C&M Coolrooms Services also specializes on conducting Energy Saving Audit on your commercial Freezers & Coolrooms.

Why wait for your Freezers to break down or your energy costs to rise dramatically, when all of this could be avoided with regular audit of your freezers & coolrooms.

C & M Coolrooms Audit will check the following:

  • Check suitability of the coolrooms/freezer locations
  • Check condenser coils.
  • Check suitability of the doors.
  • Check the condition of the coolroom & freezer insulated panels for rust, joints &, wear & tear.
  • Check how the cartons & goods are stored in the refrigeration to keep air flow obstructions to minimum.
  • Check door seals.
  • Frost Free.

On the completion of the Energy Saving Audit, a full report will be lodged with the Manager/
Decision Maker together with the recommendations.

Following are some of the Energy Savings Tips:

  • Do not place your fridge in the hot area (e.g. near cooking equipment or other sources of heat like electric motors).
  • Avoid placing it near window in direct sunlight or against the north facing external wall.
  • Open front cabinets rely on an air curtain to stop cold air escaping.
  • Make sure exposed condenser coils are clear of walls (10-15 cm of space) so that the air can circulate freely.
  • Keep condenser coils clean-layers of dirt, dust, cobwebs, etc reduce the amount of heat that can be transferred to the sorroundings.
  • Avoid stacking cartons or anything around the refrigerator that will impede air flow.
  • Check that all door seals are adequate. Door seals are one of the most common cause of energy lost.
  • Make sure the fridge remains frost-free. Ice is an insulator and builds up greater than 4 or 5mm will reduce efficiency.