4 Primary Uses of Coolrooms and Freezers

07 April 2022

More and more establishments today are turning to a wide array of cold storage solutions to ensure that their products and offerings will retain their defining qualities. Two cold storage solutions that they maximise are coolrooms and freezers.

Coolrooms are large, insulated boxes that maximise a refrigeration system and a door. Their cooling capabilities depend heavily on airflow, heat from the products, and the way the products have been stored and loaded inside. Freezers also take advantage of a refrigeration system and a door. The main difference between the two is that the latter exposes the products at subzero degrees.

The characteristics of both coolrooms and freezers can effectively benefit a lot of businesses in various industries. Some great uses of these cold storage solutions are as follows.

Store Perishable Stock

One primary use of coolrooms and freezers is to store perishable stock. These cold storage solutions can be very effective in retaining the freshness, nutrients, and other qualities of meat, vegetables, and dairy as their temperatures can go as low as subzero degrees. Without storing them on these systems, these products will only get spoiled quickly. Restaurants and cafes prepare, cook, and serve meals out of perishable stock. Hence, they can surely benefit from the cooling capacities of coolrooms and freezers.

Maintain Excess Stock

Another great use of coolrooms and freezers is to maintain excess stock. Establishments in the retail industry like grocery stores, fish markets, and bottle shops offer a wide array of products every day. Since not all their products may be sold in just one day, they have to ensure that their excess stock, especially those that are perishable, will be stored effectively. Fortunately, coolrooms and freezers can store a huge number of products and maintain their conditions optimally.

Extend Flowers’ Lifespan

Perishable products do not only cover foods and drinks, but they also cover flowers since they may get spoiled and decay if not stored properly. So, businesses in the floristry industry have to ensure that their offerings are stored in a liveable environment. The temperatures offered by coolrooms are already enough to sustain and even prolong the lifespan of various types of flowers. Therefore, those that are part of the industry must invest in high-quality coolrooms.

Store Sensitive Materials

One more great use of coolrooms and freezers is to store sensitive materials. Schools, universities, medical centres, and research facilities often maximise laboratories in experimenting and developing new products and materials. Since some of their activities require safe storage of these products, they can take advantage of coolrooms and freezers to make their operations successful. Guidelines, however, must be set to avoid causing damages and other unnecessary consequences.

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