Steel Angle Protection by C&M Coolroom Services for Coolroom Walls

04 December 2023

Learn the importance of steel angle protection in maintaining coolroom walls. Available at C&M Coolroom Services, ensure functionality. Call (03) 9401 3444.

Many industries that require storage of perishable and sensitive items rely on coolrooms. From food storage to pharmaceuticals, they rely on these cold storage solutions to keep them fresh, maintain their integrity, and avoid costly replacements. But behind the efficiency of coolrooms lies a crucial element often taken for granted – steel angle protection.

Steel Angle Protection: An Overview

Steel angle protection for coolrooms is a practical and protective measure utilised to safeguard the corners and edges of walls in temperature-controlled storage facilities like coolrooms, freezers, and cold storage spaces. It is often made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials.

At C&M Coolroom Services, we can supply steel angle protection to businesses that rely heavily on coolrooms. Through this product, we can ensure that coolrooms can be protected from the accumulation of dirt, debris, and contaminants at the corners and edges of their walls. Steel angle protection can also act as a durable shield that prevents wall damage like dents, scratches, and structural wear. Even the temperature of the coolrooms can be maintained at an optimum level since steel angle protection can seal and protect areas with gaps, cracks, or damage.

Advantages of Steel Angle Protection

If you will be adding steel angle protection to your coolrooms, you can gain the following advantages.

• Preserve Hygiene: Coolrooms are used for storing perishable goods, making hygiene a top priority. Steel angle protection is essential in maintaining a hygienic environment. These protective angles are installed at vulnerable junctions where coolroom walls meet, preventing the accumulation of dirt, debris, and microorganisms. They create smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces, ensuring that the coolroom remains free from contaminants.

• Prevent Damage: The interior of coolrooms experiences a lot of activity, with goods being loaded and unloaded frequently. This working principle can eventually lead to wear and tear on the walls, especially at corners and edges. Steel angle protection serves as a robust shield, preventing damage and ensuring the structural integrity of the walls.

• Achieve Consistency: Coolrooms rely on precise temperature control to keep products fresh. Any gaps or damage in the walls can compromise temperature consistency. Steel angle protection maintains the integrity of the walls, preventing heat transfer and ensuring that the coolroom functions at its optimal temperature, regardless of external conditions.

• Comply with Regulations: In industries like food storage and pharmaceuticals, compliance with regulations is critical. Steel angle protection for coolroom walls is often a requirement to meet industry standards and health codes. It demonstrates a commitment to safety and quality, which is essential for businesses operating in these sectors.

• Custom Solutions: One of the strengths of steel angle protection is its versatility. These solutions can be tailored to the unique needs of each coolroom. Whether it’s a walk-in cooler, cold storage warehouse, or pharmaceutical cleanroom, steel angle protection can be customised and tailored to fit the dimensions and requirements of the space.

Steel angle protection for coolroom walls, which you can get from us at C&M Coolroom Services, is a silent guardian, ensuring hygiene, protection, and functionality. It preserves the integrity of coolroom walls, extends their lifespan, and maintains temperature consistency. By preventing damage and contamination, it contributes to product quality and safety.

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