Basic Cold room/Commercial Freezer Cleaning/Maintenance

20 May 2014

Of course, professional cleaning and maintenance is vital to keeping your commercial freezer working properly, but, you can do a few things to help your refrigeration unit to work right longer. The trick to self analysis of your refrigerator is knowing what to look for and when to call for help. Some obvious signals that your freezer is not working right are thawed items stored in your freezer. Finding water under your freezer or smelling something like formaldehyde are other signals that your freezer needs to be checked, repaired, or get a professional maintenance fix up which might be your […]

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What Are the Pros and Cons of PVC Curtains?

30 April 2014

The most mentioned pro of PVC curtains is the low cost and maintenance of the product. The biggest con on the other hand is the cheap look or feel of having plastic rather than a fabric covering. The thing is PVC does have the strongest advantage. There are a wide variety of types and they are used by many professional businesses as well as in domestic settings. They can even be used outside. PVC curtains work great for the use in coolrooms, but they are most seen in restaurants over freezer and cooler doors to maintain temperature or on backdoors […]

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A Guide to Picking a Quality Energy Auditor

15 April 2014

Since the field is not suffering like many others in today‚Äôs economy, there are a lot of mediocre energy consultants in the business. A quality energy auditor can be difficult to find, that is, unless you know what to look for. Not everyone who claims to be an energy auditor nowadays truly knows how to be an effective consultant. Now, you have to decide what you want from an energy auditor. The thing is, different companies have different definitions of what an energy auditor actually is, and they have developed different expectorations based on those beliefs. Remember, you will get […]

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Coolroom vs. Walk-in-freezer

19 March 2014

Let us first take a look at the difference between a walk-in freezer and a coolroom. Actually, their main difference is the level of temperature. While a coolroom is designed to keep its contents in cool temperature to keep them fresh, a freezer is set to provide temperature below zero degrees Celsius.

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Removing Mould in Cold Rooms

03 March 2014

It is essential to your operations to guarantee that you have a clean and mould-free cold room. The incorrect maintenance procedures can result to contamination of your food and create possible health issues.

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Outsource Your Cold Room Cleaning Tasks to Professionals

17 February 2014

Before, a lot of cold rooms were not designed to have ventilation at all. This has caused a number of problems including the production of too much carbon dioxide within the cold room. After a while, cold rooms are now designed with ventilation systems to assure the...

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Coolroom & Freezer: Repair or Replace

06 February 2014

There are certain industries which require the use of a cool room or freezer. Fine examples are supermarkets and large convenience stores. These are establishments which need to keep some of their products frozen, or else they rot in a matter of hours...

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Reasons Why You Need an Energy Audit

14 January 2014

Not all companies have the sort of capital that allows them to upgrade all of their old equipment whenever they want or even need. Commonly, business owners are at risk of not being able to do anything to prevent incurring losses when those pieces of equipment finally break down.

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Coolroom & Freezer Installation

11 December 2013

We live in an imperfect world. Nothing will ever function at 100% efficiency and there will never be energy use without energy loss. While perfection may be an unachievable goal, in the realm of coolroom & freezer installation, there are materials that take a brilliant step toward the goal.

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Coolroom & Freezer Repair

29 November 2013

When people think of coolroom & freezer repair, they instantly imagine that it is only necessary in a situation where the room no longer refrigerates. This is a mistake that could be costly if certain situations are not addressed in a timely manner. There are two categories of things the owner of any coolroom should

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Coolroom & Freezer

12 November 2013

There are some industries where having a cool room or freezer is glaringly important. A supermarket that can not keep its frozen foods frozen is almost certain to fail. Likewise, a bar that can not keep its beer chilled will probably have trouble maintaining regular customers. What too few businesses realize is that installing a

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