Energy Saving Tips for Coolrooms and Walk-in Freezers

30 May 2014

Do you want to save your money or spend it?

Energy saving tips overview

Hello there, glad you could join us today. This article is all about energy saving tips for coolrooms and walk-in freezers. I suppose you can tell by the title that you’re about to save a good deal of cash.

Energy saving tips are essential these days. Energy doesn’t come free unless you’re harboring solar power and the fact is, solar power is expensive to set up. Electric prices are soaring. In fact, the cost of energy is so high that it’s driving homeowners to share dwelling and expenses, and business owners out of business.

For this reason we need all the energy saving tips we can get. Particularly specific to coolrooms and walk-in freezer here are some valuable tips you should put to use right away.

How can your beloved business prosper?

A lot of business owners, especially restaurants have commercial refrigeration. A business prospers by saving every penny possible. And, a good business person doesn’t spend money unnecessarily. A big difference between people that have money saved and those that don’t is that the person who saves doesn’t spend. Sounds simple right? Your beloved business will prosper if you’re careful about purchasing, or not purchasing. A smart person knows how to find the best possible quality products and equipment at the best possible prices.

What about the rest of your business?

There is a lot more than just energy-related savings tips for coolrooms and freezers. What about the building that houses the freezers and coolrooms?

Small changes

Small changes, in anything, can make the biggest difference when adding them up. If you can’t afford large fixes then do the small things that can help keep your home energy efficient.

  • Caulking or trim around window and doors
  • Make sure you foundation is sealed

Insulation anyone? Are your floors, up your walls and into the ceiling overly insulated? If so, you’re good. The best insulation is never going to cost you. In the end, having proper insulation will save you and in a big way.

Your home is your castle – Your business is your baby!

Businesses aren’t the only ones that own coolrooms and freezers, homeowners do too! Everyone knows the phrase, “Your home is your castle.” Never a better phrase was penned, it’s true…our homes are our castles and we do everything in our power to keep them maintained and energy efficient. If you own a business with coolrooms and freezers then it’s even more important to keep them energy efficient by doing regular energy saving audits.

“Your business is your baby?” You haven’t heard? I know why you haven’t heard. I just made it up, but it’s also very true. Your business represents a major investment, just like a child. Have a good day and thank you for stopping by.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
Mobile: 0412 536 315

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