As an owner of a restaurant or a retail store, you must ensure that your food products will be stored optimally. You must also make sure that they will be protected from elements that can alter their taste and other notable qualities.

To store and preserve food products, you must invest in a high-quality coolroom. A coolroom is a cold storage facility that enables you to store a wide range of food products at a low temperature. It is often comprised of a compressor, an air-cooler condenser, and a ceiling-unit cooler to ensure that the coolroom will be cold at all times. It also has a door that should be closed properly all the time to prevent warm air from entering the cold storage room.

Pest Infiltration inside the Coolroom

Despite utilising the right components inside the coolroom, it can still be infiltrated by pests. Pests know where to find food products that they can consume. Once they find an opening, they can easily enter the coolroom, which can be a devastating blow to your business. Upon infiltrating your coolroom, they can gradually damage your food items. They can even reach your coolroom cooling components and damage them simultaneously.

Failure to resolve pest infiltration will only damage your coolroom and the items it has intended to store. These damages can then lead to unnecessary spending, especially if you have to call for a coolroom servicing. You must also discard the contaminated items and replenish them again, which can cost your business a lot of money.

Counter Pest Problems in Your Place

One thing you should do to prevent pests from infiltrating your coolroom is to keep your place clean. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your restaurant or retail store can prevent pests from lingering around and hiding underneath the accumulated waste. Some areas in your place that should be cleaned regularly are waste disposal, food storage, food preparation, dining, and outdoor areas. You can ask for professional help when cleaning these places.

Another thing you must do is carry out proper food storage, preparation, and disposal. The food items should never be placed on the floor to prevent attracting pests. Any waste must be disposed of regularly instead of just leaving them anywhere.

One more thing that you should do to combat pest problems is to install components that will deter pests from entering your essential business areas and cold storage rooms.

Install Glass Doors to Prevent Pests

One of the components you can install to prevent pests from infiltrating your business is glass doors. Glass doors are helpful components that can be added to your coolroom. One great thing about glass doors is they can enhance the overall appeal of your cold storage area. They are also durable. So, even if they are often opened and closed by the employees, you do not have to worry about them breaking or getting shattered instantly.

Another benefit of glass doors is they can reduce the energy consumption of your coolroom cooling components. They maximise materials that do not allow heat to enter your coolroom, making them energy efficient.

Ultimately, glass doors do not allow pests to enter. As long as they are closed, they will not allow pests to enter your coolroom. They cannot also be damaged by pests as they are often made from durable glass materials. If you want to add some glass doors to your coolroom, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Food service businesses like restaurants, cafes, and others rely on coolrooms and freezers in storing raw food ingredients that they will be using later for cooking and serving meals. Aside from these establishments, retail stores and groceries also use these cold storage solutions to store items that they will be selling to customers.

Many more businesses can take advantage of coolrooms and freezers as they often have enough space to store a wide range of products. They also have cooling components that can keep the stored items safe from the growth and spread of bacteria and other microbes. Without these cold storage solutions, these businesses would have difficulties retaining the quality and lifespan of the items they will be using or offering to customers.

Importance of Maintaining Coolrooms and Freezers

To ensure that coolrooms and freezers can work optimally, business owners should have them maintained by professionals regularly.

Maintaining these cold storage solutions can minimise the possibility of item spoilage. Items like foods, flowers, and others can be sensitive to temperatures. Once they are exposed to warm and unfavourable conditions, these things can easily start to deteriorate until they get damaged completely. With fully maintained coolrooms and freezers, the items are expected to be stored optimally inside, minimising potential loss.

Additionally, maintaining coolrooms and freezers can ensure that their cooling components will work optimally. These components are essential to these solutions since they help prevent bacteria and contaminants from infiltrating the stored items. They can also prevent other components of the coolrooms and freezers from wear and tear. Failure to maintain them will only shorten their overall service life, which lead to unexpected expenses.

Maintenance Services from C&M Coolroom Services

Our team at C&M Coolroom Services ensure that coolrooms and freezers in commercial and industrial plants will work optimally. To date, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality commercial and industrial coolroom and freezer room installation, repair, renovation, and maintenance services. Our experience in the field even allows us to cater to different kinds of coolrooms and freezer rooms without any issues.

Some parts of coolrooms and freezers that we can maintain include the doors, panels, and cooling components. If needed, we can supply and install coolroom shelving and racking for more organised storage of items. We can provide these things with various finishes like stainless steel, galvanised iron, zinc, and plastic. Additionally, we can replace heating cables, door accessories, handles and fittings, and many more.

And if businesses must move to another site, we can gladly help in dismantling and relocating existing coolrooms and freezer rooms so they can still operate after the whole process. General repair work can also be done to keep the businesses up and running.

Businesses Taking Advantage of Our Great Services

Some businesses we can cater to include bakeries, butcher shops, sporting facilities, fast food outlets, fruit and vegetable shops, hotels, restaurants, and poultry farms. We can also provide new year maintenance services to abattoirs, delicatessens, seafood processors, small goods manufacturers, wineries, and laboratories.

If you need some help in servicing and maintaining your coolrooms and freezers, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

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