Freezer and Coolroom Parts: The Right Parts Available

18 August 2015

Cooling technology represents a mature and well-established storage format, one that can safely contain perishable items for extended periods. Engineering rules in this frosty industry are set by health and safety, crucial factors that can only be guaranteed by adopting a high quality parts selection model. In effect, you’re making a pledge to the business venture, a promise to support the equipment by providing the right parts. Of course, in more practical terms, you’re also making a commitment to spend large sums of cash and to reserve precious kitchen space, so parts quality is paramount in upholding this endeavor.

Select the Right Parts to Ensure Optimal Cooling
Make a business driven pact to protect this investment by always opting for the best parts. The assumption here would be to guess that we’re referring to the active components in the system, the belt drives and refrigeration modules that keep the room chilled. A CM Coolrooms technician considers this type of work as ongoing support, as repair and maintenance. These services are part of our after-market installation mission statement, but this support model does not demonstrate our full pledge to your operation. In fact, our high quality parts promise goes far beyond standard repairs and scheduled maintenance tasks by providing the following:

  • High performance hydraulic door closers
  • Friction-free sliding door tracks
  • Gasket and seal replacement components
  • Door latches and hinges

As you can clearly see, the CM Coolrooms parts promise targets every component within your coolroom or walk-in freezer. There are no unimportant parts within this hugely important sealed chamber. Replacement insulation panels built from space-age composites are obviously critical to the efficient running of the equipment, meaning we stock the very best part for the job. But this high-quality replacement parts ethic also extends to cover strip curtains and latch assemblies. Such parts may seem unimportant when compared to dynamic refrigeration modules and wall insulating assets, but we believe every single components is deserving of consideration, especially when we equate the merits of the overall system against public hygiene.

Explore Our Resources for the Right Parts
Scrutinize our catalogue and call our representatives to discuss replacement parts and upgrades. Our components are designed to reinforce the function of your system and the robust structure of your cooling mechanism. You’ll also have access to parts that target every section of the climate controlled space. Each part is engineered to operate within specific temperature ranges, so we can suggest system replacements that fit either your freezer or your coolroom. These choices account for expansion characteristics of selected materials and the mechanical properties of a diverse selection of polymers and metals. In short, we provide freezer and coolroom parts and we guarantee that everything is right for your needs.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
Mobile: 0412 536 315

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