New Coolroom Door Seals Can Save Your Money

29 January 2015

Coolrooms are designed to be efficient at refrigeration, and because of this, they can save your company a lot of money, if they are working properly. Businesses use them to keep flowers, meat, and other food items fresh for prolonged periods. And they do so at astoundingly low temperatures that will shame all other means for refrigeration available in Australia. But a coolroom with damaged door seals is as good as pouring money down the drain, and they will cost your business until you have them replaced by coolroom services Melbourne.

How coolrooms save money

It is parmount that coolrooms are sealed shut when not in use so they manage to maintain cold temperatures cost effectively for a long time. The tight containment encourages an environment cool enough for storage even if it’s rarely set to freezing point. When a coolroom is in tip-top shape, it saves your company money because it requires less electricity once it’s reached the preferred temperature.

The sealed environment of a coolroom ensures that your stocks are kept fresher for extended periods. That way, it spares you having to worry about spoiling and replacing stocks often. In turn, this increases your company’s revenue and saves you money by reducing costs on upkeep.

Replacing coolroom door seals

The cost-saving benefits of coolrooms can be credited largely to the door seals that keep the cold air contained. These contraptions are responsible for keeping cold air in and preventing it from escaping. If they are loose or damaged, a coolroom won’t be able to retain its cold environment for long. This greatly places your perishable stocks at risk of spoiling. Your coolroom will also have to work twice as hard when door seals are damaged, so it could attain and maintain ideal temperatures. As a result, a coolroom door with damaged door seals consumes more electricity.

Coolroom door seals usually deteriorate because of wear and tear. Over time, the constant opening and closing of coolroom doors damages these seals and make them less efficient at stopping all that icy goodness from getting out. The cold environment of a coolroom also takes its toll on the seals and causes their material to break down. Even the wrong choice of coolroom door seals, particularly those made with poor quality, may explain why you need to replace them more frequently.

No business wants to put up with higher electricity bills and more frequent stock replacements. To ensure that your coolroom is not costing you extra electrical costs, you can contact C&M Coolroom Services Melbourne for a free inspection, and have the door seals of your coolroom replaced at the same time. C&M Coolroom Services can help your company save money and increase its revenue, and they a wide selection of high-quality door seals and coolroom parts that may need replacing.

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