you a new coolroom, at an affordable price. If you can’t afford a new coolroom at the moment, not a problem for C&M Coolroom Services, why is that? They have been in the cold storage industry for over 20 years, helping business owners of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, floral shops, coffee shops, butcher shops, hotels, fast food outlets and many other types of businesses keep their stocks and products cold.

They intimately understand the vital importance that cash flow plays for businesses and through their financing program they are able to help minimize the impact a newly constructed coolroom will have on the cash flow of your business. Financing is not limit to just new coolroom construction, C&M Coolroom Services can help you renovate an existing freezer or coolroom as well. In fact, no matter what your cold storage financing needs may be, you can feel free to contact the office to learn more about the financing option available to you.

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