How a Poorly Designed Coolroom Can Cause You Problems

07 April 2020

In purchasing a coolroom, you must consider a lot of factors to make it effective for your business. Your new asset must be designed well to avoid encountering major and critical problems in the long run. If your coolroom is designed poorly, then you may have to expect some shortcomings and issues as you run your business.

Some business owners tend to overlook the effects of acquiring a poorly designed coolroom. In case you are curious about how a poorly designed coolroom can cause you, then have a look at these following problems.

Moulds on the Wall

The fluctuating surface temperature together with unstable moisture level can initiate the growth of mould. Keeping the coolroom dry, disinfected, and clean can keep off moulds. However, proper insulation can avoid condensation and redevelopment of mould in the future.

Rotten Wall

When moisture is sipped into the wood cladding of your coolroom, then it might cause a real problem to your coolroom. This problem is caused by wall rotting, which only exists if your coolroom has no vapour barrier. The same thing can also happen if the vapour barrier of your coolroom is wrongly installed. One way to prevent a rotten wall is to use different insulation materials.

Dripping Ceiling

Another poor design choice for your coolroom can result in a dripping ceiling. It is normally caused by improper installation of the vapour barrier, inadequate ventilation, or poor attic solution. This problem can be solved by applying proper insulation and directing the vapor barrier’s pressure direction correctly.

Air Temperature Fluctuations

Storing a lot of items in your coolroom requires it to provide more cooling power. If your thermostat is located in the wrong place, then it’s sensing power may be affected, losing the ability to adjust the temperature needed for your coolroom. Moreover, the evaporator coil with a huge temperature difference can also cause uneven airflow within your coolroom. 

Poor Compartmentalisation

A coolroom with poor compartmentalisation and shelving can significantly affect its performance. Even with increased compartment, it is still not recommended for you to mix different kinds of foods as they require different temperatures for storage. Moreover, varying food products that share the same compartment speed up the rotting process of one another due to the presence of different elements.

Improper Flooring

Insulation of the floor is important if you have a medium or large size coolroom for you to effectively maintain its required temperature. Floor insulation can also increase energy efficiency. Without it, you may have to spend more money on your energy consumption instead of saving a lot.  

Lack of Important Features

The presence of automatic defrosting can ensure maintenance-free performance for your coolroom. Moreover, an adjustable thermostat can help you set the most optimum temperature based on outdoor weather conditions. Without these features, your coolroom can spend more energy than its intended limit.

If your coolroom is designed poorly, then you may run into some problems in the future. To avoid obtaining critical issues as you use your coolroom, then have it checked with us at C&M Coolroom Services. 

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C&M Coolroom Services
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