How Coolrooms Benefit Small Businesses

26 August 2014

When people think of coolrooms they normally think of large freezer areas. However there is a big difference in freezer rooms and coolrooms.

The main difference between the two is the temperature in them. Freezers are made to be colder than coolrooms and they keep the temperature below zero degrees Celsius. Coolrooms maintain a constant stable temperature the entire time.

There are many positive advantages to having a coolroom especially in small business owners. Often time in smaller convenience stores you walk in and find individual coolers that have to be stocked from the front of the cooler area and then you have stores where you have what looks to be a cooler but actually have a room in the back to stock from.

Coolrooms are designed with health and proper temperature in mind. When visiting your local convenience stores you will most likely find a coolroom as they are becoming more popular than individual coolers.

One of the advantages of having a coolroom for a small business is the time it takes to stock items in your business. Items that need to be precooled like caffeinated drinks, juices, beer and many other things can be stored in the coolroom so that when they are placed on the appropriate shelving they will already be cold and ready to sell. No one wants to walk into a store and pick up a hot or warm drink. When having a coolroom your product will already be cold and ready to sell and your customers will get what they are looking for temperature wise.

Another great reason why coolrooms are great for small businesses is health and safety. Coolrooms majorly benefit small food businesses like individual or family owned restaurants or diners. Law requires that you keep food prep items at certain temperatures in order for it to be eatable and safe for the population to consume.

Coolrooms help to avoid freezer burn which is one of the leading causes in food waste. The coolroom keeps the temperature at a stable and consistent level so that your product is of great value and safe for people to consume. They also benefit small businesses that contain meat storage rooms. You can have several different coolrooms and all of them be set at the proper temperature to store what the room contains.

It doesn’t matter if you are storing drinks, meat or vegetables and fruits, coolrooms will provide what you need.

Cleanliness is a big factor in public businesses and coolrooms are easy to clean and have top of the line seals to keep out pests and other non-wanted germs away from your drink or food items. However the major factor in coolrooms is cost. Coolrooms are cost friendly and don’t use the energy that walk in freezers use because they stay at a stable temperature the entire time. When looking into the options of you small business keep an open mind to coolrooms.

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