Electricity Saving Tips for Coolrooms

23 October 2018

Shut the coolroom door, that’s the first and most obvious electricity conserving tip. Ultimately, there’s a knock-on effect taking place inside that freezer or cold storage unit, after all. If there are thermally-based losses inside what should be a sealed chamber, then the refrigeration unit is forced to work harder. Working flat-out, that system part then consumes more electrical power. Like energy-eating dominos, the knock-on effect spreads.

Tip 1. Keep the Coolroom Door Closed

Some folk get so caught up in their duties, they just forget the latest energy-saving memo. Put posters up on the walls, all around the door. If the staff are following the guideline but there are still losses, consider a maintenance check. The door seal, spring-loaded hinges or latch mechanism might require servicing.

Tip 2. Use an Intelligent Stocking Strategy

Wire-formed shelves and freezer-centric furnishings are allowing the cold air to circulate, but the area is half-empty. Nearly empty or nearly full, the coolroom chill can’t cool everything properly if the stock isn’t organized in a manner that facilitates airflow. Stop excess energy consumption here by arranging the stock efficiently.

Tip 3. Energy Auditing

If a professionally conducted system audit is months away, consider a self-audit as a temporary measure. Double check digital thermostats by fixing standard temperature measurement devices inside the enclosure. Infrared cameras and thermo imaging devices might be unaffordable, but a simple mercury-calibrated instrument will do the job just as well.

Tip 4. Regular Maintenance

This step ensures hygiene, but it also serves another purpose. Keeping the system coils free of dirt and grime, the equipment fans and vents obstruction free, and everything else free of icy buildup, the coolroom performs at its best. Otherwise, lots of excess electrical energy gets thrown out because the room’s running costs are out of control.

Tip 5. Use Available Services

There’s a range of products that are expressly designed to aid energy-conscious coolroom managers. Install plastic curtains and make sure their strips are undamaged. The walk-in freezer door will open and close throughout a busy day, but that curtain will minimize open door energy losses. Use energy efficient light fixtures, ones that don’t radiate room-warming heat.

The staff do their part, just by making sure the door is never wedged open, never left ajar. Coming in to check everything, the manager examines the stacking height in the cold room. The stacks are high but not overly tall, so the airflow in the frosty chamber is just right. Incidentally, not only are the chamber lights designed to sip electricity, they can also be built to turn off as soon as the door closes.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
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